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Although it often passes under the radar, sleep might be the activity that couples spend the most time doing together. From luxury sheet sets to soothing essential oil diffusers, sleep gifts make an original and thoughtful choice that show your partner you are committed to their wellbeing and your relationship.

We share our top five picks for couple sleep gifts, as well as advice on how to choose a sleep gift that your significant other is sure to love.

In-Depth Reviews

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Partners with different temperature preferences

    2. Couples with a high-profile mattress

    3. Sleepers with sensitive skin

  • Highlights

    1. Available in five colors

    2. Machine-washable, with a pill-resistant weave

    3. Produced using sustainable manufacturing processes




100% viscose from bamboo



Cozy Earth specializes in sustainable bed and bath linens. Woven from soft bamboo viscose, the Cozy Earth Sheet Set is engineered to wick away moisture. This helps keep the sleep environment at a comfortable temperature, even if one person sleeps hot and the other tends to run cold.

The sheets are stain-resistant and machine-washable in cold water. They can be tumble dried and are designed to resist pilling. A closed-loop manufacturing process ensures the water is recycled and waste products are not released into the environment. Cozy Earth carries sustainable certification from the Forest Stewardship Council and OEKO-TEX.

Cozy Earth offers the Bamboo Sheets in a choice of five colors: white, light gray, driftwood, charcoal, and oat. The sheets are available in the standard sizes and split king. With each set, shoppers receive two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet designed for mattresses up to 20 inches thick. A bamboo duvet cover is sold separately.

Shoppers receive free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who want actionable insights into their sleep habits

    2. Individuals who prefer to avoid wearable technology

    3. People who often wake up feeling groggy

  • Highlights

    1. Smart alarm can wake sleepers during light sleep

    2. Individualized readings for each sleeper

    3. Compatible with Android, iPhone, Alexa, and Hey Google



Sleep Tracker Type

Non-wearable (under mattress)

Although Tempur-Pedic is best known for its memory foam mattresses, couples interested in improving their sleep may be drawn to the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker-AI Monitor. This device consists of two sensors to insert under the head of the mattress, one on each side. The sensors track each person’s sleep parameters to provide individualized feedback and recommendations for improving sleep quality.

Based on the data, the app provides information about sleep stages and offers the option of a smart alarm that can wake sleepers in the lightest stage of sleep to avoid grogginess upon waking. The sensors measure room temperature, humidity levels, and air purity. For those who sleep with pets, the sensors are programmed to ignore movement at the foot of the bed.

The information is accessible via a smartphone app, which is compatible with Android and iPhone. Sleepers can also connect the sensors to a smart home system such as Alexa or Hey Google to access voice-controlled options.

Each package contains two sensors, a processor, a smart cable, and a USB power adaptor. The equipment is designed to work with most bed setups. Users will need a power base to plug in the cable. Tempur-Pedic does not accept returns for the Sleeptracker-AI Monitor, but the company offers free shipping and a 1-year warranty.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Couples who need to block out external noises

    2. Families

    3. Households who want an easily accessible nightlight

  • Highlights

    1. More than 20 sound options including white noise and lullabies

    2. Headphone jack for individual use

    3. Night light with adjustable color and intensity



Wake Up Options

White and brown noise, lullabies, and nature sounds

The Yogasleep Dreamcenter is an all-in-one sound machine and nightlight. With its compact design, it fits easily on a bedside table or a desk. Users can program settings directly on the machine itself using the intuitive buttons.

The Dreamcenter has a total of 26 sound options, including sleep songs, nature sounds, and white or brown noise. The white and brown noise may be useful for muffling background noise for sleep, while the lullabies can be convenient for young children. For couples with differing preferences, Yogasleep includes a headphone jack so that one person can listen to sounds without disturbing their partner.

Sleepers can program the night light to different colors, adjust the volume, and use a timer to set sound options to play for 8 hours. For those who prefer not to leave the sound on overnight, the Dreamcenter timer can also be set to 45 or 90 minutes.

Yogasleep offers a 1-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial. The company also sells mattresses and bedding accessories. Orders over $40 qualify for free shipping.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People who have trouble unwinding and relaxing for sleep

    2. Shoppers on a budget

    3. Couples who want to add a new activity to their bedtime routine

  • Highlights

    1. Designed to run for 6 hours

    2. Automatic shut-off

    3. Lightweight and understated design



As Target’s home accessories brand, Project 62 offers a variety of cozy accessories, from cushions to rugs to dishware.

