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Ideal For:

  1. Frequent travelers
  2. Users with co-sleepers who are sensitive to noise
  3. Those who have trouble breathing against high pressure levels
  4. People who like to ease into therapy with a lower pressure setting


  1. Doesn’t include a heated humidifier
  2. No air temperature control
  3. May not be compatible with all tubing
  4. Portable battery is sold separately

If you use a positive airway pressure (PAP) machine for sleep apnea, it can be hard to stick to your sleep routine when away from home, especially if you don’t have a travel-friendly device. The Somnetics Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP is a compact model that operates like a full-size PAP machine but is about the size of a baseball, making it ideal for travel. 

The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP has two therapy modes: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and automatic positive airway pressure (APAP). The CPAP setting delivers a fixed rate of pressurized air, while the APAP mode modifies air pressure levels based on the user’s breathing patterns. The machine also has various comfort features like automatic ramping, a muffler to minimize noise caused by air moving through the tubing, and a drying mode to help prevent the buildup of excess moisture. The device only requires four buttons to operate. 

We’ll review the machine’s components, features, and overall performance. We’ll also discuss shipping, sleep trials, and warranty policies to help you decide if this is the best travel CPAP machine for you.

Somnetics Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP Machine Review Breakdown

For those with sleep apnea, travel can be an unpredictable factor that interferes with an established sleep routine. However, consistent therapy is possible with a CPAP machine designed for travel, such as the Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP. 

This PAP machine is designed to deliver pressurized air to the lungs during sleep, which can help minimize lapses in breathing related to sleep apnea. The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP offers both CPAP and APAP therapy in one small, lightweight device.

The device comes with a number of features designed to make PAP therapy more comfortable. The GentleRise feature initially delivers air at a lower pressure, then ramps up to the prescribed pressure as the user falls asleep. The AirRelief feature automatically decreases air pressure during exhalation to make breathing feel more natural. 
The machine is compatible with any CPAP mask and connects to a phone app to monitor pressure levels and usage data.

What’s Included

The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP Machine delivers pressurized air through a 6-foot MicroFlex tube that connects to a CPAP mask that is purchased separately. The tubing is included with the purchase of the machine, but the device also works with shorter or longer Transcend Micro hoses, which are sold separately. 

The machine also comes with a WhisperSoft muffler kit to reduce noise, a convenient travel carrier, an AC power adapter, and a user manual.

PAP TypeComponents
  • Transcend Micro Machine
  • Transcend Micro AirFlex Hose
  • Transcend WhisperSoft Muffler Kit
  • AC power adapter
  • Travel pouch
  • User guide

Product Features

The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP Machine has a programmable pressure range between 4 and 20 cm H2O. It can operate at altitudes up to 8,000 feet, making it suitable for in-flight use. Users can set a constant pressure level for the entire night or use the auto-adjusting mode, which delivers variable pressure. 

The machine’s GentleRise auto-ramp feature starts with lower pressure, then gradually increases pressure levels throughout the night until it reaches the prescribed level. This can be helpful for those who have trouble falling asleep when using a PAP machine.

The AirRelief feature automatically reduces air pressure during exhalation to make breathing more comfortable. Pressure levels and usage can be monitored via the MySleepDash phone app and shared with your medical provider.

The drying mode removes excess moisture from the mask and tubing to prevent water buildup. It can also be used in the morning to ensure that your mask is dry and ready to use later. 

The device also comes with a WhisperSoft Muffler, which is a small attachment that reduces the sound of air passing through the hose. The muffler is useful for those who are easily disturbed by noise, as well as those who share a bed. 

In addition to these features, the Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP has some optional components that are sold separately. While the machine doesn’t have a heated humidifier, it can be used with a heat moisture exchange (HME) cartridge that recirculates moisture while you breathe. This waterless humidification system doesn’t add bulk and can help alleviate dryness symptoms like nosebleeds and sore throats. 

You can also purchase a portable battery that allows the machine to run for about two days between charges. The battery automatically kicks in when there’s a power shortage, so therapy continues throughout the night without waking the user up.

