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There’s a reason Leesa and Saatva are at the forefront of the online mattress industry. Both companies offer thoughtfully curated product lines that appeal to a wide variety of shoppers. In addition to their popular mattresses, Leesa and Saatva also make bed frames and other sleep accessories.

Leesa makes four mattresses, including the all-foam Leesa mattress, the Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend hybrid, and the wallet-friendly Studio by Leesa mattress.

Saatva first broke into the mattress industry with the Saatva Classic, a luxury hybrid model featuring two coil layers. The company has since gone on to release three other models: the Saatva HD hybrid designed for people who weigh more than 230 pounds, the eco-friendly Saatva Latex Hybrid, and the Saatva Youth reversible innerspring for children.

Each of these mattresses has its advantages, but which is right for you? We’ll dive into the details of each model and provide an overview of practical information regarding shipping, sleep trial, and warranty policies for Saatva vs. Leesa.

Quick Look

Price Range (Queen)


Price Range (Queen)


Firmness Options

Medium (5), Medium Firm (6)

Firmness Options

Soft (2-3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8)

Standout Features

  • Socially responsible company
  • Breathable and responsive proprietary foam
  • All-foam and hybrid mattresses in a range of price-points

Standout Features

  • Wide variety of mattresses for every sleeper type
  • Three choices of firmness levels (Saatva Classic)
  • Free White Glove delivery and old mattress removal



Sleep Trial & Warranty

100-night sleep trial
10-year warranty

Sleep Trial & Warranty

180-night sleep trial
12-year warranty (Saatva Youth)
15-year warranty (Saatva Classic and Saatva Latex Hybrid)
20-year warranty (Saatva HD)

Customer Service


Customer Service



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Sizing and Weight Options

Basic specifications to pay attention to when shopping for a mattress include the size, weight, and height. Size is particularly important for those who wish to use their existing bed frame or foundation, but it may also be a consideration for couples or people working with limited space.

People with limited mobility may find it helps to select a mattress that, along with the foundation, sits at a convenient level for getting in and out of bed. Don’t forget that a tall mattress may need deep-pocket fitted sheets.

The weight of the mattress may not seem as significant, but it’s worth considering for several reasons. First, most online mattresses arrive shrink-wrapped and compressed and require some setup, which is more difficult with a heavier mattress. Second, heavier mattresses may not be as easy to rotate, and will likely be downright inconvenient to move. Certain models simply weigh more than others because of their components, but it is something worth investigating if you’re otherwise flexible about your preferences.


Height Size Options
10" Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Height Size Options
11" Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Height Size Options
12" Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Height Size Options
10" Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Height Size Options
11.5 Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split Cal King
Height Size Options
15.5" Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
Height Size Options
13" Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
Height Size Options
10" Twin, Twin XL, Full

Leesa’s mattress lineup is typical of most online mattress companies, with two all-foam mattresses and two hybrid mattresses, each one geared towards a wide pool of shoppers.

Saatva is more selective in its offerings. Since its flagship mattress already comes in three firmness options designed to please the majority of sleeper types, its other mattresses are more specifically targeted to smaller groups of people. Notably, Saatva does not produce an all-foam model, which may somewhat limit the choices for people who prefer that type of bed.

All-foam mattresses almost always weigh less than hybrid mattresses in comparable sizes, due to the heavier innerspring coil layer of the hybrid models. Therefore, shoppers looking for a lighter, thinner mattress may prefer the all-foam Leesa or Studio by Leesa mattress.

The hybrid Leesa models are also smaller than the Saatva counterpart. This is understandable given that the Saatva HD is engineered for sleepers over 300 pounds. For these sleepers, the robust support is worth the extra height and weight. Plus, Saatva includes free White Glove delivery with all of its mattresses, so the initial setup shouldn’t be a problem.

Predictably, the Saatva Youth is the smallest mattress. Designed for a growing child, the mattress only comes in three sizes, but it should be perfectly adequate for the needs of young children and pre-teens.


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Construction and Materials Comparison

Leesa and Saatva focus on two of the most popular mattress types seen online, all-foam and hybrid.

All-foam mattresses have a polyfoam support core, and can have comfort layers made of polyfoam, memory foam, latex, or other cushioning materials. Due to the lack of coils, all-foam mattresses usually excel at motion isolation and make little to no noise.

