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Good, Fair, or Poor: How Well Do You Sleep?

Not all sleep is created equal. Learn how to evaluate the quality of your shut-eye.

It’s no surprise that the amount of sleep you get plays a role in determining your overall health. However, it’s not as simple as assuming that if you were in bed for 8 hours, your sleep is having a positive impact. The quality of that shut-eye also plays a role in a person’s wellbeing; in fact, sleep quality relates more strongly to overall health than sleep quantity.

How to Sleep When You’re Off Your Normal Routine

The hectic holiday season can steal your sleep and leave you feeling tired and cranky, but these tips will score you more shuteye.

How Alcohol Affects the Quality—And Quantity—Of Sleep

Learn what that nightcap really does to your night of sleep.

How Sleep Affects Brain Function

The brain plays an important role in sleep. Learn more!

Sleeping Positions - Pros and Cons

Side sleeping? Supine? Prone? We investigate the 4 major sleeping positions.

Men, Women, and Sleep

If you’re tossing and turning at night, you’re not alone. Women report more insomnia and sleep disturbances than men.

How is RLS treated?

How is RLS treated? For many people with RLS, prevention is the first step towards managing symptoms. People may work with their health care professional to develop a variety of lifestyle changes and activities to reduce symptoms.

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