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Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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3″ graphite-infused memory foam


Medium (5)

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Allswell Home has been operating since 2018 and offers mattresses, mattress toppers, and bedding at competitive prices. Allswell is owned by Walmart and is based in New York, with warehouses in Arizona and Illinois. The company works in partnership with the nonprofit Good360, and 70% of its mattress donations are allocated for foster care organizations.

Allswell has three different mattress toppers, each of varying heights and materials:

  • The Energex Memory Foam Mattress Topper is 2 inches tall and is infused with graphite and copper gel, intended to draw away heat to maintain a cooler surface temperature.
  • The Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made with open-cell foam and has a 3-inch profile. It offers slightly more contouring.
  • The Copper Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is made with 2 inches of copper-infused memory foam and 2 inches of open-cell memory foam. 

We’ll focus primarily on the Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper. We’ll examine the topper’s materials, construction, price, and suitability for different sleepers. Additionally, we’ll discuss Allswell’s shipping and return policies to help you on your search.

Allswell Mattress Topper Review Breakdown

The Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Topper is designed to offer contouring pressure relief without excessive heat retention. The topper isolates motion well, and it features a relatively durable construction at an attractive price-point.

The Graphite Memory Foam Topper may be a good fit for side sleepers and anyone who wants to soften a firm mattress. Allswell’s other mattress toppers offer alternatives for people who want less contouring, or for those who need the added support of a thicker mattress topper.

Materials and Construction

With a medium (5) firmness, the Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper offers relatively close contouring that helps relieve pressure points. At 3 inches thick, the topper provides relatively deep cradling while still transferring support from the mattress below.

The topper is built from open-cell memory foam, which features larger, more open cell walls that allow air to flow through more easily. This is intended to improve temperature neutrality compared to traditional closed-cell memory foam. The topper is also infused with graphite, designed to help regulate temperature by pulling heat away from the surface.

ProductSize OptionsTopper Material
Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: 38” x 74” x 3”
Twin XL: 38” x 79” x 3”
Full: 53” x 74” x 3”
Queen: 59” x 79” x 3”
King: 75” x 79” x 3”
Graphite-Infused Memory Foam
Allswell Energex Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: 38” x 74” x 2”
Full: 53” x 74” x 2”
Queen: 59” x 79” x 2”
King: 75” x 79” x 2”
Graphite-Infused Memory Foam
Allswell Copper Gel Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: 38” x 74” x 4”
Full: 53” x 74” x 4”
Queen: 59” x 79” x 4”
King: 75” x 79” x 4”
Copper-Infused Memory Foam, Memory Foam

Pricing Information

The Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is the company’s mid-range option in terms of cost and profile. Allswell Home strives to offer competitive pricing, and the company’s mattress topper prices fall below the average compared to other memory foam mattress toppers.

Memory foam mattress toppers vary in price based on the density of the foam, the thickness, and the quality of the materials. The Allswell mattress toppers range from 2 to 4 inches in height, with the thicker models priced slightly higher. The toppers also feature copper and graphite infusions, which are considered specialty materials that would normally raise the price.

All of the Allswell mattress toppers come without a cover and are intended to be used under a fitted sheet or a mattress protector. Shoppers may need to purchase deep pocket fitted sheets.

Allswell Mattress Topper Pricing

Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: $79
Twin XL: $89
Full: $95
Queen: $109
King: $135
Allswell Energex Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: $68
Full: $85
Queen: $98
King: $125
Allswell Copper Gel Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: $99
Full: $125
Queen: $135
King: $155

Discounts and Deals

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Mattress Topper Performance Ratings

The Allswell Graphite Topper provides close conforming that is ideal for side sleepers and those who like the hug of memory foam. Buyers can also expect the topper to sleep cooler than a standard memory foam topper.

Memory foam beds and toppers are particularly popular with sleepers who share the bed. The material absorbs movement, helping to minimize sleep disruptions when your partner switches positions. However, the same features that soften movement can make it a less desirable option for sex, as its longer bounceback time makes it more difficult to change positions.

This topper should have an average lifespan compared to other soft memory foam toppers. Adding a topper to your bed can also help extend the lifespan of your mattress, as the topper takes the brunt of impact along with the symptoms of normal wear and tear.


