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Casper Comfy Topper

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Casper launched in 2014 and quickly became one of the first major online mattress retailers. It is best known for its mattress-in-a-box foam and hybrid mattresses. Casper also produces pillows, bed frames, bedding, and a variety of sleep accessories, including a mattress topper. While the majority of products are sold through the Casper website, some are available in-store at select retail partners.

The company currently sells one mattress topper. The Comfy Mattress Topper consists of two layers: a top layer of ventilated AirScape polyfoam, and a base layer of memory foam. It has a medium soft (4) feel that can add gentle contouring to an existing sleep surface.

Casper Mattress Topper Review Breakdown

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper is a 3-inch model made of two layers and a cover made from a blend of recycled polyester, recycled cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex.

A top layer of AirScape polyfoam gives the surface a soft yet responsive feel. The second layer is composed of memory foam and serves as a stable base while providing additional cushioning.

The top of the cover is slightly stretchy, so that the topper can conform to the body. Polyester makes up the bottom portion of the cover.

The Comfy Mattress Topper may be best suited for side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds and back sleepers under 130 pounds. However, the mattress underneath influences the performance, so this topper may also be ideal for other sleepers. For most individuals, the Comfy Mattress Topper can enhance air circulation while adding responsive contouring.

Materials and Construction

The Comfy Mattress Topper measures 3 inches thick, which is around the middle of the average range. It should noticeably affect the feel of the sleep surface while still allowing sleepers to benefit from the support of the mattress underneath.

ProductSize OptionsCover MaterialTopper Material
Casper Comfy Mattress TopperTwin: 38.5″ x 74.5″ x 3″
Twin XL: 38.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″
Full: 53.5″ x 74.5″ x 3″
Queen: 59.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″
King: 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″
California King: 71.5″ x 83.5″ x 3″
Top: 65% Recycled Polyester, 21% Polyester, 10% Recycled Cotton, 2% Rayon, 2% Spandex
Bottom: 100% Polyester
AirScape Polyfoam
Memory Foam

Pricing Information

The Comfy Mattress Topper falls within the average price range for quality mattress toppers, which typically run between $150 and $450 for a queen size. Given the topper’s durable construction, this may constitute a good value for shoppers.

Casper Comfy Mattress TopperTwin: $149
Twin XL: $169
Full: $229
Queen: $249
King: $289
California King: $289

Mattress Topper Performance Ratings

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper performs well in several key categories. However, every sleeper is different and may prioritize certain factors over others. For example, someone who generally sleeps hot may view temperature control as critical, while a sleeper seeking strong pressure relief may feel that conforming is more important.

When shopping for a new mattress topper, focusing on the criteria that matter most to you can narrow down your choices and simplify the process.


The Comfy Mattress Topper is fairly durable. The bottom layer is denser, creating a supportive base despite the AirScape’s deep contouring. However, like other softer toppers, this model may develop impressions over time that make the surface feel uneven.


The Comfy Mattress Topper should provide ample support for most sleepers. The medium soft feel is particularly suitable for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may find that they sink too deeply into the mattress topper for adequate support.


Due to its combination of materials, the Comfy Mattress Topper provides deep conforming. The AirScape adapts to your body, and the memory foam base offers additional cushioning and contouring. This topper is ideal for people who prefer the deep hug of adaptive foam layers.

Temperature Control

The AirScape is ventilated to promote airflow close to your sleep surface and the topper’s cover is fairly breathable. That said, the foam layers may still trap heat and sleep uncomfortably warm — especially if you weigh more than 230 pounds.

Motion Isolation

The Comfy Mattress Topper excels at motion isolation. The two foam layers absorb movement to a significant degree, and should reduce nighttime disruptions for you and your sleep partner.


As is often the case with softer foam toppers, the Comfy may not provide enough responsiveness to keep couples sufficiently aloft during sex and deep sinkage may occur. This can compromise movements and create a feeling of “fighting” with the mattress during amorous activities.

