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  • I take a nap the day before or the day of the study?
  • Should I refrain from drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated products or energy drinks? If so, for how many hours before my test?
  • What can I eat before the study? In addition to caffeinated products, are there any other foods/beverages that I should avoid?
  • Should I avoid stimulants, alcohol or sedatives? What about other prescription and non-prescription medications, dietary or herbal supplements? How long before the sleep study should these be discontinued?
  • What should I bring to wear?
  • May a family member or attendant stay with the patient during the study?
  • On the day of the procedure, should I change my cosmetic, skin or hair care routine?
  • Are personal comfort items, such as snacks, a pillow, slippers or robe, allowed?
  • What time will I be able to leave?
  • May I take a shower and dress for work the morning after the study?
  • Will I be able to discuss the results of the study with my doctor before leaving the facility?
  • Will my primary care physician or the sleep specialist take the lead in providing continuing care after the study?

Once at the sleep facility, you may notice that the testing bedrooms are designed to resemble a typical bedroom, with décor and televisions to help make you feel as relaxed as possible.

 Patients Should Ask…

The National Sleep Foundation’s web site,, offers sleep information on a wide range of topics, ‘ask the expert’ opportunities, online community forums, sleep blogs and more.

Important Questions to Ask Before Your Sleep Study

A sleep study can be conducted in either a hospital or in an independent facility. Ask if the sleep lab or sleep center to which you have been referred is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). This recognition denotes that the facility adheres to the highest standards of care for sleep disorder patients. A list of accredited sleep facilities is

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