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Narcolepsy symptoms may cause substantial complications in relationships and family life. Often people with narcolepsy go undiagnosed for many years, and after receiving a diagnosis, it can still take time to understand and manage symptoms. Friends, family, and co-workers as well as school teachers, school nurses and school administrators, need resources about the disorder in order to offer understanding and support.

People with narcolepsy can feel very foggy or “out of it” during the day, and have trouble focusing and staying awake. This can make it hard to hold a conversation, anxiety in daily life. Romantic relationships may be strained by sleepiness and trouble paying attention, or avoidance of emotions because they trigger episodes of cataplexy.

All of these factors make it very important to learn more about the disorder and seek treatment. Even though narcolepsy can be debilitating, with help most people with the disorder can lead full and productive lives.