Lasse Leppäkorpi

CEO & Co-Founder, Beddit

Sleep Technology Summit Panelist

Lasse Leppäkorpi is a founder and CEO of Beddit. Beddit grew out of his interest in medical technology and experience as an elite athlete. As a scientist he researched ballistocardiography, which tracks the force of multiple movements of the human body including heart functions and he recognized the value and appeal of tracking sleep without requiring people to wearings sensors. With colleagues and support from world-leading sleep scientists, he developed the means to measure key sleep indicators – including heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing patterns and body movements – through a single sensor placed on the bed and is not worn by the subject. Beddit products and services are now widely used globally by consumers and professionals and sold online and in more than 3,000 retail locations, including Apple Stores.

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