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After a recent round of testing, we've updated this page to include the Beam Dream Powder as our best powder pick. Proper Sleep + Restore continues to top our list as the best overall melatonin supplement.

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Medical Disclaimer: The content on this page should not be taken as medical advice or used as a recommendation for any specific medication or supplement.  Always consult your doctor before taking any new medication or changing your current dosage.


Melatonin supplements have gained popularity over the last several decades as a way to help regulate sleep for shift workers, people with jet lag, or those with other sleep difficulties. There is a wide variety of melatonin supplements, and most of them are available over the counter. It can be overwhelming to try to find the one that’s right for you.

We’ll take a closer look at some of the best melatonin supplements currently on the market. We’ll also discuss what to look for in a melatonin supplement, including the different types, dosage, other active ingredients, and potential safety concerns to consider.

Product Details

Proper Sleep + Restore

Best Overall

Proper Sleep + Restore

Proper Sleep + Restore
Price: $40
Milligrams: One serving = 3 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: One or two capsules (3-6mg)
Who it's best for:
  • People who struggle falling and/or staying asleep
  • Those who would rather not consume animal-based products
  • Shoppers who prefer unflavored supplements
  • Each capsule includes standard and extended-release melatonin
  • Does not contain sugar or GMOs
  • Vegan-friendly formulation
Proper Sleep + Restore

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Proper products

The Sleep + Restore supplement from Proper features a unique formulation that incorporates several different sleep aids. Each capsule contains 3 mg of melatonin, including standard melatonin for falling asleep and extended-release melatonin that helps you remain asleep during the night. Other components include tart cherry extract, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and valerian root.

The capsules are not flavored, nor do they contain any sugar, GMOs, or artificial colors. They are also considered vegan-friendly. Proper recommends taking two capsules with water about 30-40 minutes before bedtime, but you should speak to your doctor before trying them for the first time.

Sixty capsules are included in each container. Proper offers a consultation with a sleep coach for all customers who sign up for a subscription.

Som Sleep Original

Best Melatonin Drink

Som Sleep Original

Som Sleep Original
Price: $36
Milligrams: One serving = 1 can (8.1 oz.)
Who it's best for:
  • Those who are allergic to dairy or gluten
  • Vegans
  • People who prefer non-carbonated beverages
  • 12 cans included with purchase
  • Does not contain gluten, sugar, dairy, or GMOs
  • Fewer than 50 calories per serving
Som Sleep Original

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Som Sleep products

For those who would rather drink their supplements, the Som Sleep Original is a tasty, non-carbonated beverage featuring melatonin, GABA, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The formula does not include gluten or dairy products, sugar, or GMOs. Each 8.1-oz. can contains only 40 calories. For best results, Som Sleep suggests drinking one can about 30 minutes before bedtime.

Your purchase includes a dozen cans. According to Som Sleep, this supplement is not habit-forming. Those who register for a subscription will receive a 20% discount with each renewal. They can also choose to automatically order a new shipment every 30, 45, or 60 days.

Onnit Melatonin Spray

Best Spray

Onnit Melatonin Spray

Onnit Melatonin Spray
Price: $13
Milligrams: One spray = 0.5 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: Six sprays (3mg)
Who it's best for:
  • Those who prefer smaller doses
  • Sleepers who would like a choice of flavor
  • People who dislike taking pills or chewing gummies
  • Spray formulation allows for more customizable doses
  • Choice of lavender or mint flavor
  • Fast-acting
Onnit Melatonin Spray

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Onnit products

The Onnit Melatonin Spray is designed to be a convenient and fast-acting formula that can be administered right before sleep. The melatonin spray comes in a choice of two flavors, lavender or mint.

Six sprays deliver a total of 3 milligrams of melatonin, and a 1-ounce bottle contains approximately 30 of these servings. The spray format also allows greater flexibility for people who prefer to take smaller doses.

Customers can elect to buy just one bottle, or subscribe to have the spray delivered bi-weekly, monthly, or every two or three months. Those who subscribe to this service receive a small discount.

HUM Nutrition BEAUTY zzZz

Best Vegan Supplement

HUM Nutrition BEAUTY zzZz

HUM Nutrition BEAUTY zzZz
Price: $10
Milligrams: One tablet = 3 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: One tablet (3mg)
Who it's best for:
  • Practicing vegans and others who would rather not consume animal-based products
  • People with peanut allergies
  • Value seekers
  • Each tablet contains melatonin, calcium, and vitamin B6
  • No milk, eggs, or other animal-based components
  • Very affordable price-point
HUM Nutrition BEAUTY zzZz

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on HUM Nutrition products

Many melatonin supplements are vegan-friendly, but few of them match the low sticker price of the HUM Nutrition BEAUTY zzZz supplements. Your purchase includes 30 tablets, each of which contains 3mg of melatonin.