Hybrid mattresses are defined by their innerspring support core, which adds certain characteristics such as improved edge support, bounce, and breathability.

Beyond these basic similarities, each individual model has particular characteristics which set it apart from the crowd. We’ll cover the unique design of each mattress and discuss how this affects the sleep experience.


Leesa Mattress

The all-foam Leesa Mattress has a straightforward design consisting of a soft twill polyester cover and a total of three layers:

  • 2 inches of polyfoam
  • 2 inches of memory foam
  • 6 inches of high-density polyfoam

Leesa uses a breathable polyfoam to reduce heat retention, followed by a layer of memory foam that helps prevent motion from transferring across the bed. The mattress has a medium firmness level that alleviates pressure points for side sleepers and for those who weigh less than 130 pounds.

Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa Hybrid has a similar comfort system to the flagship Leesa mattress, but it features a cotton-blend cover and a support core made of pocketed coils:

  • 1.5 inches of aerated polyfoam
  • 1.5 inches of memory foam
  • 1 inch of transitional polyfoam
  • 6-inch pocketed coil support core, 14.5 gauge, with reinforced edges
  • 1-inch high-density polyfoam base

The pocketed coils and aerated polyfoam boost airflow, helping the mattress stay cool. Combination sleepers should find it easy to switch positions thanks to the responsive coils. The Leesa Hybrid also features a reinforced perimeter, so most sleepers should have no trouble sleeping near or sitting on the edge of the bed. The pocketed coils provide targeted support that helps maintain spinal alignment for all sleeper types.

Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend is Leesa’s luxury offering, featuring a dual layer of coils and multiple layers of cushioning:

  • 1 inch of aerated polyfoam
  • 1 inch of memory foam
  • 1.5 inches of micro-coils zoned with polyfoam
  • 1-inch transitional polyfoam layer
  • 6-inch pocketed coil support core, 15 gauge, with reinforced edges
  • 1-inch polyfoam base

The addition of the micro-coils adds an extra dimension of targeted pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, with strategically placed polyfoam for enhanced lumbar support. The rest of the mattress resembles the Leesa Hybrid, with multiple layers of pressure-relieving foams and a pocketed coil support core with reinforced edges. The cover is made with a blend of Merino wool, organic cotton, polyester, rayon, spandex, and recycled water bottles. The wool helps wick away moisture from the sleeper to keep the surface cool.

Studio by Leesa

The Studio by Leesa is a basic and affordable, yet well-made all-foam mattress:

  • 1.5 inches of memory foam
  • 1.5 inches of transitional memory foam
  • 7-inch high-density polyfoam support core

The Studio by Leesa is slightly firmer than the original Leesa mattress, and offers better edge support due to its thinner comfort layer section. With two layers of memory foam, the mattress succeeds in conforming closely for above-average pressure relief and motion isolation.


Saatva Classic

Saatva’s flagship mattress caters to side, back, and stomach sleepers of most body types with a choice of Soft, Medium, or Firm. All three options share the same basic design:

  • Eurotop with sewn-in material (1.25 inch soft polyfoam, .75 inch fiber fill, 1 oz. Dacron)
  • .625-inch layer of polyfoam
  • .375-inch memory foam lumbar pad
  • 4-inch pocketed coil layer (foam-encased)
  • 4-inch (11.5-inch profile) or 7-inch (14.5-inch profile) hourglass coils
  • .5-inch and .875-inch fiber pad
  • Foam perimeter encasing

The Saatva Classic is often described as a luxury innerspring mattress. Its coil-on-coil design ensures optimal bounce and airflow, yet a plush quilted cover and memory foam lumbar pad add the contouring and pressure relief that are not usually found in an innerspring. High-density polyfoam around the perimeter of the mattress ensures top-notch edge support, especially in the medium and firm models.

The mattress is available in either a 11.5-inch or a 14.5-inch profile. This makes no difference to the overall feel of the bed and is for strictly practical purposes. Each mattress has an organic cotton Euro-top cover, and the soft and medium models have an additional Dacron filling for more cushioning.

