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Sleep In America® Polls

This content was created by the National Sleep Foundation

NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION — Since 1991, the National Sleep Foundation has conducted a national poll cataloging the state of sleep in America.  The Sleep in America® poll provides valuable information to the general public and sleep community on specific topics of interest such as: Children and Sleep, Women and Sleep, and Technology and Sleep.  We encourage everyone to prioritize their sleep for better health.

Explore past Sleep In America® poll results:

2020 Sleepiness and Low Levels of Action

2019 Sleep Health and Scheduling
2018 Sleep Prioritization and Personal Effectiveness
2015 Sleep and Pain
2014 Sleep in the Modern Family
2013 International Bedroom Poll
2013 Exercise and Sleep
2012 Transportation Workers’ Sleep
2012 Bedroom Poll
2011 Poll, Technology and Sleep
2011 Bedroom Poll
2010 Sleep and Ethnicity
2009 Health and Safety
2008 Sleep, Performance and the Workplace
2007 Women and Sleep
2006 Teens and Sleep
2005 Adult Sleep Habits and Styles
2004 Children and Sleep
2003 Sleep and Aging
2002 Adult Sleep Habits