The tablets also contain vitamin B6, which helps your body store energy from the food and drink you consume, and calcium, which has sleep-inducing properties. Animal products such as milk, eggs, and fish are not used, and the same is true for peanuts, wheat, and soy. As a result, the tablets are both vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

HUM Nutrition suggests taking one tablet approximately 20 minutes before going to sleep, but you should speak with your doctor before taking this supplement for the first time.

Shipping is free for all orders of $50 or more. If you fall below this threshold, the flat-rate delivery fees are still quite manageable. You may return the supplements unopened for a full refund, or opened in exchange for store credit.

Kindra Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement

Best for Women

Kindra Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement

Kindra Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement
Price: $37
Who it's best for:
  • Women
  • Shoppers looking for a vegan supplement
  • Those who prefer a standard-dose option
  • Vegan-friendly supplement with no gluten or added sugar
  • Contains additional ingredients that target certain symptoms of menopause
  • Discounts available for subscription service
Kindra Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Kindra products

The Kindra Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement is a melatonin capsule that includes several additional ingredients aimed at relieving some symptoms of menopause. Each capsule contains 2 milligrams of melatonin as well as two patented plant extracts, Pycnogenol and Sensoril. Kindra directs users to take one capsule 30 minutes before bed.

Pycnogenol is an extract of French Maritime Pine Bark, a product thought to help combat hot flashes. Sensoril is made from Ashwagandha, a shrub that may help reduce stress. When combined with melatonin, menopausal women could have an easier time sleeping through the night.

The supplement is vegan and non-GMO, and does not contain gluten or added sugar. You can opt for a one-time purchase or schedule recurring deliveries for a monthly discount. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free shipping and 30-day returns. Users should contact their physicians prior to taking the Sleep Enhancing Dietary Supplement.

Natural Vitality Kids CALM Sleep Berry Gummies

Best for Kids

Natural Vitality Kids CALM Sleep Berry Gummies

Natural Vitality Kids CALM Sleep Berry Gummies
Price: $20
Milligrams: One gummy - 1.5 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: Half to one whole gummy
Who it's best for:
  • Kids and adults who want a low-dose option
  • Shoppers looking for auto-delivery
  • People who prefer gummies over capsules
  • Kid-friendly melatonin dosage
  • Contains L-theanine and magnesium for extra relaxation
  • Tasty berry-flavored gummy
Natural Vitality Kids CALM Sleep Berry Gummies

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Natural Vitality products

The Natural Vitality Kids CALM Sleep Berry Gummies come in a kid-friendly dosage designed for children ages four and up. One berry-flavored gummy contains 1.5 mg of melatonin as well as 25 mg each of magnesium and L-theanine. The L-theanine is meant to promote relaxation, while the magnesium is intended to supplement users’ existing levels.

The manufacturer recommends that kids start with half a gummy before bed and gradually work their way up to a full gummy. The gummies are gluten-free and don’t contain milk, wheat, egg, soy, or artificial flavors. Each gummy has less than 1 g of added sugar.

Shoppers who want the most savings can take advantage of Natural Vitality’s auto-delivery program, which saves up to 25 percent off the sticker price. You can choose between two sizes and four delivery options. Shipping is free for shoppers who choose auto-delivery. Unsatisfied customers have up to 60 days to return their gummies for a full refund.

Beam Dream Powder

Best Powder

Beam Dream Powder

Beam Dream Powder
Price: $95
Milligrams: 20mg per serving
Who it's best for:
  • People who dislike the flavor of other melatonin drinks
  • Those who enjoy warm beverages before bedtime
  • Sleepers who foresee ongoing melatonin supplement needs
  • Contains magnesium, reishi powder, L-Theanine, nano hemp, and melatonin
  • Rich cacao flavor with hints of cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla helps the drink go down smoothly
  • Subscribers save 20% vs. one-time purchasers
Beam Dream Powder

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Beam products

While melatonin edibles and drinks can be highly effective for people with sleep-related issues, some find their flavors unpleasant. These individuals should check out the Dream Powder from Beam. This cocoa-flavored drink mix has notes of cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla to mask the taste of melatonin. Simply stir a scoop or two of the powder into 6 to 8 ounces of hot water or warm milk for a pre-bedtime beverage designed to induce feelings of sleepiness.

