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Price Range

$595 – $1,395

Mattress Type


Firmness Options:

Firm (7)



















Ideal For:

  1. People who tend to sleep hot
  2. Couples who want maximum sleep space
  3. Those sensitive to off-gassing odors
  4. Shoppers who value durability


  1. Pressure relief on the firm model may be inadequate for some sleepers
  2. Stomach sleepers over 230 pounds may experience deep sinkage on the medium feel
  3. Motion transfer is more obvious on the firm feel
  4. Side sleepers under 130 pounds might find the firm model too stiff

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The Element Pro Mattress is the newest model within Casper’s product line. The mattress is the company’s most affordable option and an excellent low-cost alternative to the Casper Original. The Element Pro features a more complex design than Casper’s original Element mattress, which is reflected in the slightly higher price tag. The mattress has an all-foam construction that’s significantly firmer than Casper’s flagship Original Mattress, making it a better option for sleepers who prefer strong support.

In addition to the Element Pro and Original, Casper also offers four hybrid mattresses. Sleepers who prefer the responsiveness of a hybrid can opt for the Nova Hybrid or the Wave Hybrid, which both have pocketed coil support cores and cooling-specific features.

We’ll take an in-depth look at how it performed during testing and explain who is best suited to the mattress based on sleeper type, weight, and lifestyle preferences. We’ll also cover the bed’s materials as well as its cost, durability, and company policies to help you determine if the mattress is the right fit for you.

Ratings Summary

Motion Isolation:
Temperature Control:
Pressure Relief:
Edge Support:
Ease of Movement:
Off Gassing:

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Though the mattress has above-average motion isolation, it’s not as successful at absorbing movement as other all-foam models. Memory foam that compresses easily traps movement, preventing it from transferring across the bed’s surface.

The Element Pro’s polyfoam and memory foam layers are designed to withstand significant weight before compressing. This is helpful for spinal alignment, but it also allows motion to move over the mattress’ surface instead of absorbing it.

While the foam construction does an adequate job of limiting motion transfer, our testers found that they could still feel when their partner moved in bed. People who are highly sensitive to their partner’s movements may want to consider a model that incorporates more memory foam.

Pressure Relief

The Element Pro’s combination of polyfoam and memory foam deliver comfortable pressure relief, particularly for sleepers over 130 pounds. Those below 130 pounds may find they don’t have enough body weight to compress the foam enough to prevent pressure points from forming.

The memory foam layer adapts to your body’s shape, cushioning pressure-prone areas and absorbing impact. Our testing team found that this model prevented their bodies from sinking into the mattress as well as aches.

Temperature Control

Our testers found that the Element Pro has very good temperature control, especially for an all-foam model. Mattresses that primarily consist of foam tend to sleep hot because heat becomes trapped within the foam’s structure. This model, however, combats heat retention with proprietary AirScape polyfoam.

The material features strategically placed perforations that allow air to move through the mattress. The enhanced air circulation ensures that hot sleepers won’t experience excessive heat buildup. The mattress is an excellent choice for all but the hottest sleepers, who should opt for a hybrid or innerspring model with additional cooling-specific technologies.

Edge Support

While the bed lacks perimeter reinforcement, the Element Pro’s edge support is on par with other all-foam mattresses. Our testers noticed some sagging when direct pressure was applied to the edges, though it wasn’t significant enough to affect the support level for most sleepers.

People who don’t sleep on the edges of their mattress should find this model comfortable. However, it lacks the robust perimeter reinforcement needed for people who struggle to get in and out of bed as well as those who prefer to use the entire mattress surface. Models with higher-density foam rails or coils at the sides may be a better choice for those looking for maximum edge support.

Ease of Movement

Our team of testers determined that the Element Pro was easy to move around on without being overly responsive. While it doesn’t have the bounce or resilience of a latex or innerspring mattress, the bed is a bit more reactive than other all-foam models that are designed to conform to the sleeper.

Although it’s easier to move on than comparable foam models, the Element Pro does hinder movement to some extent. People who prefer a model that’s easy to move across should look for a mattress with latex or coils.


When shopping for a mattress that performs well during sex, it’s important to consider ease of movement and edge support. Both factors allow couples to use the mattress’ entire surface without it sagging beneath their combined weight.

The Element Pro model allows couples to move freely, though they may notice some sinkage around the mattress’ perimeter. The bed is firm enough that sleepers can move atop the mattress without feeling trapped. Partners who enjoy a mattress with a bit more bounce should consider a model with springs or latex.


Most mattresses that contain foam release a chemical-like smell known as off-gassing. The Element Pro is no exception. After it’s unrolled, a foam mattress emits trace amounts of chemicals associated with the manufacturing process. While these odors are not considered harmful, those with respiratory issues may find the smells unpleasant.

Shoppers should unroll their new mattress in a room with plenty of ventilation and allow up to 24 hours before using. This should provide enough time for the chemical smell to dissipate.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Casper Element Pro

Sleeper Type

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

The best mattresses for side sleepers relieve pressure point buildup while still supporting spine alignment. The Element Pro achieves this balance for side sleepers who weigh above 130 pounds, though it’s most effective for those who weigh above 230 pounds. We found the bed was too firm for people under 130 pounds, who may benefit more from a memory foam mattress that cushions more beneath the hips and shoulders.

