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NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION — SleepTech® members represent a leading cross-section of the industry’s established players, innovative start-ups, insightful analysts, and savvy investors. We’re here to help all of you in your continued efforts to advance the awareness of sleep technology and accelerate growth and innovation in this dynamic space.

SleepTech Council

Members of the Council work together to:

  • Enhance the success of SleepTech events
  • Promote the SleepTech Award
  • Direct industry and consumer outreach

The chair of the SleepTech Council is Christopher Lindholst, CEO & Co-Founder of MetroNaps.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.

Featured Member

“We joined the SleepTech Council because it is the only globally-minded group dedicated solely to SleepTech and therefore gathers the leading companies in this segment. Backed by the competence of the National Sleep Foundation, the content of meeting discussions is of high quality, enhancing validated product development. Joining the SleepTech Council has been a positive experience for our company.”
– CEO Tobias Kirchhoff

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

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