Sleep & Disease

Depression and Sleep

Does your depression affect your ability to sleep? Don't worry, there are things you can do to sleep better with depression.

Dementia and Sleep

Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia are characterized by frequent sleep disturbance, both for those diagnosed and their caregivers. In fact, many caregivers cite sleep disturbances, including night wandering and confusion, as the reason for institutionalizing the elderly. Once institutionalized, these elderly residents' sleep disturbances don't cease. Two-thirds of those in long-term care facilities suffer from sleeping problems.

Asthma and Sleep

Asthma is a common chronic lung condition that affect many people in the United States. Not only does it affect breathing, it can also affect sleeping! Find out more about asthma and what you can do to keep your lungs clear so you can sleep better.

Alzheimer's Disease and Sleep

Alzheimer's disease can cause major disruption in the lives of sufferers and their families. Unfortunately, it can also affect sleep. Learn more about Alzheimer's affects on sleep and how you can help your loved one sleep better.

ADHD and Sleep

ADHD doesn't only affect kids during the day. It can also affect them at night! Learn more about ADHD and how you can help your child sleep better.


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