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Anya Orlanska

Anya Orlanska

What should a traveler expect from a hotel when it’s time to sleep?

A hotel should always provide travelers with a quiet sleeping environment that includes a supportive bed and a selection of pillows. If there is outside noise or other disturbances, guests should be given the opportunity to move to a quieter room in the hotel.

What is your most basic advice for sleep-starved travelers?

We always advise that guests use their beds only for sleeping and avoid reading, working or eating in bed as those actions will make it more difficult to relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Further, digestion interferes with proper sleep, so travelers should avoid large meals before retiring.

Tell us what goes into making a hotel room right for sleep.

At The Benjamin hotel, we have gone to extensive lengths to ensure that our guest rooms and suites provide the ideal sleeping environment. During the renovation, the hotel installed sound-proof windows that are constructed of double paned glass filled with argon gas. The Benjamin Beds feature specially designed Serta mattresses that offer convoluted foam cushioning and layers of fiber quilted to the mattress for a luxurious feel. Of course, guests are more comfortable when sleeping if they have soft sheets against their skin, so we wrap our beds in luxurious 400-thread count Anichini linens for ultimate comfort. We provide guests with our 12-choice pillow menu so they can choose the pillow that will best suit their needs.

To help guests fall asleep and sleep through the night, we have installed blackout shades and provide bedside white noise machines upon request that electronically drown out any stray background or other noise. We also honor any requests from guests who want a room away from the elevators. We provide a comprehensive Sleep Menu in every room so guests can customize their guest room with a variety of additional amenities and services, such as aromatherapy linen sprays and sleep-inducing bedtime snack options. For our guests who require an extra firm mattress, we will even place a wooden board under their mattress to perfect

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