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Withings is a French company specializing in smart devices, many of which are related to personal health. The brand’s product line includes scales, thermometers, and blood pressure monitors equipped with smart technology. In this review, we’ll focus on the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat. This device debuted in 2018, and is known as the Withings Sleep Analyzer outside the U.S.

The mat is ideal for anyone who wants a sleep tracker they don’t have to wear or physically touch. The device rests beneath your mattress. Built-in sensors track sleep cycles, heart rate, snoring, and other key metrics to help you improve your overall sleep quality. 

As with most sleep trackers we’ve tested, the Sleep Tracking Mat has a companion app that allows you to access your sleep data. Every morning, you’ll receive a sleep score based on the previous night’s metrics. You can also sync the device with your lights, thermostat, and other smart devices in your household through a Wi-Fi connection. The app is free and there’s no subscription required, so you’ll only pay a one-time fee for the mat itself. 

I tested the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat for three weeks and was quite impressed with its capabilities. Below, I’ll discuss my experience with the mat and how it performed.

What Does the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat Do?

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is designed to provide a holistic overview of your sleep patterns and identify potential problems. This is a dedicated sleep tracker, so you won’t be able to monitor your personal metrics for workouts and other daily activities. However, the Health Mate companion app has additional functions that enable daytime tracking.

The Sleep Tracking Pad monitors the following metrics:

  • Total sleep duration
  • Sleep onset, or the amount of time it takes to fall asleep
  • Waking instances during the night
  • Time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep stages
  • Respiratory rate and resting heart rate
  • Snoring and breathing disturbances

These data points are used to generate your daily sleep score, which is measured using a 100-point scale. 

The mat measures your metrics using two types of sensors. An air bladder in the mat’s core powers pneumatic sensors that monitor your breathing, heart rate, and physical movements during the night. Sound sensors track snoring, cessation of breathing, and other audible cues that indicate certain sleep patterns.

In order to work effectively, the mat must be placed under your mattress and positioned beneath your chest. The entire mat should be covered, with only the power cord extending past the edge of the mattress.

One thing I really enjoyed about the Sleep Tracking Mat is the complete lack of physical contact. I don’t necessarily mind wearing trackers to bed, but adjusting to sleeping with the mat was essentially a non-issue since I didn’t have to touch the device whatsoever. The mat is thin and lightweight, so placing it wasn’t cumbersome and it didn’t make my mattress feel uneven. 

Health Mate Companion App

You’ll need to download the Health Mate app to view your sleep data and daily sleep score. The app also allows you to create a sleep diary for documenting your sleep patterns and issues from night to night. As you set up the app, you create a personal profile that includes your weight and desired amount of nightly sleep.

Health Mate has additional functions, including:

  • Health and diet tracking: In the profile dashboard, you can make daily updates regarding your blood pressure, heart rate, and food intake. You may directly input your data for blood pressure and heart rate. For tracking your diet, you’ll need to download the MyFitnessPal app, which is also free and does not require a subscription.
  • Step counting: You can set step goals and, if successful, earn badges when you reach certain milestones. The app tracks your daily step count, an ongoing all-time step count, and the number of days you’ve surpassed your step goal. Your step goal is integrated into your personal profile. Please note you’ll need to download Google Fit or Samsung Health onto your phone in order to physically track your steps. 
  • Measurement tracking: As you create your personal profile, you’ll enter your current height and weight. This will automatically generate a body mass index (BMI) based on your measurements. As you continue to use the app, you can access weight and BMI trends over time. You can also share your measurements with other users. You don’t need Google Fit or Samsung Health to access these features.
  • Lifestyle coaching: The app features a rotating selection of lifestyle-oriented programs. These programs focus on subjects like diet and nutrition, guided meditation, and exercise. Most run for two to three weeks, and all are free to app users.

Home Automation

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is compatible with If This Then That (IFTTT), a home automation program that allows you to sync various devices throughout your household. IFTTT utilizes applications known as “applets,” which enable specific device synchronizations. The Sleep Tracking Mat can be programmed for dozens of applets. 

