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RLS Treatment Options

Are you having trouble sleeping with restless legs syndrome? Well, there's good news because there are plenty of treatment options available! Learn more about these options and talk to your doctor.

What is restless legs syndrome (RLS)?

RLS is a serious condition that has affected people for many years, but it has not always been taken seriously, and is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Approximately 10 percent of American adults1 suffer from this neurological sensorimotor disorder, which causes uncomfortable and sometimes painful tingling, and tugging sensations in the legs. People with RLS often feel as though they have to move their legs, by walking or stretching, in order to make the uncomfortable feelings go away.

Could My Child Have Sleep Apnea?

Did you know that children can develop sleep apnea? Learn more about childhood sleep apnea and what treatment options are available for your child.

General Advocacy Tips for Changing School Start Times

  • Start early to educate the community and all parties involved. Use hard data and testimonials. Consider the research and what you hope to gain, not lose. Network with other schools to learn from their experience. Apply what you learn to your school district’s particular challenges or concerns. Be prepared with concrete examples of the successes of others.

Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times

Do you think that school should start just a little bit later? You aren't the only one! Unfortunately, there are a few factors which might delay changing school start times. Learn more about the issue and what you can do to help school start later.

Backgrounder: Later School Start Times

Early school start times might be doing more harm than good and many are fight to make them later. Find out more about this issue and what early mornings are doing to your kids.

Sleep Tips for Pregnant Women

It can be difficult to fall asleep while pregnant. Check out these tips so you can finally get some rest!

Sleeping By the Trimesters: 3rd Trimester

You're getting closer to the end of your pregnancy! Unfortunately, this is the time sleeping becomes increasingly more difficult. Learn what you can do to sleep better so you can look forward to the big day!

Sleeping By the Trimesters: 2nd Trimester

The second trimester may come as a relief to weary first-time mothers who didn't initially expect to be so tired throughout pregnancy. Although many mothers start to feel more energetic, Dr. Lee suggests that instead of packing in more activities, just enjoy the second trimester and continue to get as much sleep as possible.

Sleeping By the Trimesters: 1st Trimester

It's only your first trimester of pregnancy and you are already having trouble sleeping! What can you do to sleep better? Find out more about sleeping during your first trimester.


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