Saatva HD

The Saatva HD is designed to provide extra support for sleepers who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds:

  • Organic cotton (quilted in pillow top)
  • 1.5 inches of Talalay latex (5 zones)
  • 1.5 inches of memory foam
  • 2 inches of polyfoam
  • Offset coils, 12.5 gauge, with polyfoam encasement

The Saatva HD mattress includes zoned latex, active wire lumbar support, and extra-strong coils in the support core. Naturally durable Talalay latex forms a pressure-relieving cradle around the sleeper. Talalay latex is breathable and responsive, and it facilitates ease of movement for combination sleepers. Additional layers of higher-density memory foam and polyfoam add further contouring and help ease the transition to the coils. Like the Saatva Classic, this mattress has an organic cotton pillow top and reinforced edges.

Saatva Latex Hybrid

The Saatva Latex Hybrid is a responsive model best suited to people who prefer a balanced hybrid feel but do not find memory foam or polyfoam comfortable. Its components include the following:

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover
  • GOTS-certified organic wool fire barrier
  • 3″ ventilated Talalay latex
  • 8″ zoned pocketed coils (14.5-gauge perimeter, 13.75-gauge interior)
  • Organic “Eco Loft” pad

The Saatva Latex Hybrid has a medium firm (6) feel, but the strong coil support and springy latex layer make it well-suited to people who weigh more than 230 pounds. The coils are divided into different zones based on gauge, with thicker coils bolstering the perimeter against excessive sinkage while thinner coils offer more cradling along the interior.

The mattress measures 13 inches thick. While not as tall as the Saatva HD, the Saatva Latex Hybrid should be sufficient for most people who prefer high-profile beds. Its organic cotton cover and organic wool fire barrier have each earned certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Saatva Youth

Saatva is one of few online mattress manufacturers to design a mattress for growing bodies. Suitable for children ages 3 to 12, the mattress is a flippable innerspring constructed with:

  • Side 1: 5-zone polyfoam
  • Side 2: convoluted HD polyfoam
  • Reversible Bonnell coils, 14.5 gauge

The convoluted polyfoam side is meant for children between the ages of 3 and 8, while the zoned polyfoam side with active wire lumbar support is better-suited to the needs of children aged 8 to 12.

The Saatva Youth has plenty of bounce and strong edge support, great for active and playful kids. The mattress has a soft, healthy organic cotton cover as well as an internal waterproof barrier to protect against spills.

Average Customer Ratings

It’s one thing to read about the attributes of a mattress, but if you can’t try it out for yourself before purchasing, how do you know whether a particular mattress is really all it’s hyped up to be? One solution is to read the opinions of previous customers.

A high score from a large number of verified purchasers may give you confidence in the quality of the mattress. More importantly, reviews left by people who share your body type and sleeping style may give you a more accurate idea of how the mattress will feel to you.

Comfort is subjective, and customer reviews often appear contradictory. However, by combing through reviews with a critical eye, you can start to form a better idea of what the mattress might feel like. We’ve provided the overall score for the Leesa and Saatva mattresses, as well as their ratings with the Better Business Bureau, to give you a high-level idea of customer satisfaction with the companies and their products.

Model Average Rating
Leesa Original 4.5/5
Leesa Hybrid Mattress 4.5/5
Leesa Legend 4.9/5
Studio by Leesa 4.6/5
Model Average Rating
Saatva Mattress 4.9/5
Saatva HD 4.9/5
Saatva Latex Hybrid -
Saatva Youth -

In-Depth Ratings

While it’s easy to be led astray by marketing jargon, in the end, the overall comfort of a mattress boils down to a few critical features. We’ll explain what these are and how they impact mattress performance. Depending on your budget and your own individual needs, you may wish to prioritize certain factors over others.

Eventually every mattress will start to wear out, losing its ability to provide support and pressure relief. The average mattress lifespan is 6 to 7 years, but this can be longer or shorter depending on the quality of the materials. When buying a mattress, check for foam density, coil count, and other indicators of quality to help stretch your investment as far as possible before replacing the mattress.

Motion Isolation
Whether you share the bed with a pet or a human, it’s no fun to wake each other up every time you move. Luckily, many mattresses are able to absorb a significant amount of motion and prevent it from transferring across the surface of the bed. Materials like memory foam or individually wrapped coils help cut down on motion transfer so you can make that midnight bathroom run stress-free.

