Sleep Health Index 2014 - Highlights


NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION -- The 2014 Sleep Health Index™   is the inaugural edition of a population-level poll to track our nation’s changing sleep habits, problems, behaviors and beliefs. Over time, the National Sleep Foundation will be able to track the changes in American’s sleep health in order to improve the population’s health.

The 2014 index represents the sleep health baseline for America. Key findings include:

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Sleep schedule

  • Americans report sleeping an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes a night
  • On workdays, the average bedtime was 10:55 PM and average wake time was 6:38 AM
  • Average sleep time was 40 minutes longer on non-work days
  • Americans aged 18-29 reported latest bedtimes
  • Sleep duration did not differ between men and women

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Sleep quality

  • 35% of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”
  • Sleep quality did not differ between men and women
  • African Americans were more likely to report poor or fair sleep quality than non-Hispanic whites
  • Individuals who reported having only fair or poor general health were more likely to report poor/fair sleep quality

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Sleep environment

  • 47% of people reported their sleep environment is very quiet
  • 36% of people described their sleeping room as very dark
  • A higher percentage (56%) reported sleeping on a very comfortable mattress or surface

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Sleep problems

  • 17% of respondents have been told by a physician that they have a sleep disorder
  • 11.6% of the sample reported a diagnoses of sleep apnea
  • 40% of respondents indicated snoring a few nights per week or more
  • Individuals with insomnia-like complaints were more likely to report snoring           

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Sleep knowledge, values and beliefs

    • 36% of respondents correctly answered all three knowledge questions
    • Greater sleep knowledge did not correspond to higher sleep quality
    • Only 18% of individuals would choose to sleep if they had an extra hour in the day


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