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3B Luna II Auto CPAP Machine

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28 dBA

Ideal For:

  1. People who prefer pressure levels that automatically adjust to their breathing patterns, rather than following a fixed level
  2. Those who find it easier to fall asleep with ramp settings
  3. Individuals who want to use a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to share data with their physician


  1. The device is not compatible with heated tubing
  2. The machine automatically starts once breathing is detected
  3. At 28 decibels (dBA), the machine is noisier than some competing APAP machines

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3B Medical is a leading manufacturer of positive air pressure (PAP) devices, and the Luna II Auto CPAP Machine is one of the brand’s most advanced models. As an automatic positive air pressure (APAP) machine, the Luna II adjusts pressure levels based on your breathing patterns. 

The machine features a heated humidifier, lengthy ramp time, pressure relief during exhalation, and a Wi-Fi and cellular connection for sharing compliance data with your doctor. Other Luna products include standard continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) and bi-level positive air pressure (BiPAP or BPAP) machines.

We’ll cover the device’s functionality, features, and pricing to help you decide if this machine is right for you.

3B Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Review Breakdown

The Luna II is an APAP machine that automatically adjusts pressure levels based on the pattern of your breathing. This differs from standard CPAP machines, which maintain a fixed pressure level throughout the night and BiPAP machines that deliver pressure at different levels for inhalations and exhalations but otherwise don’t change. Many people prefer APAP therapy because breathing in and out can be difficult or uncomfortable at the same pressure level. 

APAP devices treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by promoting airflow throughout your breathing passages. OSA occurs due to a physical obstruction in your airway, so extra circulation can help prevent heavy snoring, gasping, choking, and other symptoms people experience with this sleep condition. 

The Luna II comes equipped with an integrated humidifier, Wi-Fi and cellular connections, and an LCD interface that enables QR code access to sleep data. You’ll need to purchase a face mask separately, but all other accessories needed for APAP therapy are included with your order.

What’s Included

The Luna II is designed to alleviate OSA symptoms while allowing you to sleep comfortably. The integrated humidifier is heated to prevent dry mouth and congestion, but the tubing is not heated. The machine includes several key components with your purchase.

PAP TypeComponents
  • Luna II Auto CPAP Machine with integrated humidifier

  • Connective tubing

  • Air filter

  • Power supply and cable
  • Product Features

    The Luna II has several features intended to promote comfortable breathing. These include a 60-minute auto ramp that gradually increases pressure to help you fall asleep, expository relief to reduce pressure when you exhale, and an audible alert if your mask loses its seal over your mouth and/or nose.

    The device is also high tech in terms of viewing and reporting sleep data. A QR code on the display allows you to access and send data to your doctor through a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

  • Ramp allows you to gradually increase pressure to prescribed levels for up to 60 minutes after turning on the machine

  • Reslex Expository Pressure Relief reduces pressure to help you exhale more comfortably

  • The device automatically starts after breathing is detected in your face mask

  • The machine emits a beeping sound if an air leak is detected

  • LCD display makes interface easy to read
  • Sizing and Pricing

    Measuring about 11 inches long and 7 inches wide, the Luna II’s area dimensions are akin to those of a letter size sheet of paper. A flat base allows the machine to rest on any flat surface, though it may take up a fair amount of space depending on the size of your nightstand. Additionally, the Luna II measures roughly 4.5 inches thick and weighs 4 pounds.

    Size Comparison:

    • Travel: The Luna II is larger than most PAP devices specifically designed for travel. That said, the machine is still fairly portable and shouldn’t take up too much space. You’ll need to completely drain the humidifier before storing the device in your luggage since the water chamber is not sealed.
    • Standard: The Luna II is slightly larger than average compared to other standard CPAP machines. This is due in part to the integrated humidifier. Shoppers should keep this in mind when deciding where to place the device in their bedroom. The Luna G3’s size is on par with other CPAP machines featuring built-in humidifiers, which significantly add to a device’s surface area and weight. Most nightstands should provide adequate space for the machine.

    3B Luna II Auto CPAP

    10.8” x 7.2”  x 4.5”4 lbs.$1,039

    Device Performance

    • Noise level: The Luna II produces up to 28 decibels of noise while in use. Comparatively, many competing APAP machines max out at 26 to 27 decibels, making the Luna II slightly louder than average.
    • Ease of use: The device is user-friendly. Although the interface is somewhat small, an LCD display makes it easy to read. You can access sleep data by scanning a QR code. Wi-Fi and cellular connections also allow you to report your compliance data quickly and easily.
    • Portability: The Luna II is larger than many competing devices, but shouldn’t be too bulky or heavy for travel. You can remove the humidifier to make the machine smaller for easier storage.
    • Pressure settings: The Luna II offers pressure levels of 4 to 20 centimeters of water (cm H2O). This is a standard pressure range for PAP machines. Since this is an APAP device, it automatically adjusts pressure levels based on your breathing patterns throughout the night.
    • Air-temperature control: Thanks to the heated humidifier, the Luna II delivers warm air through the connective tubing and into your face mask. An increased temperature helps you breathe more easily and prevents dry mouth, sore throat, and other symptoms of congestion.
    • Humidity control: The Luna II’s integrated humidifier helps reduce condensation and rainout in your tubing. However, the tubing itself is not heated. This means the device provides lower humidity control compared to devices with heated tubing.
    • Compatibility: The machine is compatible with any full-face, nasal, or nasal pillow face mask on the market today. You cannot use heated tubing with the Luna II.
    • Maintenance: Like other PAP devices with humidifiers, users need to clean the Luna II’s water chamber on a regular basis. Using distilled water prevents mineral buildup in the reservoir. After scrubbing the tank, you should let it air dry until all moisture is gone.

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    Trial, Warranty and Shipping Policies


    The Luna II is available through 3B Medical and third-party retailers specializing in PAP devices. A doctor’s prescription is required to purchase the machine. The Luna II is exclusively intended for people who have been diagnosed with OSA and have received approval from their physician to use a PAP device.


    Shipping availability depends on the seller, but customers in all 50 states should be able to find a retailer that delivers to their residence. Shipping fees and wait times also vary. The Luna II arrives fully assembled.

    Sleep Trial

    Some sellers allow you to return the Luna II within a certain time frame as long as the device is in new and unused condition. However, you won’t be able to receive a refund if you have used the machine.


    3B Medical’s warranty for the Luna II covers workmanship defects for up to two years after the purchase date. You can register your device online through 3B Medical’s website.

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