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Thursday, September 27, 2018

BlueSleep, a SleepTech® member of the National Sleep Foundation, is a telemedicine company focusing on the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. Check out NSF’s interview with the company’s founder Jordan Stern, MD (a Head and Neck Surgeon and Sleep Specialist) to learn more about the convergence of consumer tech and the clinical world, how BlueSleep is increasingly awareness about sleep, and what’s next for the company. 

NSF: Can you tell us what BlueSleep is all about? 

Dr. Stern: BlueSleep is a company I founded 10 years ago based on the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. We're based in downtown Manhattan and at first we operated as a medical practice mostly using home sleep tests and oral appliances for sleep apnea. I did that for eight years and two years ago started working on the BlueSleep telemedicine company. The idea is to scale our services outside of New York, and we're currently in 14 states in the U.S. with medical licenses to practice in those 14 states with board certified sleep specialists. Our company is a telemedicine for sleep company that uses the newest tech for diagnosis and in many cases uses non-CPAP treatments.


NSF: What opportunities are you seeing in the SleepTech Industry right now? 

Dr. Stern: I think we're at a turning point right now. For the past five or ten years SleepTech was very much divided from the medical service side of sleep. I think that a convergence is happening now between the consumer tech world and the medical services world. I've been working very closely with some of the largest tech companies in evaluating their technology and comparing it to medical tech used for evaluating snoring and sleep apnea. Those companies are looking for a connection to the medical services industry. If you're wearing a sleep tracker and you have a problem, what do you do next? That next step is important, and that’s where connecting with medical services comes into play. At BlueSleep we've made that connection our priority, working with consumer tech companies and offering them tech forward consumer medical

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