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Monday, May 21, 2018

ReST (Responsive Surface Technologies), a SleepTech member of the National Sleep Foundation, aims to perfect the sleep experience to help people sleep better, live healthier, and be more productive. Check out NSF’s interview with the company’s General Manager Lloyd Sommers to learn more about the ReST Bed™, Lloyd’s take on the SleepTech industry, and what’s next for the innovative brand. 


NSF: Tell us a bit about your company.

Lloyd: ReST’s vision is to help create the perfect sleep environment. That environment has many factors, but the mattress is central. Sleep is not a static state, but rather a series of dynamic states. What we’ve done with the ReST Bed™ has two parts. First, we’ve divided the mattress into five individual zones that can each be customized to exactly the firmness or softness that the user wants. It’s total control and total customization. Second, our ground-breaking sensing technology allows the mattress to automatically respond to whatever position the sleeper is in to make the firmness or softness what it should be. When the sleeper moves, the bed responds. Learn more about our product at  


NSF: How has the SleepTech industry/community changed since you became involved?

Lloyd: Well, for example, there was no SleepTech “section” at CES in 2015 when we first went to demonstrate our smart bed. Now, it has became a section unto itself, with many many companies all contributing in their own way to use technology to improve people’s sleep. Just having a group of companies there with that as their core mission is a big deal. The development of industry standards is also something that has continued to grow and suggests that the sleep technology sector is here to stay. It’s not about the product. It’s about the innovative application; improving how people sleep. 


NSF: How did you get involved with NSF’s SleepTech program?

Lloyd: We don’t think of ourselves as a mattress company, but rather a sleep technology company. Our idea was to take the pressure sensing technology that has existed in the medical space for

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