For example, you can set an applet that automatically turns off your bedroom lights when you get into bed, then turns them on in the morning. Another applet can adjust your bedroom thermostat to a specific temperature while you sleep.

To sync your mat with IFTTT, you’ll need to download the Health Mate app. Open the “Configure IFTTT” option to view compatible devices. Once you have synced your mat with different devices, tap “Allow this app” to finalize the process.

Sleep Foundation Special Offer

Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Withings products

Setting Up and Using the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is compatible with virtually any mattress sold today. You can also use the device with an adjustable bed. However, adjustable beds with vibrating massage functions may interfere with the mat’s sleep-tracking functions. The mat should rest completely beneath your mattress at chest level. If your bed frame is slatted, you should place cardboard beneath the mat to prevent it from falling through the gaps.

Since the mat does not contain a battery, you’ll need to plug the power cord into a wall outlet to use it. The lack of battery is both a pro and a con. You won’t need to worry about charging the device — a common drawback with competing sleep trackers — but the power cord also creates some limitations about where you’ll be able to use the mat. That said, the cord measures about 10 feet long, so most people can power the mat without using an extension cord.

Next, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of setting up and using the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat.

  • Compatibility: The Sleep Tracking Mat is compatible with any smartphone featuring an iOS 14 or Android 8.0 operating system, as well as newer phones. You can also pair the mat to the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 Gen, and Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.
  • Dimensions: The mat measures roughly 2 feet long and 7.5 inches wide. It weighs less than a pound, and the profile is 0.2 inch thick. 
  • Installation: Installing the Sleep Tracking Mat is a quick, straightforward process. This will activate the sensors, calibrate the mat, and allow you to pair the device with your phone. You can also add the device to your Wi-Fi network. Please note that the mat is designed to vibrate when calibrating, and this process can take up to 10 minutes.
  • Lighting: The built-in LED light will turn solid blue after the mat has been successfully paired to your phone. A solid red light indicates the mat cannot connect to the internet, flashing red means the inflation process has stopped (possibly due to a leak in the air bladder), and flashing purple means the device is not discoverable on Bluetooth. 
  • Weight capacity: The mat operates with up to roughly 440 pounds of compression. This is especially important to keep in mind if you sleep with a weighted blanket.
  • Cleaning: The cover can be removed and machine washed whenever a cleaning is needed. Do not tumble dry or iron the cover. You should wait until the fabric is completely dry before putting the cover back on.

Buying the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Lastly, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of ordering and purchasing the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat.


The mat costs $130. Withings gives you the option of ordering two mats, but the price is not discounted for bundle purchases.

Subscription Options

You do not need a subscription to use the Sleep Tracking Mat or Health Mate companion app. However, you may need a subscription for additional apps you download and use in tandem with the mat.

Trade-In Program

You can trade in old Apple Watch models and receive a discount on your purchase. The Series 6 model currently has the highest trade-in value, reducing your Series 7 purchase price by up to $150. SE, Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3 models can also be traded in for discounts.


You can buy the Sleep Tracking Mat directly from Withings, or make your purchase through Amazon.com. There is no price difference between these two options.


Withings offers worldwide shipping. North American orders of $49 or more qualify for free delivery, though customers in certain countries may need to pay import or custom fees.


You can return the mat within 30 days of the original delivery date. Withings issues a full refund for all returns within this period, and the company provides customers with a prepaid shipping label. Please note you’ll need this label to qualify for a full refund.


The Sleep Tracking Mat comes with a two-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat offers a cutting-edge design that monitors your metrics without coming into contact with your skin. This makes the device attractive if you dislike rings, watches, and other wearable sleep trackers. A thin profile ensures you won’t notice changes to your sleep surface’s comfort level, and the mat does not produce any disruptive noise.

There are more advanced sleep trackers on the market, and the lack of a battery means you’ll need an outlet nearby whenever you want to use the device. However, the Sleep Tracking Mat offers a lot of functionality for its affordable sticker price. The home automation options are a nice bonus, as well.

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