The Best Places to Nap

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At Work

If you have a private office where you can close the door, turn off your computer, and shut your eyes for a power nap, you have it made. Stash a pillow and blanket in a cabinet or your desk drawer, and you’re set. If you work in a cubicle or an open-concept workspace, try reserving a conference room for your nap. Just make sure to put a sign on the door to keep from being disturbed. For those that drive to the office, a quick snooze in your car might work.

At the Gym

Many gyms have lounges with comfortable chairs that are perfect for resting up before a good workout. If your facility has separate rooms for group classes, see if one is empty, grab a yoga mat, dim the lights, and hit the floor. The payoff: Sleep can also improve motor learning, meaning a quick nap pre-workout can give you an edge.


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