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Key Takeaways
  • Winter blankets come in a variety of sizes and materials. To choose the best one for you, consider factors such as whether you intend to use it by itself or with other layers. A tendency to sleep hot or cold can also impact which design will be most comfortable.

As the weather gets colder, many sleepers like to switch to a heavier blanket. However, it can be tricky to find one that keeps you feeling cozy rather than overheated. Blankets made with materials like fleece, flannel, and wool, for example, are good for keeping you warm. But they may not be breathable enough for those who sleep hot.

Finding the right balance in terms of comfort and temperature will vary from person to person, but there are some general guidelines that can help you make a good choice that matches your sleep preferences.

We’ll discuss our picks for the best blankets for winter, taking into account important details like material quality and feel, workmanship, and design. We’ll also cover who each blanket may be best for, based on sleep habits, sleeping temperature, and preferred size and price-point.

Product Details

Product page photo of the Quince Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket

Best Overall

Quince Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket

Brand Logo




100% organic cotton


92″ x 96″ 96″ x 108″
  • Who it’s best for

    1. Couples who share bed coverings
    2. Sleepers with sensitive skin
    3. Shoppers looking for a blanket with a lengthy trial/return period
  • Highlights

    1. Buffing process elevates makes the blanket exceptionally soft
    2. Available in three colors and two sizes
    3. All shoppers receive a 365-night sleep trial with their order

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Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cozy, well-crafted covering to get you through the winter months, Quince’s Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket delivers the goods. The cotton fibers are buffed during production, and this process yields an exceptionally soft feel that’s easy on the skin.

The Quince Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket checks all of the important boxes you’re looking for in a winter blanket. Although the texture is somewhat fleecy, the cotton is buffed to raise and relax the fibers. This creates an exceptionally soft and smooth finish that can be particularly beneficial for sleepers with sensitive skin who experience irritation with coarser bedding materials.

You can choose from three neutral colors for your blanket. Tonal trim with a herringbone pattern adds to the timeless look. The blanket is also available in full/queen and king/California king sizes, both oversized to ensure plenty of coverage for you and your sleep partner. A fully machine-washable design makes the blanket easy to keep clean — simply wash in cold water with mild detergent, then tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Quince recommends laundering the blanket before your first use to prevent the fabric from “shedding” on your bed.

The Organic Cotton Fleece Blanket is competitively priced, and shipping is free of charge for all customers. Quince’s 365-night sleep trial is quite generous — most online bedding brands offer trials no longer than 30 nights — and you’ll receive a full refund for returns within this time frame, even if you’ve used and laundered the blanket.

product image of the The Company Store Company Plush Blanket

Best Value

The Company Store Company Plush Blanket

Brand Logo




100% polyester plush


66″ x 96″ 90″ x 96″ 108″ x 96″
  • Who it’s best for:

    1. People looking for a plush, oversized blanket
    2. Shoppers on a budget
    3. Those want a warm but breathable option
  • Highlights:

    1. Competitively priced
    2. Optional monogram add-on available
    3. Warm microfleece fabric with long fibers

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Bottom Line

The Company Store Company Plush Blanket is a warm winter blanket available at an affordable price-point. With 11 different color choices and optional monogramming, it’s a good choice for sleepers who want a comfortable, customizable blanket.

The Company Plush Blanket from The Company Store is an affordable option for those who want a plush winter blanket that can also be used throughout the year. The Company Plush Blanket is made with 100% polyester plush microfleece fabric that feels similar to velvet, but the individual fibers are longer, giving the blanket a fluffier feel. It comes in 11 different colors, so you can pick the option that best compliments your bedroom decor. 

This blanket weighs 530 grams per square meter (GSM), meaning it’s fairly heavy and will keep you warm in colder months. Despite its weight, it drapes well and is not so dense that it feels stiff. This gives it a good balance of warmth and breathability. 

Each of the Company Plush Blanket’s sides is hemmed to increase durability, and the oversized dimensions provide plenty of fabric to cover your entire bed. The Company Store offers this blanket in twin, full-queen, and king sizes. Pillow covers and throws are available separately if you want matching bedding. You can also add a personalized monogram for an additional fee.

