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OkiFlex Mattress Review

Lauren Fountain

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OkiOki OkiFlex Mattress

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The OkiFlex Mattress is one of two hybrid mattresses sold by OkiOki. The company sells four mattress models: the OkiFlex, the OkiEasy, the OkiSoft, and the OkiFirm. The OkiFlex and OkiEasy are both coil and foam hybrids. The OkiSoft and OkiFirm beds are both memory foam mattresses.

All four OkiOki Mattresses are priced identically. Aside from construction materials, the primary differentiating factor among the mattresses is firmness. Of the memory foam beds, the OkiSoft (medium) rates softer than the OkiFirm (firm). Of the hybrid beds, the OkiEasy (medium-firm) rates softer than the OkiFlex (firm).

The OkiFlex Mattress features a layer of graphite-infused memory foam, a transition polyfoam layer, pocketed coils, and a small amount of base polyfoam. Together, these layers provide sleepers a firm yet pressure-relieving feel.

OkiOki offers an unusually generous 365-night sleep trial, which means customers can return their mattress at any point within the first year after purchase. The OkiOki Mattresses are sold at below-average price-points, making them more affordable to more customers.

This guide focuses on how the OkiFlex Mattress performs for people of different weight groups and sleep position preferences. The guide also contains information about OkiOki’s sleep trial, warranty, shipping, and return policies.

Price Range

$340 - $750
Mattress Type


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Soft Medium
Medium Medium
Firm Very


Extremely Soft
Very Soft
Medium Soft
Medium Firm
Very Firm
Extremely Firm

Ideal for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds
  • Sleepers who prefer a firmer bed
  • Customers looking for a value mattress
  • Sleepers who enjoy a responsive mattress


  • Side sleepers weighing under 130 pounds might find that this mattress feels too firm.
Motion Isolation
Ease of Movement
Temperature Control
Pressure Relief
Edge Support

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The OkiFlex isolates motion well due to its memory foam comfort layer and the foam-encasement surrounding its pocketed coils. Most sleepers will not be bothered by motion transferring across the surface of the mattress when a sleep partner moves around or gets in or out of bed.

All-foam mattresses tend to isolate motion even better than hybrid mattresses that contain foam comfort layers, such as the OkiFlex. Sleepers who are hyper-sensitive to motion on the mattress might want to opt for a memory foam mattress instead.

Innerspring mattresses isolate the least motion because their coils are all connected to each other, unlike pocketed coils. Hybrids such as the OkiFlex transfer less motion than most innerspring beds do.

Pressure Relief

Although the OkiFlex is predominantly a responsive mattress, it also provides adequate pressure relief to most sleepers. Most sleepers, especially those weighing over 130 pounds, will not develop pressure points while lying on this mattress. The transition layer helps promote spinal alignment and uniform support, so sleepers don’t sink too far into the mattress and experience pressure.

Sleepers wanting even more pressure relief or a more conforming feel might want to opt for one of the other OkiOki Mattresses. The OkiEasy is another responsive hybrid, but it’s softer than the OkiFlex. The OkiSoft is also softer than the OkiFlex. Since the OkiSoft is an all-foam memory foam mattress, it “hugs” the body more and provides a different sensation than the OkiFlex does.

Temperature Control

Most sleepers won’t sleep hot on the OkiFlex Mattress. Although the bed contains memory foam, which tends to trap heat, OkiOki took precautions to help the mattress sleep cool. Its memory foam layer contains air holes and is infused with graphite, both of which can promote coolness.

Hybrid mattresses generally sleep cooler than all-foam beds. Foam layers don’t allow for much airflow, and memory foam is known for trapping heat. Pocketed coil layers allow for more airflow because of the space within them. The foam encasement around the pocketed coils does limit airflow somewhat, however.

Sleepers who sleep extremely hot and want an even cooler mattress might want to consider an innerspring bed or a hybrid that doesn’t contain memory foam. Innerspring mattresses tend to be the most cooling since their spring layers contain a lot of open space allow for the most airflow.

Edge Support

The OkiFlex Mattress has firm edges, primarily because of its overall firmness level. Both the pocketed coil layer and transition polyfoam layer contribute to strong edge support.

Edge support is important because it allows for full use of the surface of the bed. When edges are weak, sleepers feel at risk of rolling off the bed when sitting or sleeping on the edge of the mattress.

