Monday, September 26
The Importance of Sleep in Enhancing Safety | 11-11:50 am

Mark Rosekind PhD, Administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, discussed the importance, history and reasons why fatigue management is critical to safety at all organizations. He detailed the risks of fatigue including drowsy driving, and the value of addressing sleep to enhance safety

Sleep 101: How Sleep Can Improve Your Bottom Line | 4-4:50 pm

Panelists discussed:

  • How sleep affects your employees’ performance, safety, well-being and the bottom line (health, safety and economic costs of a sleep-deprived workforce)
  • Why sleep is as important as nutrition and fitness
  • Budget implications from not making sleep a priority
  • The business case for offering a sleep health program and overview of success measurement including ROI and VOI
Tuesday, September 27
Sleep Your Employees to Happy and Healthy: Best Practices in Corporate Sleep Heath | 10-10:50 am

Panelists discussed:

  • Best practices in corporate sleep health policies and sleep health education programs
  • How to get upper management buy-in/how to sell sleep including safety, metrics and cost savings
  • How to change office culture and make sleep a priority
  • Essential elements of new sleep-related programs and policies
  • Cost savings and other benefits - how employers & employees have benefited from sleep-related policies
Innovative Sleep Programs: How Sleep is Revolutionizing the Workplace | 11-11:50 am

Panelists discussed:

  • Current sleep policies and plans to advance these programs
  • Advantages of sleep policies and programs
  • Managing sleep when employees need to work 24/7
  • Expected and unexpected benefits of incorporating sleep into organization-wide policies
  • Impact and success of sleep programs

Keynote Presentation: How Sleep Can Ignite Performance| 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Arianna Huffington, president and best-selling author, The Huffington Post; The Sleep Revolution and Thrive.

Directly following the keynote, Arianna Huffington signed complimentary copies of her book, The Sleep Revolution , at NSF Booth 610 in the Exhibit Hall until 2 PM.

Book signing sponsored by RestWorks.

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