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Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket

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Fill material:

Organic cotton yarns, spandex

Shell material:

100% organic cotton yarn

Weight options:

20 lbs.

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Purple launched in 2013 when brothers Tony and Terry Pearce set out to make affordable, high-quality mattresses by using their combined knowledge of materials, manufacturing, and design. Currently, the company offers a variety of mattresses, pillows, cushions, and other sleep products.

This review focuses on the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket, a collaboration with weighted blanket company Bearaby. Purple previously collaborated with Gravity for a weighted blanket, but this item is no longer available.

This blanket weighs 20 pounds. Unlike most weighted blankets sold today, which feature weighted glass or pellets encased in a fabric cover, the Purple + Bearaby is constructed using organic cotton yarns in an open knit. The yarns are coated in elastane to supply the weight. The blanket’s open design promotes airflow, allowing it to sleep cool while still providing the soothing “body-hug” most people associated with weighted blankets.

We’ll examine the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket and discuss its materials, rate its performance, cover ordering policies, and help you decide if it is the right weighted blanket option for you.

Purple Weighted Blanket Review Breakdown

Weighted blankets have grown in popularity in recent years because of their potential positive effects on sleep health. For some sleepers, weighted blankets can help with anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions that affect sleep, leading to better sleep quality and a boost in mood and focus. The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket offers several features that could help improve sleep depending on the your preferences for weight and temperature.

While many weighted blankets are filled with plastic pellets, the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket features organic cotton yarns in a chunky, open knit. The added airflow reduces the potential for overheating without sacrificing heft.

The blanket is exclusively sold in a weigh of 20 pounds. Using the general “10% rule,” this makes the blanket best suited to people who weigh between 180 and 220 pounds. It measures 45 inches wide and 72 inches long.

Overall, this blanket is ideal for a shopper who wants a soft, hefty blanket that sleeps cooler than the competition.

Materials and Options

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket comes in one size and has only one weight option. The blanket measures 45 inches by 72 inches. Weighing 20 pounds, the blanket should be ideal for people in the range of 180 to 220 pounds. The open-knit design does not use beads or pellets, so weight distribution won’t be an issue. The yarns are weighted with an elastane coating.

ProductWeight OptionsFill MaterialShell MaterialDimensions
Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket20 lbs.Organic cotton yarnsOrganic cotton yarns with elastane coating45” x 72”

Pricing Information

Typically, weighted blankets fall into the price range of $100 to $300. The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket falls on the higher end of this range, which is in line with many competing models with a similar size and weight.

Generally, larger blankets with durable, heavier materials will cost more than weighted blankets that are smaller and lighter. Because the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket involves organic cotton yarns coated in elastane and knit in an open structure, it costs more to produce.

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket’s yarns are highly durable, so it could be a worthwhile investment for long-term us, as opposed to a more inexpensive option that may not last as long. The open-knit design is ideal for hot or humid weather – but by the same token, insulation is fair at best.

Purple Weighted Blanket Pricing

Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket$259

Weighted Blanket Performance Ratings

When searching for a weighted blanket, consumers should consider key performance factors, such as fill quality, weight options, durability, and more. Your personal preferences and sleep needs can help you find which weighted blanket is best for you.

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket rates well in several performance categories. This is largely due to its unconventional design, which forgoes beads and pellets encased in fabric for a chunky, open-knit with an elastane coating to create the weighted effect. The yarns are durable yet soft, and the blanket’s structure allows for plenty of airflow. As an added perk for owners, the blanket is fully machine-washable.

There are some drawbacks to the blanket. One is lack of insulation. Just as the blanket promotes circulation and sleeps cooler than more traditional weighted coverings, the added airflow make you feel too cold on chilly nights. Additionally, only one weight is available. This will be limiting for people who fall outside the range of 180 to 220 pounds.

Quality of Fill

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket does not contain any glass or plastic beads/pellets. The blanket is constructed with layers of chunky, high-quality organic cotton yarn.

Quality of Shell

The blanket’s exterior is composed of chunky, elastane-weighted organic cotton yarns. The blanket features an open knit, and does not have a shell or cover of any kind.

Temperature Control

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket is very breathable thanks to an open-knit design that promotes airflow. This makes it well-suited to hot or humid nights. However, since there is no shell or encasement, the blanket does not provide much insulation.

Weight Options

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket is exclusively sold in a 20-lb. weight. This single selection is suitable for many sleepers but still limiting, and people outside the range of 180 to 220 pounds may need to look elsewhere.

Distribution of Fill

The blanket gets it weight from an elastane coating over the yarns, rather than beads or pellets. Shifting and clumping is a non-issue, resulting in excellent distribution.


The yarns are fibrous and resilient, so the blanket should have a longer-than-average lifespan.

How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

Generally, a weighted blanket should weigh around 10% of a sleeper’s body weight. Some sleepers may prefer a heavier option that provides more pressure, while others might lean toward a lighter blanket that allows more movement.

The Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket weighs 20 pounds. Since the blanket measures 45 inches wide, it is best suited for single sleepers. Couples can rotate the blanket lengthwise if they don’t mind leaving their feet uncovered.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Purple will ship to all 50 states and Canada.

You can purchase Purple products on their website, at their brick-and-mortar store in Lehi, UT, or through retail partners like Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s.


Most orders ship within 3 to 5 days. Customers located in the contiguous United States can take advantage of free shipping. There will be additional shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii that are calculated at checkout. A tote bag is included with each purchase.


Purple has a 30-day return policy that offers a full refund of the purchase price if customers aren't satisfied with the blanket. The product must be in its original packaging, undamaged, and clean. The customer pays for return shipping.


Purple does not offer a warranty for the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket. If the product is damaged or defective, customers can contact Purple's customer service within 30 days for a possible refund or exchange. Purple requests a description and a photo of the damage in the refund or exchange request.

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