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proprietary image of the puffy royal

Price Range

$1,249 – $2,898

Mattress Type


Firmness Options:

Medium (5)



















Ideal For:

  1. Side and back sleepers under 130 pounds
  2. Sleepers who are sensitive to noise and movement
  3. Individuals who prefer a foam mattress but struggle with overheating
  4. Those who like the hug of memory foam with a little responsiveness


  1. May not be firm enough for stomach sleepers or those over 230 pounds
  2. Limited bounce may restrict movement

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Puffy launched in 2017 with its flagship all-foam Puffy Mattress. Since then, the company has become a prominent name in the online mattress industry, offering shoppers foam and hybrid beds at a variety of price-points.

All of Puffy’s beds are manufactured in the United States, and the brand currently offers three mattress models: the Puffy, the Lux, and the Royal. Though all of these mattresses were originally foam models, Puffy recently added hybrid versions of the Lux and the Royal to its lineup. The Lux and Royal are now exclusively hybrid mattresses, whereas the Puffy is all-foam.

Each of the Puffy mattresses rate a 5 out of 10, or medium, on the firmness scale. However, each model uses different materials and layers, which change the way the bed performs.

At 14 inches tall, the Royal Hybrid is Puffy’s thickest mattress. The mattress features additional comfort layers compared to the other Puffy mattresses, including a layer of zoned polyfoam designed to add cooling and targeted support. In the support core, the mattress has a pocketed coil system.

We’ll outline what makes the Puffy Royal Hybrid unique, examining the materials, construction, performance, and company policies to help you decide if this mattress best fits your needs.

Ratings Summary

Motion Isolation:
Temperature Control:
Pressure Relief:
Edge Support:
Ease of Movement:
Off Gassing:

Puffy Royal Video Review

Watch the video below to see how the Puffy Royal Hybrid performed when put to the test in our lab.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The Puffy Royal Hybrid offers above-average motion isolation for a hybrid, with memory foam that absorbs movement to minimize nighttime disruptions.

For sensitive sleepers, a mattress that absorbs movement can help make it less noticeable when a sleep partner changes positions or gets out of bed. That said, the springiness of the Royal Hybrid’s coil system may transfer some motion compared to an all-foam model.

Pressure Relief

With a thick comfort system, the Puffy Royal Hybrid excels at providing pressure relief. Memory foam is known for its ability to contour to the body and relieve pressure.

The memory foam layers in the Royal Hybrid cushion the hips and shoulders, while the zoned polyfoam layer provides targeted support to prevent pressure buildup in the lower back.

Temperature Control

Puffy has included several features designed to combat overheating in the Royal Hybrid. The topmost memory foam layer is infused with gel beads that are engineered to transfer heat away from the body. Moreover, the Cloud Air polyfoam is aerated to increase airflow.

Thanks to this design, the Puffy Royal Hybrid sleeps cooler than other mattresses that incorporate thick foam layers. Nevertheless, sleepers who struggle with overheating may prefer to look for a mattress that contours less closely and allows more room for heat to escape.

Edge Support

Strong edges can make a mattress feel larger, as they allow sleepers to use the entire surface of the bed without the sensation of slipping off the edge. Edge support may also be an important consideration for those with mobility issues, who may rely on support from the perimeter of the mattress to get in or out of bed.

Sleepers who value edge support may prefer the Puffy Royal Hybrid. The plush foams in this mattress may compress somewhat, but the coil support core and high-density polyfoam encasement help the mattress resist excessive sagging around the perimeter.

Ease of Movement

Memory foam tends to conform closely to the body and form impressions that can take several seconds to bounce back. For this reason, beds that incorporate thick foam layers can inhibit movement and make sleepers feel as though they are sinking into the bed.

In the Puffy Royal Hybrid, the added springiness of the coil system should make it slightly easier to move around despite the bed’s thick foam layers.


The thick foam layers of the Puffy Royal offer minimal bounce and they may impede movement, which can make sex more difficult for couples. That said, the foam adds traction, and it can help reduce noise.

The coil system provides a little extra bounce, so some couples may find it comfortable during sex. Others will likely sink too much and need a springier surface instead.


Many brand-new mattresses have a distinct odor when first unboxed. This scent is usually a result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While VOCs are not usually considered harmful, they can be bothersome for those who are sensitive to smell.

Foam in particular is known for producing a stronger off-gassing scent than other materials. Because of this, buyers can expect the Puffy Royal Hybrid to give off an odor when first airing out. However, this smell should dissipate within a few days.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Puffy Royal Hybrid

Sleeper Type

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

The Puffy Royal Hybrid performs particularly well for side sleepers. The memory foam layers offer contouring pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, and the pocketed coils form a deep cradle that helps promote spinal alignment.

