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their sleeping environment.

How do you see pillows as being important to the sleep experience?

Pillows are an essential aspect in getting a good night’s sleep, but only if the pillow is compatible to the sleeper’s physiology. Everyone sleeps in a position to maximize personal comfort, but if the pillow doesn’t suit that type of posture or does not support the weight of the body, it can lead to neck or back pain, insomnia or a headache upon waking. At The Benjamin, we recognize the importance of sleeping on the perfect pillow so we offer 12 types to cover a variety of the most common sleep ailments and to please personal preferences.

Have you had any requests for hypoallergenic rooms for people with allergies?

Our hypoallergenic pillow is a very popular choice among guests with seasonal allergies or sensitivities to dust. We receive approximately two requests each week for a completely hypoallergenic room, which includes the removal of all products and bedding with feathers and other non-hypoallergenic fibers. Some guests with severe allergies also request the removal of common mini-bar items, such as peanuts and chocolate.

What about temperature? Does your hotel have adjustable thermostats?

People will benefit most when sleeping in a cool environment. We offer adjustable thermostats in all of our rooms to allow guests to create their ideal sleeping environment. Upon check-in, we suggest that guests test the temperature before retiring to ensure that they will not have to awake in the middle of the night to make any adjustments.

What kinds of relaxation aids do you suggest and offer to guests to help fall asleep?

We offer guests several amenities to help them relax, including bedtime snacks, aromatherapy products and treatments at our Wellness Spa. Our suggested bedtime room service menu offers several types of decaffeinated tea, as well as cookies and warm milk that provides the sleep-inducing amino acid L-tryptophan, and other snacks. Guests can also prepare their bodies for sleep by taking advantage of our Lavender Turndown service, featuring calming aromatherapy sprays over the bed and pillows, or by scheduling a relaxing in-room Sleep-Wellness

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