Weak edge support can also make sex riskier or more difficult. With weak edges, not all positions and movements are possible without the potential of buckling edges.

Ease of Movement

Since the OkiFlex Mattress is mostly responsive and doesn’t conform much to the body, movement on the mattress is fairly easy. Most sleepers do not feel stuck when trying to roll over. Couples are able to change positions easily during sex.

Movement on the OkiFlex isn’t as easy as it would be on an innerspring mattress that doesn’t contain memory foam, however. Although sleepers do not sink deeply into the OkiFlex and feel little “hug,” there is a bit of conforming that occurs with the memory foam comfort layer. As a result, sleepers trying to roll over or get off the bed will feel a tiny bit more resistance than those on a bed that doesn’t contain any memory foam.


The OkiFlex rates relatively well in terms of sex because of its strong edges, ease of movement, and low noise. Strong edge support allows for full use of the bed and reduces the risk of someone falling off the edge of the bed.

Since the OkiFlex feels responsive, it provides a springiness or “bounce” in response to movement. This springiness makes movement easier, which can be useful for sex. More conforming memory foam mattresses tend to absorb and inhibit movement, which can create awkwardness during sex.

Finally, the OkiFlex is relatively quiet. Although it’s not a completely silent mattress, the individually encased pocketed coils will not squeak or creak loudly during sex.


The OkiFlex Mattress off-gasses an average amount. Customers should expect to smell a moderate odor upon opening the mattress. As the mattress expands, the odor will dissipate. The smell will become more faint and then undetectable within the first few days after unboxing.

Off-gassing refers to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) releasing from newly manufactured products into the air. These VOCs have a slight chemical smell. Memory foam is the mattress material most associated with off-gassing.

Since the OkiFlex has a pocketed coil layer, it allows a bit more airflow than all-foam mattresses. The pocketed coils are encased in polyfoam, however, so the OkiFlex doesn’t finish off-gassing as quickly as some hybrid and innerspring beds.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

OkiFlex Mattress

Sleeper Type Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230 lbs
Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers: Some side sleepers, particularly those weighing over 130 pounds, find comfort on the OkiFlex Mattress. The transition layer helps promote spinal alignment for side sleepers. This layer allows the heavier hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress more deeply while still supporting the abdomen.

That said, OkiOki specifies that the OkiFlex bed performs best for stomach and back sleepers. Generally, stomach and back sleepers require firmer mattresses since they are capable of adequately supporting the body in those positions. Some side sleepers might prefer a mattress specifically designed for their needs.

Side sleepers weighing under 130 pounds tend to find the OkiFlex feels too firm. In this group, lying on the mattress could lead to the development of pressure points. When a side sleeper lies on a mattress that is too firm for their body, they tend to experience pressure in their neck and lower back.

Back Sleepers: All back sleepers find comfort in the OkiFlex, but back sleepers weighing over 130 pounds enjoy the mattress the most. This group finds adequate lumbar support in the bed. They experience pressure relief and a nice mixture of comfort and support.

The OkiFlex Mattress is specifically marketed as being ideal for back sleepers. Its firmer feel provides lumbar support to back sleepers of all weights. On the OkiOki website, many reviewers have commented that they experience less back pain as a result of sleeping on this mattress.

When a mattress is too soft, back sleepers tend to experience pressure and discomfort in the lower back. A firmer mattress helps keep the back from arching too much and prevents the lower body from sinking in too deeply to the support core.

Stomach Sleepers: The OkiFlex provides excellent support to stomach sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. This group of sleepers find that the firmness of the bed helps them to maintain spinal alignment. Softer mattresses tend to allow stomach sleepers’ bodies to sink in more deeply, which can put strain on the neck and cause discomfort.

Stomach sleepers of all weights find comfort in the OkiFlex Mattress. OkiOki markets this bed as one that’s specifically made for stomach and back sleepers due to its increased firmness level.

Some heavier stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds might want an even firmer mattress to help them feel more supported. Most stomach sleepers will find the firmness level of the OkiFlex adequate, however. Personal preferences about a mattress’s firmness or softness also factor into whether or not a sleeper enjoys the OkiFlex Mattress.

OkiFlex Mattress Review Breakdown

The OkiFlex Mattress is a hybrid mattress featuring foam and coil layers. The bed measures firm, or 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The coil layer gives the OkiFlex a more responsive feel. Although it contains memory foam, the bed doesn’t “hug” the body as much as other memory foam beds.