The Project 62 Speckled Oil Diffuser has an elegant black and tan design that pairs with most bedroom aesthetics. Couples who enjoy using essential oils can place this lightweight diffuser on their bedside table to relax together at the end of the day.

Engineered to run up to 6 hours, the Project 62 Speckled Oil Diffuser is an ultrasonic vibrated humidifier with a capacity for 200 millimeters of water. Users can choose from two mist modes, continuous or intermittent, and the unit has an automatic shut-off in case you fall asleep while using it.

The diffuser comes with an AC power adapter so it can plug into the wall with no need for batteries. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and Target offers a 365-day return policy.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. New couples or those with young children

    2. Those with a partner who snores or has a sleep disorder

    3. Anyone looking for thoughtful, creative solutions to couple sleep problems

  • Highlights

    1. Approachable language backed by data-driven insights

    2. Broad range of topics

    3. Activities to complete for each topic

Most research studies investigate how to improve sleep when sleeping alone, but sleep experts are starting to recognize that sleeping with a partner can make a significant difference to sleep quality. In Sharing the Covers, sleep expert Dr. Wendy Troxel explains why sleep is essential for physical health as well as the health of your relationship.

In an engaging and approachable manner, Dr. Troxel shares advice on how to enjoy the benefits of sleeping together while minimizing the drawbacks. Drawing from the latest advancements in sleep research, Dr. Troxel discusses sleep disorders, intimacy, sleep cycles, and when it might be better to sleep apart.

Through a combination of anecdotes, scientific research, quizzes, and other activities, the book walks readers through solutions for loaded topics like differing sleep schedules, children, snoring, or disagreements about the optimal bedroom environment.

Whether you are just starting a new relationship or looking for a way to address difficult topics with your significant other, this book might be a good way to start the conversation.

Our Tips for Buying Sleep Gifts for You and Your Partner

Sleep gifts for your significant other can range from practical to romantic. Couples who are just starting out may want to invest in a good pillow or a durable sheet set, whereas those already in long-term relationships may be able to identify gadgets or accessories that their partner needs for a better night’s sleep.

Invest in Quality Bedding

A good pillow, comforter, and sheet set are fundamental for sleep, and the holidays are a great opportunity to ensure your partner has the best products for their sleeping style. If you and your partner are happy with your existing setup, you may be able to take your sleep to the next level with a mattress topper or a weighted blanket.

Show You Care With Sleep Accessories

You can never go wrong with cozy slippers, a warm bathrobe, or a onesie. For the person who has everything already, consider personalizing your gift or choosing a theme that’s meaningful to your relationship.

Improve Your Partner’s Sleep Quality With Gadgets

From anti-snoring machines to smart sleep tracking technology, shoppers can find a wealth of options to help address sleep problems.

Leverage the Power of Scents and Sounds

If your loved one has trouble sleeping at night, an essential oil diffuser or white noise machine may help them drift off. Eye masks, earplugs, or headphones can also help your partner fall asleep by blocking out sounds or light.

Help Them Relax With Books and Apps

Give your partner a book on how to sleep better, a collection of short stories specifically designed to lull them to sleep, or a journal so they can record their dreams. For the technologically minded, a subscription to a meditation app may help complete the bedtime routine.

Shopping for Sheets

Investing in a comfortable set of sheets can contribute to a romantic bedroom environment and a good night’s sleep for you and your partner. Sheets are available in myriad styles, materials, and price-points, so shoppers are sure to find a set that suits both partners’ needs.

Hot sleepers may prefer cotton, linen, or Tencel sheets, while those in colder climates might prefer flannel. Polyester and microfiber sheets may be more cost-effective for those on a limited budget.

Shopping for Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are touted for their stress-relieving benefits, and they may be ideal for snuggling up together with your partner in the evening.

To help relieve anxiety while still allowing free movement under the blanket, experts generally recommend using a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 10% of the sleeper’s body weight. While weighted blankets are more commonly sold for individual use, experts suggest adhering to the same guidelines when purchasing a weighted blanket for couples.

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