In addition to 20 mg of melatonin per serving, the Dream Powder contains a few other vitamins and nutrients meant to boost your sleep. These include magnesium to help your muscles relax and L-Theanine for deeper, more restful sleep. Other ingredients include reishi powder, a mushroom-based supplement intended to optimize your immunohealth, and nano hemp, which can lower stress and improve your overall mood. Please note the Dream Powder is processed in a facility that contains peanuts and other nuts, so the mix may pose a risk to people with certain allergies.

Customers can opt for a one-time purchase to test out the supplement. They may also obtain a subscription and reduce their up-front costs by 20%. Subscribers also receive a complimentary mug and frother with their order, and can pause or cancel their membership at any time with no strings attached. Beam ships to customers in all 50 states. Returns for full refunds are allowed within 30 days of the purchase date.

Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins

Best Gummies

Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins

Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins
Price: $19
Milligrams: One gummy = 1 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: Up to three gummies (3mg)
Who it's best for:
  • Those who would like personalized advice from a doctor
  • People who value natural ingredients
  • Individuals who have trouble winding down for bed
  • 1mg melatonin per gummy allows for customizable dosing
  • Added chamomile and L-theanine to promote relaxation
  • Hims provides access to personalized medical advice from local healthcare providers
Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Hims Sleep products

The Hims Sleep Gummy Vitamins contain melatonin, chamomile, and L-theanine to help promote healthy sleep. Each bottle has 60 gummies, with 1 milligram of melatonin per gummy. Hims recommends taking up to three gummies a night, half an hour before bedtime.

The gummies have a unique pomegranate-raspberry flavor and are easy to chew. Although not vegetarian, the gummies are gluten-free and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

For people who feel uncomfortable buying over-the-counter melatonin without consulting a doctor first, Hims provides an online platform for users to access personalized medical advice from qualified local healthcare providers. Subscription orders are shipped to your home every month, two months, or three months. There is also the option for a one-time purchase.

Future Kind Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

Best Natural Supplement

Future Kind Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

Future Kind Natural Sleep Aid Supplement
Price: $25
Milligrams: One capsule = 1.5 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: Two capsules
Who it's best for:
  • People with gluten allergies
  • Vegans
  • Those who prefer to take melatonin in capsule form
  • Contains melatonin, passionflower herb, valerian root, and natural extracts
  • 30 capsules per container
  • Delivery packaging made of recycled materials
Future Kind Natural Sleep Aid Supplement

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Future Kind products

The Natural Sleep Aid Supplement from Future Kind combines melatonin with a wide selection of other ingredients. These include valerian root for added sleep inducement and passionflower herb, which some people take to alleviate anxiety. Other ingredients include lemon balm leaf powder, chamomile extract, and hops flower extract. The formula is considered vegan and does not contain any added gluten, GMOs, wheat, yeast, or salt.

The supplement comes in capsules, each of which contains 1.5mg of melatonin. The suggested serving size is two capsules, and Future Kind recommends ingesting the capsules with water half an hour before bedtime – though you should consult with your doctor before taking this supplement to see if it is right for you.

Future Kind takes extra measures to ensure a low environmental impact. These efforts include shipping materials made entirely of recycled PET and glass, soy-based ink, and 100% carbon-offset shipping. Those who subscribe for ongoing deliveries – rather than a one-time purchase – save roughly 16% on their order.

Nurish by Nature Made Melatonin 3MG + L-theanine

Best Softgels

Nurish by Nature Made Melatonin 3MG + L-theanine

Nurish by Nature Made Melatonin 3MG + L-theanine
Price: $7
Milligrams: One softgel = 3 mg of melatonin; Suggested serving: One softgel (3 mg)
Who it's best for:
  • People who prefer taking a softgel
  • Adults 18 and up
  • Those who take melatonin occasionally
  • Each dose contains 3 mg
  • 15 softgels per pack
  • L-theanine promotes relaxation
Nurish by Nature Made Melatonin 3MG + L-theanine

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Nurish By Nature Made products

Sleepers who are comfortable taking a softgel will likely find Nurish by Nature Made’s Melatonin 3 MG + L-theanine a worthwhile choice. This product contains a blend of melatonin and L-theanine that’s intended to help you reliably relax and fall asleep.

Each softgel has 3 milligrams of melatonin, which is within the recommended dosage for an adult. However, since the softgel can’t be split into smaller doses, this product is only meant for adults ages 18 and up. Each dose also includes 200 milligrams of L-theanine, which is thought to enhance the effect of melatonin. Users are directed to take one softgel about an hour before bed.

Each pack contains 15 softgels that are gluten-free and have no artificial dyes or flavors. The price-point is within the average range for comparable products. You can opt to purchase one pack or sign up for a monthly subscription. Shoppers who live in the contiguous U.S. enjoy free shipping as well as a 30-day refund window.

