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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

AYO, A SleepTech® member of the National Sleep Foundation, has created a light-based wearable designed to boost energy, beat jetlag, and help you sleep better.  Check out NSF’s interview with the company’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Aleksandar Dimitrov to learn more about the product, how it all started, and what’s next for the wearable company. 


NSF: Tell us a bit about your company. 

Alex: AYO first came into existence when our co-founder Branislav Nikolić and I were studying together in the Netherlands, often during gloomy winter weather. Because of this, we had very low energy and became tired most of the time. We used different devices to help us with our energy levels such as traditional light boxes. However, they are not very convenient to use nor portable so you cannot take them with you while traveling or even to walk freely during the 40-50 min session. We wanted to create something smaller, mobile and more convenient, so we created a wearable, which uses the light technology to help people regulate their body clock and boost their energy levels. AYO is also fully connected to a mobile application, which is an important aspect of the product because every individual has a different body clock, and the app helps to understand the sleep-wake cycles of the user. The user receives personalized guidance and a schedule for using AYO based on the goals they want to achieve by using the device. We launched our Indiegogo campaign in mid-2015 and during the 40-day campaign we reached close to $100k in funding, when our goal was $50k. We stayed on the Indiegogo platform as part of the “InDemand” program and reached close to $400k in funding from over 2,000 backers across more than 80 countries. 


NSF: Why did you get involved in NSF’s SleepTech program? 

Alex: We wanted to be a part of the community because we are strong believers in collaboration and partnerships. We look at the sleep industry in general and think about how we can work together to focus on sleep science and technology,

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