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Friday, November 30, 2018

After playing many different roles in the SleepTech® industry across both sides of the pond, Ciaran McCourt (originally from Ireland) is now the CEO of Belgium-based Ectosense, a health-tech startup with a new innovative sleep diagnostic device. NSF caught up with Ciaran to hear more about how Ectosense is launching its new product. 

NSF: SleepTech is evolving rapidly. In the last few years we’ve seen a lot of interest in innovating the diagnostic space. Where does Ectosense fit? 

Ciaran: Ectosense has developed the NightOwl® which is a breakthrough device in home sleep apnea testing.  No other device can match our combination of convenience, efficacy, cost and clinical accuracy.  Our team focused on optimizing sensors and algorithms to deliver a highly accurate Home Sleep Test leveraging smart mobile technology (e.g. Bluetooth and cloud analytics) with strong design appeal delivered cost effectively.  Bringing this all together and validating it is no easy or inexpensive matter but the result the team has delivered is truly outstanding and changes the paradigm of home sleep testing well into the future. As one customer said ‘it is a game changer’!

NSF: Ciaran, you’ve had some interesting history with SleepTech. How’d you get together with Ectosense? 

Ciaran:  I have been lucky to be involved in a few startups in health tech and in sleep consumer and medical devices. I also had a global role in business development at ResMed and a recent role with SleepMed, one of the largest sleep diagnostics services companies in the US. That combination of experience and knowledge meant that when I was introduced to Ectosense there was an opportunity to add value to this new and disruptive sleep technology. I have always been on the lookout for new startup sleep technology ventures and at Ectosense, I found a great young team with a superb product and I knew I could help accelerate the necessary partnership discussions immediately.  My role is to manage the team and strategy as we scale up, create early revenues from device deployment and services and build out the correct business model through partnerships for longer term business

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