KalaVita Nite Nite

Best Subscription Option

KalaVita Nite Nite

KalaVita Nite Nite
Price: $30
Who it's best for:
  • People who cannot or prefer not to consume supplements with sugar
  • Vegans
  • Those who foresee ongoing sleep issues that will require melatonin supplements
  • Sugar-free gummies derived from pectin and flavored with jasmine tea
  • Contains melatonin, valerian root, and L-theanine
  • Customers receive a 15% discount for subscribing
KalaVita Nite Nite

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on KalaVita products

Many people prefer taking melatonin gummies because their pleasant taste can mask the bitterness of melatonin, but sugar content is one drawback for this type of supplement. The KalaVita Nite Nite gummies are made using pectin, a natural fiber derived from fruit peels. The gummies are sugar-free and only contain natural sweeteners such as Maltitol and Xylitol. Jasmine tea is used for flavoring.

In addition to melatonin, the gummies’ sleep-inducing ingredients include valerian root extract, L-theanine from tea leaves, lemon balm extract, and passionflower extract. The supplements are also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Each gummy contains 3 mg of melatonin, and one shipment contains 50 gummies.

The supplement is reasonably priced compared to other melatonin gummies and KalaVita offers reasonable delivery rates, as well as free shipping for orders of $59.90 or more. Customers can save 15% on their up-front cost by subscribing to the supplements, rather than making a one-time purchase. This might be the most cost-effective route for people with persistent sleep issues who plan to take melatonin supplements for the foreseeable future.

How to Choose a Melatonin Supplement

When choosing the best melatonin for sleep, it helps to understand how melatonin works and why some people may choose to take melatonin supplements.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, located deep within the brain. It plays a central role in regulating circadian rhythms, which dictate behavior throughout the day and night. At night, the body increases production of melatonin in preparation for sleep. Melatonin levels stay high until the middle of the night and then start to drop down again in the morning.

Melatonin supplements were introduced as a way to help people who have trouble falling asleep. This external source of melatonin is intended to help bolster the body’s natural supply.

Shift workers, people with jet lag, and other people with irregular schedules or circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders may find melatonin a useful way of adjusting their body clocks to meet the demands of their schedules. It may also help sleepers drift off after a stressful day. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine currently advises against using melatonin supplements for treating chronic insomnia.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers melatonin a dietary supplement instead of a drug. Most melatonin supplements are available for purchase without a prescription, and they are not subjected to the same rigorous testing procedures as other medications. This means consumers should take extra care when purchasing melatonin supplements.

What to Consider When Purchasing Melatonin

While we recommend choosing melatonin supplements together with your doctor, it may help to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Knowledge about dosage, active ingredients, value, and brand reputation may help guide your decision.

Melatonin Content
The melatonin content of an individual spray, pill, or gummy usually ranges from 0.1 milligram to 10 milligrams, with the standard dose being between 1 milligram and 3 milligrams. Pills and gummies can usually be split in half for a smaller dose. Some manufacturers also sell slow-release tablets designed to help reduce nighttime awakenings.

Among other factors, proper dosage will depend on your age, your health, the reason you are taking it, and how sensitive you are to melatonin. If this is your first time buying melatonin supplements or if you are switching to a new brand, you may prefer supplements that are packaged in small doses of 1 milligram or less. This way, you can start small and increase the dose if needed.

Other Active Ingredients
Melatonin is often combined with other soothing or sleep-inducing ingredients such as valerian root, L-theanine, lavender, or chamomile. These natural or synthetic supplements may enhance the benefits of the melatonin, but they can also have side effects and may provoke allergies in some people. Always check with your healthcare provider to ensure that none of the ingredients interact negatively with other medications you may be taking.

Most melatonin products are priced similarly, and are often available for less than $20 a bottle. When assessing the value, you should factor in the dose you usually take. If you tend to take a higher dose, you may find better value in supplements that come in 5-milligram or 10-milligram doses. If you don’t need to take that much, you may get your money’s worth by choosing smaller capsules.

Brand Reputation
As dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it’s wise to do your own research and only buy from trustworthy companies. The best melatonin brands are transparent about their ingredients. Look for supplements that are produced in the U.S., check the ingredient list for banned substances, and be wary of exaggerated or misleading marketing claims. You may prefer to buy from big brands that you know and trust.

Studies have uncovered numerous cases where the stated melatonin content was inaccurate, or the melatonin supplements contained a host of other ingredients that were not listed on the packaging, such as serotonin and magnesium. In some cases, these other ingredients may provoke serious side effects.