While it’s important to choose a mattress that’s comfortable for sleeping, some would argue it’s just as important to choose a mattress that’s conducive to sex. Most couples prefer a bouncy surface with strong edges, as these features facilitate movement and provide a feeling of stability around the perimeter of the bed. Those who easily overheat may also consider selecting a mattress that stays cool.

Temperature Neutrality
Temperature neutrality is key for hot sleepers and people who live in warm climates. Some mattresses are made with naturally breathable materials, such as cotton or latex, while others feature a design that leaves room for airflow, such as convoluted foam or an innerspring support core. All-foam mattresses often use phase-change technology, or infuse the foams with cooling materials, to combat the heat retention typical of this build.

Pressure Relief
First and foremost, a mattress should be comfortable. To achieve this, mattresses are made with a variety of pressure-relieving materials in the comfort layers. These range from close-conforming materials such as memory foam, to materials like latex and micro-coils that help distribute body weight. The body type and sleeping style of each person affects how they interact with the mattress, meaning that a given mattress may provide better or worse pressure relief depending on the sleeper.

The smell you may notice from your new mattress is referred to as off-gassing. In most cases, it’s caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a by-product of the synthetic foam manufacturing process. The odors usually go away within a matter of a few days, but may cause some initial irritation for people who are sensitive to smells.

Ease of Movement
Close-conforming materials like memory foam can give some sleepers the impression of sleeping in quicksand, with a slow response to pressure that makes it difficult to switch positions. If you’re a combination sleeper, or if you have limited mobility, it might be wise to choose a more responsive mattress that keeps you on top of the bed instead of allowing you to sink in.

Edge Support
Mattresses with reinforced perimeters can help reduce feelings of roll-off when sleeping near or sitting on the edge of the bed. This provides a feeling of stability for people who have trouble getting in and out of bed. It also contributes to a greater sleep surface, which is especially convenient for people who share the bed. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to perform best in terms of edge support.


Leesa Leesa Original Leesa Hybrid Mattress Leesa Legend Studio by Leesa
Firmness Medium (5) Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Durability 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 4/5 3/5 4/5 4/5
Sex 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Off-Gassing 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Edge Support 2/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Scroll L - R for more details


Saatva Saatva Mattress Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Youth
Firmness Soft (2-3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8) Firm (7) Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
Durability 3/5 4/5 5/5 4/5
Motion Isolation 2/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Sex 4/5 4/5 4/5 -
Sleeps Cool 4/5 5/5 4/5 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 5/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
Ease of Movement 4/5 4/5 2/5 4/5
Edge Support 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5
Scroll L - R for more details

Prices and Sizing

A multitude of factors affect the price of a mattress, including:

  • The quality of the materials and any certifications
  • The number of layers and the total height
  • The type of mattress
  • Where the mattress was made, and where the materials are from
  • Special or proprietary features

While mattress price is related to quality, it’s not enough to simply judge the quality of a mattress based on its price tag. Plus, a mattress may be ultra-high quality, but not the right style for you. A more effective strategy is to research mattresses that fit your sleeping style and body type, and then whittle down your choices according to quality and budget.

The rise of direct-to-consumer mattress sales has brought about huge savings for customers, with further discounts around major holidays. As a result, there is a wealth of mattresses that offer great value for the money at almost every price-point.


Leesa Leesa Original Leesa Hybrid Mattress Leesa Legend Studio by Leesa
Twin $599 $999 - $599
Twin XL $699 $1,099 $1999 $649
Full $899 $1,399 $2299 $699
Queen $999 $1,699 $2499 $799
King $1199 $1,899 $2999 $999
California King $1199 $1,899 $2999 $999
Split King - - - -
Split California King - - - -
Scroll L - R for more details

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Saatva Saatva Mattress Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Youth
Twin $799 $1499 $1,099 $699
Twin XL $999 $1699 $1,249 $799
Full $1,299 $1999 $1,599 $899
Queen $1,399 $2599 $1,799 -
King $1,799 $2899 $2,199 -
California King $1,799 $2899 $2,199 -
Split King $1,999 $3298 $2,499 -
Split California King $1,999 - - -
Scroll L - R for more details

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At first glance it appears that the companies have similar mattress lineups, with both budget and luxury options. However, Saatva’s mattresses are targeted toward more precise audiences, with the Saatva Youth made solely in child-friendly sizes and the Saatva HD designed specifically for heavier sleepers.