A comfort layer, transitional layer, and two support layers make up the OkiFlex Mattress, which measures 11 inches thick. Eleven inches is an average mattress profile, so customers can use standard sheet sets with this bed.

The comfort layer is made of two inches of graphite-infused memory foam. Memory foam softens up this firm mattress, and graphite helps the bed sleep cooler. The memory foam layer also contains air holes to promote temperature neutrality.

Two-and-a-half inches of polyfoam sit below the memory foam and act as a transitional layer. Transition layers provide both comfort and support and help keep sleepers from sinking down to the firm support core. Transition layers also allow heavier parts of the body to sink into the mattress more deeply, while holding up lighter parts of the body to maintain spinal alignment.

The OkiFlex’s support core consists of 5.5 inches of pocketed coils above 1 inch of polyfoam. Pocketed coils are individually encased, so one can be pressed down without automatically contracting the coils around it. For this reason, pocketed coils are better than innerspring layers are when it comes to isolating motion.

Customers only have one option when purchasing the OkiFlex, and that is the 11-inch tall, firm mattress. If customers prefer a softer hybrid mattress, they can turn to the OkiEasy. The OkiEasy features identical construction to the OkiFlex, but its memory foam layer is softer. The OkiEasy rates 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale compared to the OkiFlex’s 7 out of 10.


Mattress Type

Firm – 7



The OkiFlex contains four layers. The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of graphite-infused memory foam. Below that lies 2.5 inches of transitional polyfoam. Below it is a 5.5-inch pocketed coil layer. The pocketed coils are 2.3 mm gauge and encased in polyfoam. Beneath the coils is a one-inch layer of polyfoam.

Cover Material:

Ice Yarn

Comfort Layer:

2″ Graphite-Infused Memory Foam

2.5″ Transition Polyfoam

Support Core:

5.5″ Pocketed Coils, 2.3 mm Gauge with Polyfoam Encasement

1″ Polyfoam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The OkiFlex Mattress is priced identically to the three other OkiOki Mattresses. All of the OkiOki Mattresses are value priced and affordable to a wide range of shoppers. Both the hybrid and memory foam OkiOki Mattresses cost less than many similar competitor mattresses. All of the mattresses are priced according to size and come in standard mattress sizes.

There is only one OkiFlex Mattress option, which is a firm hybrid mattress that measures 11 inches thick. Customers wanting a softer hybrid can opt for the OkiEasy Mattress, which is medium-firm. The OkiFlex Mattress measures at a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and the OkiEasy measures 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 11" 58 lbs. $340
Twin XL 39" x 80" 11" 61 lbs. $385
Full 54" x 75" 11" 80 lbs. $485
Queen 60" x 80" 11" 96 lbs. $550
King 76" x 80" 11" 121 lbs. $750
California King 72" x 84" 11" 124 lbs. $750
Scroll L - R for more details

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    The OkiFlex Mattress is available for sale on the OkiOki website and Amazon.

    OkiOki ships their mattresses to the U.S. and Canada. They do not currently ship internationally or to military addresses.

  • Shipping

    OkiOki ships for free to locations within the contiguous U.S. via FedEx Ground. They also ship to Canada, but there might be a fee. They do not ship internationally or to military addresses.

    Customers can expect mattresses sent via FedEx to arrive within 1 to 5 days of when the order was placed.

    Customers must set up their own mattresses, since white glove delivery is not a service offered by OkiOki.

  • Additional Services

    Currently, OkiOki doesn’t offer any additional services such as white glove delivery or old mattress removal.

  • Sleep Trial

    OkiOki offers an unusually long 365-night sleep trial. Customers may return their mattresses at no cost at any point within the first year after purchase.

    Customers do not need to have any specific reason for returning the mattress to qualify. Returns may be initiated by calling or emailing OkiOki.

  • Warranty

    All OkiOki Mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. Customers can utilize the warranty by emailing or calling OkiOki customer service.

    The warranty is only valid for the customer who made the original mattress purchase. OkiOki recommends keeping the receipt of your mattress to ensure you can use the warranty. The warranty applies to mattresses sold directly from OkiOki and on Amazon.

    The OkiOki warranty covers any defects in the mattress, such as sagging, splitting or cracking layers, a faulty zipper, and unraveling fabric. Indentations of less than one inch are considered normal wear and are not covered by the warranty.

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