Children, Teens & Sleep

Sleep Strategies for Kids

Does your child have trouble drifting off at night? Discover smart approaches for helping your youngster get a solid night’s sleep.

Is Your Child’s Snoring A Sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is a normal part of sleep for many children. But in some cases, it could be a warning of something more serious. Here’s how to tell.

Why Your Child Needs a Sleep Schedule Throughout the Summer

Happy, healthy kids need consistent bedtimes and wake-up times—even when school’s out.

How Blue Light Affects Kids & Sleep

These tips can help you tear your children away from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TV sets before bed, so they'll have an easier time nodding off.

Children's Stress & Sleep

These strategies can nix a child’s anxiety and encourage sounder sleep.

Sleep Training Your Child? 5 Things to Remember

The sleep training process is different for every baby, here are some key points that all parents should keep in mind.

Can Kids Get Sleep Apnea?

Kids can get sleep apnea, a serious health issue, but there are ways to treat it.

Tips for Helping the New Baby Sleep Like a Baby

One of the most challenging things about becoming a new parent is easing into a sleep routine that works for baby and parents alike.

Teens and Sleep

Is your teen getting enough sleep? The answer might be different than you think. Learn more about your teen's sleeping needs.

School Start Time and Sleep

Has you teen complained that school starts too early? They might be on to something! Learn more about early school start times and how they could be affecting your teen.


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