  • GentleRise: The machine delivers a lower pressure level at the onset of therapy to help users fall asleep.
  • AirRelief: This feature allows the air pressure to automatically lower during exhalation, helping to acclimate the user to therapy.
  • WhisperSoft Muffler Kit: This small in-line attachment  reduces air vibration sounds.
  • Drying Mode: A 30-minute drying cycle that eliminates excess moisture from the mask and hose.
  • MySleepDash App via Bluetooth: The machine connects to a data-tracking app that guides users through setup and monitors pressure levels, air leaks, and usage hours. This information can also be shared with a medical provider.t pressure level needed to keep your airways open. Pressure levels increase within a prescribed range based on your unique breathing patterns.
  • AirMist Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Technology: Users who purchase a Transcend HME cartridge can optimize air moisture levels, especially in dry climates. The waterless humidification system retains humidity during exhale and redistributes it during inhalation.
  • Transcend PowerAway P8 Portable Battery: The machine normally needs to be plugged in, but a portable battery is available to purchase separately.

Sizing and Pricing

Measuring less than 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall, the Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP is one of the smallest travel CPAP machines on the market. With its spherical shape and weight of less than half a pound, it can easily fit into a carry-on bag as well.

Size Comparison:

  • Travel: Travel CPAP machines range in size from those that can fit in the palm of your hand to those that are only somewhat smaller than a standard machine. The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP weighs a little under half a pound and is slightly less than 4 inches tall, making it an ideal option for frequent travelers and those who want to pack light. 
  • Standard: Standard CPAP machines come in many sizes, but most are less than 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. They typically weigh less than 5 pounds, but a humidifier tank can add extra bulk. The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP is notably smaller than any standard device. Its size is even more impressive knowing that it has comparable features to full-size CPAP machines

Most CPAP machines cost between $500 and $800. The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP is competitively priced for its performance and portability. With its ultra compact size and multiple comfort features, this model is likely to be a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers.

Somnetics Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP

3.6” x 3.6” x 2.4”0.48 lbs.$860

Device Performance

  • Noise Level: The average operating sound for a CPAP device is whisper quiet, ranging from 25 to 30 decibels. The Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP has an operating sound level of 31 decibels, so the noise level is slightly above average. To decrease the decibel level, the WhisperSoft attachment muffles air pressure noise.
  • Ease of Use: The four buttons on top of the device are designed to be easy to use. The Bluetooth button lets users connect to the MySleepDash app, which provides instructions for setting up the machine. The app tracks important data like compliance, air leaks, and pressure levels. In addition to the manual power button, there is also the option of using the auto-start function, which automatically starts therapy when the user’s mask is on.
  • Portability: At less than half the size of a standard CPAP device, the Transcend Micro Auto-CPAP is extremely portable. It weighs less than a cell phone and is FAA-compliant for in-flight use. Additionally, the machine’s optional waterless humidification system uses a tiny cartridge, which also saves space. The hose, mask, and adapter are the main components, so the machine is very quick to assemble on the go.
  • Pressure Settings: The machine’s operating pressure range is between 4 and 20 cm H2O, which is typical of both portable and standard CPAP machines. Your doctor will determine your optimal pressure range.
  • Air-Temperature Control: The operating air temperature range is 41 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Users cannot adjust the air temperature.
  • Humidity Control: The machine does not have a built-in humidifier, but it does have an optional waterless humidification system that users can purchase separately. Installing Transcend’s AirMist HME cartridge recirculates air moisture. The relative operating humidity range is 10% to 80%.
  • Compatibility: The machine is designed to work with any CPAP mask. A 6-foot Micro AirFlex hose is included, but the device is also compatible with shorter and longer Transcend Micro AirFlex hoses that are sold separately.
  • Maintenance: The hose, muffler, and HME cartridge should be disinfected weekly using mild detergent or dish soap mixed with distilled water. If you are using detergent, find one that doesn’t contain biodegradable anionic surfactants or phosphates. Submerge each component in the cleaning solution, then wipe them clean with a lint-free cloth. Rinse off any remaining residue with water before drying the component with a cotton cloth. Do not submerge the machine itself in water. You can clean the exterior of the machine with a cloth soaked in mild soap and water.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Sleep Doctor ships the machine to all 50 states. The machine is also sold at other online retailers and in person at medical supply stores.


Shipping policies vary depending on the retailer. The Sleep Doctor includes free shipping to the contiguous U.S. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Territories are subject to shipping fees. Orders ship via USPS First-Class or Priority Mail. Customers are responsible for assembling the machine. 


The manufacturer backs the machine with a two-year warranty.

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