The Company Plush Blanket should be washed with similar colors using cold water and tumble dried on low. Customers in the contiguous U.S. who spend $75 or more receive free shipping and returns within 90 days. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or any U.S. Territory will be charged a $30 shipping fee. Monogrammed items cannot be returned.

product image of the Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket

Best for Layering

Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket

Brand Logo




33% linen 67% cotton blend


90″ x 90″ 108″ x 90″
  • Who it’s best for:

    1. Those seeking a blanket for year-round use
    2. Those who want neutral color options
    3. Sleepers who prefer natural fibers
  • Highlights:

    1. Fabric that is light and airy
    2. Linen and cotton blend provides breathable warmth
    3. OEKO-TEX certified free of common harmful chemicals

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Bottom Line

The Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket is a breathable, lightweight blanket that works well for layering during the colder months. The natural cotton and linen blend fabric has a gauzy, crinkled texture that can complement a variety of bedding.

The Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket from Parachute is ideal for providing an extra layer of warmth in the winter. Its 33% linen and 67% cotton blend fabric is woven into a four-ply gauze that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The material gives the blanket a very lightweight and airy feel that’s both comfortable and breathable. It’s also garment washed, which gives it extra softness and an elegant crinkled look. 

This blanket may be too light for use as a standalone blanket in the winter, but it works well as another layer for colder nights. The cotton and linen blend insulates effectively while wicking excess heat and moisture away from your body, making it a great choice for hot sleepers. The blanket is available in neutral colors that are designed to match many different bedding styles. 

The Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket is available in full/queen and king/California king sizes. It is also available as a smaller throw blanket. Both versions are machine-washable. Shipping is free to all 50 states, and free returns are available for 60 days after purchase. 

product image of the Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket

Best Weighted Blanket

Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket

Brand Logo




Minky, lyocell from bamboo


42″ x 56″ 54″ x 72″ 60″ x 80″
  • Who it’s best for:

    1. Shoppers seeking an insulating weighted blanket
    2. Kids, teens, and adults weighing 80 pounds or more
    3. Those who want a weighted blanket that’s easy to wash
  • Highlights:

    1. Three different fabric choices
    2. Three weight options
    3. Small glass beads produce minimal noise

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Bottom Line

The highly customizable Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket has a dual-fabric design that provides sleepers with both a silky side and a plush side. It also comes in kid-friendly sizes, various weights, and several colors.

Weighted blankets offer a hug-like sensation that many sleepers find comforting and calming. The Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket has a unique design that lets sleepers customize their blanket’s weight and fabric options. This blanket offers versatility at a comparatively affordable price-point, making it worth considering for those considering a weighted blanket for the winter. 

There are two fabric options: a smooth lyocell made from bamboo and a plush minky fabric. You can also opt for a combination blanket that has lyocell on one side and minky fabric on the other. Choose the lyocell fabric if you prefer a breathable blanket, or opt for the minky fabric if you want added insulation. The dual-sided blanket provides the option of flipping the blanket over to your preferred side.

All three fabric options are quilted and use a 1-millimeter glass bead fill. The blanket is designed to keep the fill from migrating from one side of the blanket to the other, and the small glass beads add weight without making too much noise. 

Generally speaking, a weighted blanket should add up to no more than about 10 percent of your total body weight. Because of this, Luxome offers the Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket in three different sizes, which makes it accessible for a variety of sleepers. The small size weighs 8 pounds and fits a twin bed. The medium size weighs 16 pounds and can fit a twin or full bed. The large size weighs 18 pounds and can fit a full, queen, or king bed.

There are seven different color choices, each of which is machine-washable. The blanket is Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, meaning it has been tested and certified free of many common harmful substances. It also comes with a carrying tote. Free shipping and 30-day returns are available to shoppers in the contiguous U.S.

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What Materials Are Best for a Winter Blanket? 

The best blankets for winter consist of materials that insulate well to prevent body heat from escaping. A variety of materials have these properties, and a sleeper’s personal preferences determine which suits them best. 

We’ll explain the most common fabrics used in winter blankets. However, sleepers should note that winter blankets use many different materials and often incorporate blends, so this list is not exhaustive. 


This natural material is durable and highly insulating. At the same time, it has moisture-wicking properties to keep sleepers dry. It’s also breathable, which means it helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. However, wool is usually more expensive and difficult to clean. Some sleepers might also find the material scratchy.


Fleece is a lightweight, fuzzy synthetic material typically made of polyester. It’s easy to care for and generally more affordable than natural materials. Like wool, it lets moisture pass through easily. While some fleece blankets are breathable, synthetic materials rarely allow as much airflow as wool. Some sleepers might find that the material irritates their skin. 


Made from thin synthetic fibers, such as polyester, microfiber winter blankets are usually lightweight and budget-friendly. Some microfiber blankets have a similar softness to fleece, while others feature a smoother feel. Microfiber blankets also tend to be more breathable than fleece due to their thin fibers. 