Memory foam is designed to keep returning to its original shape despite repeated exposure to pressure. However, over time, it may start to lose this capacity, leading to permanent indentations and decreased contouring. The Allswell Graphite Topper performs similarly to other memory foam toppers in this regard.


Memory foam is highly contouring. This topper helps relieve the pressure points commonly experienced by side sleepers and individuals under 130 pounds.

Temperature Control

The 3-Inch Memory Foam Topper includes graphite infusions designed to combat the heat retention that is common with memory foam. However, the topper’s close conforming leaves less room for airflow around the body, which may lead to overheating for some sleepers.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam has high point elasticity, meaning it conforms locally to pressure without allowing motion to ripple across the surface of the bed. Couples using the Allswell 3-Inch Graphite Topper can expect minimal disturbance due to movement.


Close-contouring materials can feel inhibiting when changing positions. The Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper provides little bounce and may restrict movement for couples.

Off-Gassing and Odor Potential

Off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a common byproduct of the polyfoam and memory foam manufacturing process. This process is usually considered harmless, but mattress toppers made with these materials may release a distinctive new mattress smell when they are first unboxed. Off-gassing doesn’t occur with natural materials, though these may come with their own smells.

Because it is made with memory foam, the Allswell Memory Foam Topper may off-gas somewhat at first. The odor should last a few days at most. If you’re sensitive to smell, you may want to let the topper air out in a separate room before sleeping on it.

Cleaning and Care

Careful maintenance of your mattress topper can help ensure it lasts as long as possible. Periodically airing out the topper and using baking soda to remove any odors can help keep it clean.

Memory foam can suffer damage if exposed to water, so it’s advisable to use as little water as possible when cleaning a memory foam topper. Putting memory foam in the dryer is also not recommended. The extreme heat can cause the foam to break down, shortening the topper’s lifespan. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning your topper.

Allswell recommends placing the Graphite Memory Foam Topper under a fitted sheet or mattress protector to keep it in place and safeguard it from spills. If the topper becomes soiled, it should be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water and left to air dry.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

The Allswell Graphite Mattress Topper is a particularly good choice for side sleepers. These sleepers need a medium to medium firm mattress with above-average contouring. This topper allows the hips and shoulders to sink into the surface, while still supporting the midsection to prevent the spine from falling out of alignment.

This topper performs best for side sleepers weighing 230 pounds and under. It is also suitable for side sleepers weighing over 230 pounds, though some sleepers in this category may find they sink in too far.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should look for a bed that supports the lumbar region and keeps the abdomen from sinking too far. If the bed is too soft, the lumbar area may curve unnaturally, causing spinal misalignment and eventually pain. On the other hand, if the bed is too firm, it won’t provide enough cushioning to be comfortable. For these reasons, back sleepers get the best sleep on a bed that has a medium firm to firm feel, with moderate contouring and responsiveness.

Back sleepers under 230 pounds fare best with the Allswell Graphite Topper, while those weighing over 230 pounds may find their abdomen sinks too far into the memory foam.

Stomach Sleepers

Among stomach sleepers, those weighing less than 130 pounds receive adequate support on the Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Topper. The softer surface is suitable for these sleepers, as they do not put as much pressure on the bed.

Stomach sleepers need a firm bed to keep the midsection supported. This topper is likely too soft for stomach sleepers weighing over 130 pounds, who may find the topper allows their spine to sink into a U-shape.

Allswell Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodFair
Stomach SleepersGoodFairFair

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Allswell products are available for purchase through the Allswell website and from Walmart.


Allswell ships mattress toppers to all 50 states. Shipping is free in the contiguous U.S., with a $50 shipping fee for Alaska and Hawaii.

Mattress toppers are shipped via FedEx Ground and generally arrive between 3 to 7 business days after the order is processed. An email with a tracking number is sent to the purchaser once the order has shipped.

Express 2-day shipping is available in the contiguous U.S. for an additional fee.

The mattress topper arrives in a box, rolled up and wrapped in plastic. Once the packaging is removed, no further assembly is required.


Returns are accepted within 30 nights from the date of delivery, provided certain conditions are met.


Allswell does not offer a warranty for its mattress toppers.

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