Off-Gassing and Odor Potential

Many direct-to-consumer mattresses and mattress toppers are compressed for shipment and emit an odor when opened. This scent is due to a release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as the product expands and decompresses. While the smell is unpleasant to many, it is not known to pose health risks for most people. Generally, the smell dissipates within a few hours to a few days depending on how well the room is ventilated.

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper produced dome odor upon unboxing. However, the smells mostly dissipated within 48 hours.

Cleaning and Care

Proper cleaning and care are important for the longevity of a mattress topper. Since the topper lies just below the sheets, it may be subjected to spills, sweat, and body oils. A mattress topper may also collect dust and allergens, so it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper, routine care. Casper recommends spot cleaning the Comfy Mattress Topper as needed.

Some general cleaning tips can help keep a mattress topper fresh. Start by stripping and laundering sheets and other bedding. Then, carefully place the topper on the floor or another flat surface and vacuum it using a handheld attachment. Lightly coat the surface of the topper with baking soda and let it rest for 8 hours or more. The baking soda helps absorb moisture and odors. Vacuum the baking soda from the mattress topper and repeat the cleaning process on the other side if desired.

You might also consider putting your topper under a washable mattress protector to make it easier to maintain a clean sleep surface.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers generally need a softer sleep surface than those who favor other sleep positions, so the Comfy Mattress Topper’s medium soft feel may be ideal for those whose existing mattress is too firm. Sleeping on your side tends to put more pressure on the hips and shoulders. The best sleep surface for side sleepers typically contours to the shape of the individual’s body to ease pressure while supporting their spine.

The topper rates well with sleepers from all weight groups, but the medium soft feel may be closest to optimal for those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. Lighter individuals may prefer a slightly plusher option, while heavier people may favor a firmer model.

Back Sleepers

The Comfy Mattress Topper performs well for back sleepers, particularly those under 130 pounds. Back sleepers tend to put the most pressure on the lower back, or the lumbar spine, while sleeping. The right sleep surface provides gentle cradling and lumbar support without excessive sinkage. A back sleeper under 130 pounds should not sink into the Comfy Mattress Topper excessively for a balance between support and contouring. Back sleepers over 130 pounds could sink in a little too deeply around their hips, which may affect their posture.

Stomach Sleepers

While the polyfoam in the Comfy Mattress Topper provides some responsiveness conducive to stomach sleeping, the medium soft feel may not be the best choice for stomach sleepers. An individual under 230 pounds may not experience excessive sinking, but those over 230 pounds are likely to struggle to maintain good spinal alignment due to sagging around their midsections.

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side SleepersGoodExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodGood
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodFair

Discounts and Deals

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Comfy Mattress Topper is sold through the Casper website. It can be shipped to locations within the United States and Canada. Some Casper products are also available through select retail partners.


Casper offers free shipping in most of the U.S. and Canada. Additional shipping fees apply for orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Casper products ship via UPS.

Once the shopper places an online order, the product typically leaves the warehouse within 1 to 2 business days. The buyer receives a tracking number for accurate shipping information, but most orders arrive within 3 to 5 business days of shipment.

The Comfy Mattress Topper is packaged in a box for delivery. Owners need to bring the box into their bedroom, carefully remove the packaging materials, and roll out the topper on their existing mattress.


Casper offers a 30-night trial for sleep accessories, including the Comfy Mattress Topper. The trial starts when the topper is delivered. If you are unsatisfied and would like to return it, Casper offers a full refund of the purchase price and provides free returns.


The Comfy Mattress Topper comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The warranty assumes the topper is used for non-commercial purposes on a supportive mattress of the same size and has not been subjected to abuse or misuse.

This policy covers visible indentations of more than 1 inch, splitting and cracking foam, and defects in the zipper. Casper replaces or repairs the mattress topper if it qualifies under the warranty. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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