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Key Takeaways
  • Sunrise alarm clocks gradually brighten to wake sleepers, mimicking a sunrise.
  • Compared to conventional sound alarms, many sleepers find sunrise alarm clocks to be a more pleasant way to wake up.
  • Many sunrise alarm clocks also include additional features to support healthy sleep like white noise, customizable bedtime programs, and the option to add a sound alarm.

For many people, a conventional alarm can be a jarring, unenjoyable start to the morning. Sunrise alarm clocks offer a gentler, more natural way to wake up and start your day. 

Sunrise alarm clocks gradually brighten and sometimes change color to mimic a sunrise. Some products also include a sunset option, which gradually dims the light at night to help prepare your body for sleep. In addition to lighting options, many sunrise alarm clocks come with additional features like natural sounds, white noise, and meditation exercises.

We’ll discuss the best sunrise alarm clocks on the market today. We’ll also highlight the features of each product so you can determine the right alarm clock for your needs.

In-Depth Reviews

The dual-purpose Hatch Restore 2 serves as both a sunrise alarm and a sound machine, helping you relax before sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. This device is user-friendly and easy to operate, and you can opt for a monthly subscription to access additional audio content.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People who dislike traditional alarm clocks

    2. Those who enjoy listening to ambient noise when falling asleep

    3. Anyone interested in guided meditation or sleep stories

  • Highlights

    1. Gradual color change mimic natural light patterns during sunrise and sunset

    2. Audio library includes nearly two dozen soothing sleep sounds

    3. Three speakers deliver crisp, high-quality playback



Wake Up Options

Ambient sounds and white noise

Hatch’s Restore was a true game-changer for anyone who’s grown tired of their traditional audio alarm clock. This multipurpose device was engineered to mimic natural light colors during sunset and sunrise, allowing users to relax before sleep and feel refreshed each morning. The newly unveiled Restore 2 builds on the innovative flagship design with more calming features. These include 10 soothing sounds to accompany the sunrise alarm and help you wake up on a high note.

Another update is the addition of two speakers for a total of three, resulting in exceptionally crisp and clear playback. The Restore 2 also builds on the original model’s audio library with 21 new ambient sounds. For even more listening options, you can sign up for the Hatch Sleep Membership. This optional subscription grants you access to a wide array of programs including relaxing music, dreamscapes, and guided meditation. A membership isn’t required to enjoy the Restore 2’s built-in programs, but you’ll need to download Hatch’s free companion app to use the device.

The user-friendly interface consists of large buttons for activating the sunrise and sunset programs, and for turning them on and off. A flat base lets you use the device on any bedside surface. The display is covered in soft natural linen to enhance the visual effect. You can choose from three colors for the back panel. 

Although the Restore 2 is more expensive than the average sunrise alarm, including its Restore predecessor, Hatch covers all shipping costs and your order includes a 60-night trial period. The Hatch Sleep Membership also comes with a 7-night trial if you choose the monthly subscription, or a 1-month trial with the annual plan. All purchases are backed by 1-year manufacturer’s warranties.

The Dekala Sunstone combines a sunrise alarm, sound machine, and phone charger at an accessible price-point. Our testing team recommends this sunrise alarm to value seekers looking for a simple sunrise alarm.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People who are looking for a simple device

    2. Those who like to listen to both natural sounds and the radio

    3. Anyone on a limited budget

  • Highlights

    1. Includes FM radio

    2. Built-in USB charging port

    3. Seven natural sounds



Wake Up Options

FM Radio

The Dekala Sunstone offers common features found in other sunrise alarm clocks for a lower price-point. The clock features a sleek design as well as both sunset and sunrise simulation. In the sleep-aid mode, the light gradually dims over a customizable period of 10 to 120 minutes. Sleepers can also choose between three different relaxing sounds.

In the morning, sleepers can set the light to gradually brighten over a period of 10 to 60 minutes. The Dekala Sunstone also offers a conventional alarm with seven sound options as well as an FM radio. The display includes a digital clock, and both the clock and light can be dimmed for those who prefer their room to be completely dark at night. 

The clock can be charged in a standard outlet or with a USB plug. It also contains a USB port for a phone charger. You can choose from the manual version, which is operated using buttons on the device, or the smart version, which can be operated using an app, voice commands, or buttons. The smart version costs slightly more. 

Dekala ships to all 50 states as well as international locations. Shoppers have 30 days to return the Sunstone if they find it doesn’t meet their needs.

The Hatch Rest+ 2nd gen combines a time-to-rise light, sound machine, night light, and portable design with sleep training features for young children. Our testing team found the Hatch Rest+ 2nd gen was a good option for those wanting to build healthy sleep habits for their children.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Babies and young children

    2. Parents who want to build healthy sleep habits for their kids

    3. Anyone who wants a portable alarm clock

  • Highlights

    1. Sound machine includes lullabies and bedtime stories

    2. Backup battery allows sleepers to move the device between rooms

    3. Customizable color display



Wake Up Options

White noise, nature sounds, and lullabies

If you have little kids, a sunrise alarm clock can be beneficial for helping them fall and stay asleep. Within the Rest+ 2nd gen’s companion app, sleepers can adjust settings to create healthy sleep routines for their children. For example, you can choose a specific color light and music to signal when it’s time to get ready for bed and a separate light with white noise when it’s time to sleep. You can also set the light to change colors at a specific time in the morning, which can be a helpful way to signal to early risers that it’s okay to get up. 

The Rest+ 2nd gen’s sound machine includes white noise to block out sounds that might wake up your little one. With the Hatch Sleep Membership, sleepers can access the full sound library, which has kid-friendly lullabies, meditations, and bedtime stories to help children wind down before sleep. All of these features are WiFi controlled through the Hatch Sleep App.

The Hatch Rest+ 2nd gen sits on a charging station that plugs into a wall, but the alarm clock also comes with an eight-hour backup battery so you can use the device in other locations.

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