Blankets made from this synthetic material are traditionally warm, easy to maintain, and affordable. Often, manufacturers blend polyester with another component, such as cotton, to enhance the softness and breathability. While shoppers should note that mild static electricity occasionally builds up in polyester blankets, eco-conscious shoppers might opt to avoid polyester products entirely because they stem from finite petroleum reserves. 

How to Choose a Blanket for Winter

Sleepers should consider their personal preferences, sleeping situation, and climate when choosing a winter blanket.

Many companies make misleading statements to imply that their blankets are ideal for all sleepers. Since the perfect bedding varies between individuals, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences when deciding which blanket is right for you. We suggest you ignore the marketing claims and focus on the following aspects in relation to your specific needs. 


The material plays a major role in the feel, warmth, and weight of a blanket. The best materials for winter blankets provide high-quality insulation and help regulate body temperature. Sometimes, blending materials can help mitigate potential drawbacks. For instance, some polyester blankets incorporate cotton to add breathability and softness. 


A blanket’s weave refers to the interlacing pattern of the threads. The type of weave affects a blanket’s look, feel, and level of insulation. For example, a twill weave usually creates a more textured appearance and a heavier blanket. Most winter blankets use tighter weaves to prevent body heat from escaping.


A blanket’s feel refers to the consistency of the fabric against your skin. Some sleepers like the soft, plush sensation of fleece, while others prefer something with more texture, like a waffle weave or quilting. The feel can also include how heavy the blanket is when draped over the sleeper. Winter blankets come in a wide array of textures and weights to suit different sleeper needs and preferences. 


Prices of blankets usually reflect the design, construction, and materials. In general, blankets made from synthetic materials cost less than those made from natural fibers. Bedding made with organic or sustainable materials generally carries a higher price-point. 


Winter blankets are available in many sizes. Most shoppers choose the size that corresponds with their mattress, though those with an exceptionally thick mattress model may size up depending on how much they want the blanket to drape over the edges. For couches and chairs, consider choosing a throw blanket. 


Many sleepers want a blanket that matches their decor or expresses their aesthetic. Polyester, fleece, and microfiber blankets come in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. Wool blankets also frequently have woven patterns. 

Ease of Care

The material of the blanket and the quality of the construction determine how easy it is to wash and dry. Most polyester, fleece, and microfiber blankets are machine-washable and dryable. Wool blankets typically need more gentle care. They are not consistently machine-washable, and they usually require air drying. Read the care instructions on the blanket before purchasing to make sure they’re in line with your expectations. 

Maintaining a comfortable temperature at night plays a large role in getting a good night’s sleep, so choosing the right winter blanket is crucial. We’ll answer some of the most common questions sleepers ask when shopping for winter blankets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fabric keeps you warmest in winter?

Wool is widely considered the warmest material for winter blankets. Small air pockets within its fibers help heat circulate to warm the sleeper’s body. Wool’s porous fibers also trap water molecules, which means the material is excellent at wicking away moisture without feeling wet to the touch. This helps keep sleepers who sweat dry so they don’t end up with cold, damp bedding. Those looking for even more warmth from their winter blanket may want to consider an electric blanket or a heated mattress pad

Are winter blankets expensive?

Prices for winter blankets range from around $40 to well over $300. Winter blankets tend to cost more than summer blankets because they require more fabric to keep the sleeper warm. The cost depends on the materials used and the construction of the blanket. Usually, synthetic fabrics are less expensive, while natural and organic fibers cost more.

Is a thicker blanket warmer?

Thicker blankets are not necessarily warmer. The level of insulation depends more on the materials and construction than the thickness. For example, a wool blanket may be thinner than a cotton blanket but still provide more warmth because of the material’s exceptional insulation. In some cases, extra layers of fabric provide more insulation, but thickness should not be the sole criterion by which you judge a blanket’s warmth.

Is fleece or wool warmer?

Fleece aims to mimic the insulating and moisture-wicking abilities of wool, but fleece does not quite match wool’s natural warmth. That said, some shoppers prefer fleece for its softness, ease of cleaning, and budget-friendly price-point.

What material is not ideal for a winter blanket?

In general, lightweight materials without insulating properties are not ideal for winter blankets. Materials like rayon and cotton allow heat to dissipate, so they aren’t common on their own in winter blankets. However, many winter blankets combine them with other materials to balance insulation and softness.

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