The Element Pro’s comfort system contains memory foam and polyfoam that adapt to the sleeper’s body shape, cradling pressure-prone areas without allowing too much compression. Hips and shoulders tend to cause the most discomfort for side sleepers, since most of their body weight rests in these areas. The foam absorbs impact, though its formulation is too firm to provide much cushioning for people who weigh less than 230 pounds.

Back Sleepers

The Element Pro is an excellent choice for back sleepers, especially those who weigh above 130 pounds. Its balance of support and pressure relief excels at cradling joints while maintaining spinal alignment — two important performance factors for back sleepers. While our testers under 130 pounds also enjoyed this model, they reported that they typically prefer a softer model.

A mattress lacking adequate support allows back sleepers’ midsections to sink into the mattress’ support core, which can lead to aches and pains. We found this model’s firm (7) feel keeps sleepers properly supported while still cushioning the lower back.

Stomach Sleepers

The Element Pro has the uncompromising support that most stomach sleepers prefer. A mattress that doesn’t adequately support stomach sleepers can lead to sagging beneath the midsection, causing the spine to bend into a U-shape. The mattress’ support core provides excellent structure that keeps stomach sleepers’ spines on an even plane.

During our performance testing, stomach sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds found this mattress the most comfortable. We found it was too soft for sleepers above 230 pounds, who would have preferred a firmer mattress.

Casper Element Pro Mattress Review Breakdown

The Casper Element Pro has three foam layers that make up the 10-inch profile. The all-foam mattress has a firm feel that ranks as a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The mattress has a streamlined construction that starts with a dual-layer comfort system. The topmost layer is crafted from AirScape polyfoam, which incorporates perforations intended to promote airflow and decrease heat retention. The layer provides cushioning while responding to each sleeper’s movements. A memory foam layer adapts to your body’s shape to alleviate pressure point buildup and absorb impact. Together, these layers create a comfortable surface that offers pressure relief, temperature regulation, and support.

A thick polyfoam support core forms an effective foundation. The durable design and robust structure help keep the comfort system anchored while providing strong support for sleepers. The mattress is designed to withstand years of use without excessive sinking or sagging.

The Element Pro has a stretchy fabric cover made from a blend of recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, polyester, rayon, and Lycra. With a 10-inch profile, the mattress is within the average height range and is compatible with most standard sheet sets.


Firm – 7

Mattress Type



The Casper Element Pro is a 10-inch all-foam mattress that has three layers. The proprietary AirScape polyfoam and memory foam comfort system sit atop a polyfoam support core.

Cover Material:

Recycled Polyester, Polyester, Upcycled Cotton, Rayon, and Lycra

Comfort Layer:

Polyfoam (AirScape)
Memory Foam

Support Core:


Mattress Prices and Sizing

The Element Pro is Casper’s most affordable mattress model. It features a relatively simple design that helps keep the price-point low despite its high-quality materials. Rather than adding expensive extras to keep sleepers cool, it uses innovative design elements to achieve the same effect without increasing costs. The Element Pro’s materials are very similar to the Casper Original’s, though the Element Pro lacks the zoned support system of the Original.

All-foam mattress prices vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and type of foam used in the construction. The Element Pro falls within the average price range for a high-end foam mattress and has an excellent value considering its above-average durability, lengthy sleep trial, and 10-year warranty.

Shoppers can purchase the Element Pro in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. The mattress is currently only available with a 10-inch profile option.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 37.5″ x 74.5″ 10″ 43 lbs. $595
Full 52.5″ x 74.5″ 10″ 57 lbs. $895
Queen 59.5″ x 79.5″ 10″ 69 lbs. $995
King 75.5″ x 79.5″ 10″ 88 lbs. $1,395

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Casper sells the Element Pro directly to shoppers through the company’s website. It’s also available through specific third-party vendors, including Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart.

Shipping is available to all 50 states and Canada for shoppers who purchase their mattress from Casper. Shoppers in Alaska and Hawaii as well as Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories will need to pay shipping fees. Those who buy the Element Pro from another retailer are subject to the company’s shipping policies.


Free shipping is available to people in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. Those in Alaska and Hawaii as well as Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories can still purchase the mattress, though they are responsible for shipping fees. UPS typically delivers mattresses within three to nine business days after the order is placed.

Each Element Pro Mattress arrives compressed in plastic and sealed in a box. No assembly is required. After being unrolled, the mattress will expand slowly until it reaches its full height.

Additional Services

Customers can opt for in-home delivery and setup at checkout for an additional fee. Casper’s team will reach out to customers to set up a delivery time. The team will bring the mattress inside, set it up, and remove the packaging. The service also includes old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

Casper includes a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-night mandatory break-in period with a purchase of the Element Pro. Those who would like to return or exchange their mattress can do so within the trial window.

To initiate a return, shoppers can contact Casper’s customer service team, who will arrange for a third party to pick up your mattress. The mattress will be donated or recycled. Mattresses must be in good condition to qualify for a return, and shoppers receive a full refund.

Those who want to exchange their mattress can follow the same steps. Casper will help shoppers order a new mattress.


The Element Pro carries a 10-year limited warranty that covers indentations deeper than 1 inch, cracks or splits related to physical flaws, and manufacturing defects in the zipper cover. Customers must use their mattress on a suitable foundation to qualify for the warranty.

The mattress’ warranty doesn’t extend to normal wear and tear, physical abuse or damage, or secondhand mattresses. Casper will replace the mattress or defective components at the company’s discretion.

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