The Saatva Classic has a very reasonable price-point for a hybrid model. Budget-minded shoppers looking for a high-performance mattress should consider this model. The Saatva Latex Hybrid is a bit more expensive, with a sticker price that is on par with that of the average hybrid. This mattress is a good mid-range option for buyers who are willing to spend a little more.

Leesa caters more to a wider variety of sleepers, with two all-foam options and two hybrid options at staggered price-points. The Studio by Leesa has a below-average price-point, and even the flagship Leesa is well within what’s considered reasonable for an all-foam mattress. As expected, the hybrid models are more expensive, with the Leesa Legend commanding the highest price due to its more complex design.

Trials, Warranty and Delivery

Warranty Shipping
10 Year, Limited Free ground shipping
Warranty Shipping
15 Year, Limited Free White Glove delivery to contiguous U.S.



The most common method of shipping a mattress bought online is as a bed-in-a-box, where the mattress has been shrink-wrapped, compressed, and shipped in a cardboard box via FedEx or UPS Ground. Mattresses usually arrive within a few business days of ordering, and setup is as easy as taking the mattress out of the box and placing it on the bed frame to let it fluff up to its full shape. Shipping is usually offered for free within the contiguous U.S. There may be an extra charge for orders to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada.

Leesa offers free bed-in-a-box shipping to the entire U.S. The flagship mattress is also available for purchase in Canada and other select international destinations.

Saatva mattresses are only available in the continental U.S. Instead of being compressed, they are shipped with in-home setup included, therefore they are not available for purchase in Alaska or Hawaii.

White Glove Delivery

For an extra fee, many mattress companies offer in-home setup, commonly referred to as White Glove delivery. This service usually costs extra, and may be bundled with old mattress removal as well. Due to the more complicated logistics, mattresses delivered with White Glove service may take longer to arrive, and the service may not be available in all locations.

Saatva delivers all its mattresses with White Glove delivery, which is included in the price of the mattress. Old mattress removal is also an option for customers who indicate this at checkout.

Leesa offers optional White Glove delivery and old mattress removal for $150.


Virtually every mattress sold online comes with a sleep trial. Lasting between 90 and 365 nights, sleep trials allow customers to get a feel for the mattress in the comfort of their own homes. Customers who decide they don’t like the mattress before the sleep trial is up can return it and receive a refund. Companies usually offer a full refund in this case, although some may charge a restocking fee. Returned mattresses are picked up by the company, whereupon they are either recycled or donated to charity.

Saatva offers a 180-night sleep trial. Returns are subject to a $99 transportation fee.

Leesa provides customers with 100 nights to try out the mattress, but requests that customers wait at least 30 nights to reach a decision. A $100 fee will be charged for returns in Hawaii and Alaska.


After the sleep trial ends, customers are typically covered by a warranty of at least 10 years. Warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship, such as permanent body indentations and splitting or cracking of the foam. To be eligible for warranty coverage, most manufacturers require the mattress to be used with a proper base. Misuse, improper care, soils, and other signs of abuse do not qualify for coverage and may even void the warranty.

Like the sleep trial, the warranty should come included in the price of the mattress. Defective mattresses will usually be replaced or repaired at the company’s discretion. Some companies may charge a handling fee should you choose to submit a warranty claim. Additionally, some warranties are prorated, which means that after a certain amount of time, the customer will have to cover a percentage of the repair or replacement cost.

Leesa backs its mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty against defects including visible indentations of at least 1 inch. Customers are responsible for the transportation costs. Instead of getting a defective mattress repaired, Leesa also offers customers the option of upgrading to a more expensive mattress model provided they pay the difference.

Saatva issues a 12-year warranty for the Saatva Youth, 15-year warranties for the Saatva Classic and Saatva Latex Hybrid, and a 20-year warranty for the Saatva HD. These warranties are all non-prorated. They protect against workmanship defects, including body impressions and indentations of 1.5 inches or deeper for the Saatva HD, and 1 inch or deeper for the other Saatva models