The mattress is most suitable for side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. Although hybrid mattresses tend to provide the needed support for individuals over 230 pounds, these individuals may prefer a firmer and more supportive surface to help keep the spine properly aligned.

Back Sleepers

The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a strong choice for back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. For these individuals, the conforming comfort layers cradle the body, and the zoned transitional layer and pocketed coils help provide spinal support.

The bed may not be firm enough to adequately support back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds, particularly those over 230 pounds. These individuals may sink too deeply into the thick comfort layers, which can throw the spine out of alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses thick comfort layers to create a highly conforming surface with a medium firmness. Despite the supportive coil layer below, these plush layers may allow too much sagging for stomach sleepers, especially those who weigh more than 130 pounds.

Puffy Royal Mattress Review Breakdown

The Puffy Royal Hybrid’s top comfort layer consists of 1.5 inches of memory foam. The foam is infused with cooling gel beads, intended to draw heat away from the body. Beneath this layer is a second 1.5-inch layer of memory foam. With 3 inches of memory foam in total, the comfort layers conform closely to the sleeper’s body to provide plush pressure relief.

These top layers are followed by 2 inches of Puffy’s proprietary Climate Comfort polyfoam, which is engineered to increase airflow. The support core contains 6-inch pocketed coils that stabilize the mattress and provide edge support without creating too much motion transfer.

Compared to the other Puffy models, the major differentiator of the Puffy Royal Hybrid is the transitional layer of Cloud Air polyfoam. This layer has five zones that provide extra support in areas where the body tends to sink in. The zones are shaped by grooved cutouts, which have the added advantage of allowing more air to flow through the mattress.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid has a medium feel that rates a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The mattress has a 14-inch profile and comes with a stain-resistant polyester cover that can be removed for washing.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress


Medium -5

Mattress Type



The Puffy Royal Hybrid has four layers of memory foam and polyfoam, resting on a 6-inch pocketed coil system with a high-density polyfoam encasement.

Cover Material:

Stain-resistant Polyester

Comfort Layer:

1.5″ Gel-Infused Memory Foam
1.5″ Reflexive Memory Foam
2″ Climate Comfort Polyfoam
2″ Cloud Air Technology Polyfoam

Support Core:

6″ Pocketed Coils
1″ Firm Core Support Polyfoam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Many factors can contribute to a bed’s price, including the materials, size, construction, and how the bed is manufactured. The Royal Hybrid is priced higher than Puffy’s other models due to its taller profile and additional layer in its comfort system. The increased cost may be worthwhile for shoppers seeking advanced temperature regulation, zoned support, or a taller mattress profile.

The Royal Hybrid’s sticker price is considered above-average for a hybrid mattress.

SizesDimensionsHeight WeightPrice
Twin39″ x 75″14″58 lbs.$1,349
Twin XL39″ x 80″14″61 lbs.$1,449
Full54″ x 75″14″84 lbs.$2,199
Queen60″ x 80″14″94 lbs.$2,399
King76″ x 80″14″120 lbs.$2,699
California King72″ x 84″14″118 lbs.$2,699

Sleep Foundation Special Offer

$750 off mattresses and free luxury bundle ($600 worth of accessories – Puffy pillows, sheet set and protector) with every mattress order. A total savings of $1,350.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


All Puffy mattresses are available exclusively through the Puffy website. They are not sold through third-party online retailers or brick-and-mortar stores.


Each Puffy mattress comes with free standard shipping throughout all 50 states.

Puffy beds typically ship via FedEx within 2 to 5 business days from the order date. Each mattress is compressed, rolled, sealed in plastic, and packaged in a box for easier shipping. Buyers are responsible for maneuvering the bed into their home and installing it.

Additional Services

Puffy does not currently offer additional services such as White Glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

All Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial. Buyers are required to keep the bed for a minimum of 14 nights, and preferably 30 nights, to give their body enough time to adjust to the new sleep surface.

After the mandatory break-in period, customers can return the mattress for a full refund at any point during the sleep trial. Puffy will arrange for the bed to be picked up and donated at no cost to the customer. Shipping charges for Hawaii and Alaska are non-refundable.


The Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Puffy will repair or replace defective mattresses at no charge, as long as the mattress meets all of the warranty requirements.

To qualify for the warranty, the mattress must have always been used with an appropriate bed frame. The warranty does not cover comfort preferences or damage that is a result of abuse or misuse, such as burns or stains. Some of the covered defects include visible indentations greater than 1.5 inches and manufacturing defects in the cover or zipper. Additional conditions may apply.

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