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Media Center

The National Sleep Foundation's Press Room is the online resource for media to learn more about the NSF and our goal of promoting healthy sleep for all. NSF works in partnership with leaders in the fields of sleep science and medicine to raise awareness of the importance of sleep, treatment for sleep problems and the consequences of sleep loss.

The information below offers just a small snapshot of our recent media outreach and the information available from the National Sleep Foundation. For specific questions, please contact the National Sleep Foundation.

Recent Press Releases


The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) does not have the resources to respond to every inquiry sent to the organization. NSF does not staff full-time sleep health professionals nor does NSF provide medical advice. NSF does not endorse specific sleep therapeutics, therapies, products and services. Please refer to the vast array of information and resources about sleep on this website and NSF encourages all individuals to make informed decisions about their health, safety and well-being by consulting with health professionals and other reputable sources before making significant lifestyle changes, including but not limited to alterations in sleep habits, diet and exercise.