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Proper Weighted Blanket Review

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Daniel Noyed

Proper Living Co.

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Proper Living Co. produces a variety of products designed to promote wellness. The company currently offers two product collections: Rest and Recovery. Its Recovery collection is made up of items such as foam rollers and massagers, designed to help the body recover from activity. The Rest collection includes sleep products, including a pillow, a pillowcase, an eye mask, and the Proper Weighted Blanket, which we will review in-depth.

This is the company’s only weighted blanket. It’s made with glass microbeads and a cotton exterior. It is large enough to cover up to two sleepers and is available in 15-pound and 20-pound weight options. We will examine the blanket’s materials, performance, pricing, and company policies to help you decide if this weighted blanket is the right choice for you.

Proper Weighted Blanket Review Breakdown

The Proper Weighted Blanket is a good choice overall for an affordable weighted blanket constructed with quality materials.

It comes in 15- or 20-pound options, which should apply an appropriate amount of weight for many adult sleepers. The Proper Weighted Blanket contains glass microbeads. This type of fill tends to conform more closely to the body than plastic pellet fill, allowing the blanket to offer a gentle hugging sensation without trapping a lot of heat. Quilted pockets with polyester batting help distribute the fill while limiting the rustling noise common with weighted blankets. The exterior is made with pure cotton, which adds softness and breathability.

Materials and Options

The Proper Weighted Blanket comes in one size, 60 inches by 80 inches, which is approximately the size of the surface of a queen size bed. This should be large enough to accommodate one or two people. Two weight options are available: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. The blanket is only offered in one color option: gray.

The fill contains glass microbeads that are odorless, hypoallergenic, sterilized, and designed to add weight and hug without excessive heat retention. They are encased in pockets of polyester batting to soften the feel of the blanket, keep the weight evenly distributed, and muffle the sound of the beads. These components are encased in a breathable cotton shell with tie loops to affix a duvet cover.

Product Size Options Weight Options Fill Material Shell Material Dimensions
Proper Weighted Blanket Queen 15, 20 lbs. Glass Microbeads, Polyester Cotton 60” x 80”
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Pricing Information

Price can be an important factor when making the decision of which blanket to buy. Weighted blankets usually range in price from around $100 to $300. This price is often the result of the materials used, but it is also affected by craftsmanship, weight, and size.

The Proper Weighted Blanket lands on the lower end of this price scale. Because it uses glass microbeads for weight instead of heavy yarn or other higher-cost materials, this blanket is more affordable than many competitors without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. As a result, it makes an excellent choice for a less expensive high-quality weighted blanket.

Proper Weighted Blanket Pricing

Product Price
Proper Weighted Blanket $70 (15 lbs.), $80 (20 lbs.)

Weighted Blanket Performance Ratings

When choosing the best weighted blanket, it is important to consider several different factors, including fill quality, shell quality, temperature control, weight options, distribution of fill, and durability.

The Proper Weighted Blanket earns strong marks across the board. The fill and shell quality for the Proper Weighted Blanket are both very good, especially considering the affordable price-point. The fill is made up of glass microbeads and multiple layers of polyester batting, which are effective and durable materials. The polyester batting holds some heat, while the glass beads and cotton shell enhance the blanket’s breathability to make it appropriate for year-round use.

This model comes in two weight options: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. The glass microbeads are distributed throughout the polyester batting and quilted into squares, allowing for very good fill distribution. Its durable materials give this blanket a good life expectancy.

Quality of Fill

Filled with sterilized glass microbeads and multiple layers of polyester batting, this blanket has a soft and comfortable feel. These are durable materials that hold up well over time, but this blanket should only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned to prevent potential damage.

Quality of Shell

The blanket’s exterior is composed of pure 100% cotton, giving it a soft and breathable feel. Tie loops on the corners allow owners to attach a duvet cover, which is advisable since the insert itself is more difficult to clean.

Temperature Control

Because of the polyester batting filling, this blanket is somewhat warm and cozy, but it is on the thinner side and thus may not be as warm as some alternatives. The glass bead fill and cotton cover allow for good breathability, so this model may be suitable for all-season use.

Weight Options

This blanket comes in two weight options: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. Though this may be a limited range, these weights are well suited to many adults.

Distribution of Fill

The Proper Weighted Blanket is filled with sterilized glass microbeads and polyester. Because the glass microbeads are sewn into pockets of polyester batting, this blanket offers good fill distribution with a fairly quiet sleep experience, even when shifting positions.


The cotton cover is designed to hold up well over time, giving this blanket a long life. Owners may want to use a duvet cover to protect the exterior of the blanket. The inner fill of glass microbeads and multiple layers of polyester batting are durable materials that should also hold up well over time.

How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

The traditional ratio typically recommended for a weighted blanket is 10% of the user’s body weight. If the user falls between two weight options, they may need to round up or down by two or three pounds depending on the availability and their personal preferences. For example, if an individual weighs 130 pounds, a 10-pound or 15-pound blanket may be appropriate.

The right weighted blanket should create the sensation of a gentle hug. If one feels restless or constricted under this kind of light pressure, a weighted blanket may not be ideal for them.

Proper Living Co.’s Proper Weighted Blanket comes in two weight options: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. Though this is a limited range, these weights should work well for many adults, especially those in the 150 to 200 pound weight range.


Discounts and Deals

Proper Living Co.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    Proper Living Co. ships the Proper Weighted Blanket anywhere in the contiguous United States. The Proper Weighted Blanket can be purchased online through Proper Living Co.’s website.

  • Shipping

    Shipping is free for most destinations. The blanket usually ships within one to two business days. No assembly is required, though if you purchase a duvet cover, you will need to attach it to the blanket insert.

  • Trial

    Items purchased through the Proper Living Co. website may be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price when returned within 60 days from the date of purchase. The owner is responsible for return shipping and handling fees.

  • Warranty

    No warranty is available through Proper Living Co.