Many countries require a prescription for the sale of melatonin supplements. In the U.S., melatonin supplements are available over the counter, but they must include a warning to clarify that any claims made are not backed by the FDA. While not official, third-party certification from organizations like U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) or the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) may provide some assurance about the accuracy of the ingredient list.

Which Type of Melatonin Supplement Should I Choose?

Melatonin supplements come in various forms and most customers should be able to find a type that works for them.

Plain Melatonin Capsules or Tablets 
Traditional capsules and tablets have a convenient and familiar format. They tend to contain less sugar, but they may need to be taken with a glass of water and they may have an unpleasant taste. Dissolvable tablets are available for people who dislike swallowing pills.

Melatonin Gummies
Melatonin gummies often contain flavor enhancers and natural or artificial sweeteners. This makes them an attractive option for adults and kids alike, though it increases the calorie count and may contribute to tooth decay. Some gummies contain gelatin, which may not be appropriate for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Melatonin Spray
Melatonin spray is a convenient and portable option. Sprays generally offer smaller doses than many pills or gummies. Some manufacturers also offer melatonin in liquid droplets.

Lozenges are traditionally used for sore throats, and some may find them a soothing format for taking melatonin before sleep. As with gummies, it may be necessary to brush your teeth after taking a melatonin lozenge.

Sleep Aid Formulations with Melatonin and Other Ingredients
If you have trouble getting to sleep because of a specific reason such as stress, you may be interested in choosing a melatonin supplement that’s paired with additional substances. These mixed supplements often carry a higher risk of causing side effects, interacting with other medications, or triggering allergies, so always check the label, do additional research, and consult with your doctor before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Melatonin

Does Melatonin Have Side Effects?

Melatonin has relatively few side effects compared to other sleeping medications, but some people may wake up feeling dizzy, groggy, nauseous, or with a headache. In most cases, these symptoms can be alleviated by taking smaller doses or not taking melatonin at all. In rare cases, some people may experience mood swings, agitation, nightmares, fatigue, palpitations, or skin irritation when taking melatonin.

There are also some concerns about the effects of melatonin on reproductive hormones in both women and men. More research is needed on the effects of long-term melatonin use and the use of melatonin supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding. Always check with your doctor before taking melatonin, especially if you have allergies or are currently taking other medication.

Is Melatonin Addictive?

Melatonin is generally referred to as non-habit forming, meaning that people are unlikely to become physically addicted to melatonin supplements. However, there is a lack of evidence on the long-term use of melatonin supplements, and it’s possible that it may trigger some physical changes in the way your body responds to the hormone. If you find yourself relying on melatonin to get to sleep most nights for more than a few weeks, ask your doctor for a sleep exam to rule out a sleep disorder, or to work together to find other ways to improve your sleep.

Is Melatonin Safe for Children?

Though certain melatonin supplements are currently marketed to children in the U.S., further research is needed to determine its long-term effects. The FDA has neither approved nor prohibited its use in children, and some experts raise concerns that melatonin may delay puberty. Possible side effects of melatonin in children include morning sleepiness and bedwetting.

Melatonin supplements appear to help calm anxious children in preparation for bedtime. Though a consistent bedtime routine should be the first-line treatment for insomnia in children, it may be appropriate to use the occasional small dose of melatonin. It may also help regulate sleep cycles for teens, who tend to have trouble adjusting to early school start times. Promising research indicates melatonin may be successfully used for insomnia in children with ADHD and autism.

Is Melatonin Safe for Older Adults?

Older adults should exercise caution when taking melatonin, as they may be more vulnerable to side effects such as drowsiness. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises against the use of melatonin supplements for older adults with dementia.

Is Melatonin Natural?

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in our bodies, but melatonin supplements can either be from animal origin or synthetic. Most melatonin supplements on the market today are made with synthetic melatonin. Smaller quantities of melatonin are also present in certain foods, such as milk and sour cherries.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Melatonin?

Melatonin may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. There is also promising research into the benefits of melatonin for treating cancer, though this research is still in the early stages.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of Melatonin?

Most melatonin supplements are designed to be taken about half an hour to an hour before bedtime. Unlike some types of sleeping pills, the effects of melatonin are gradual. Melatonin works best when paired with healthy sleep hygiene behaviors.

What Are Some Other Ways To Improve Sleep?

You can improve sleep by keeping your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet, and switching off cell phones and other screens an hour before bedtime. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and exposure to sunlight in the morning may also help regulate your natural melatonin levels. Tell your healthcare provider if you suspect you may have a sleep disorder, as this may require additional treatment.

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