The Biggest Loser Contestant Sherry Johnston on CPAP Therapy

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The Biggest Loser Contestant Sherry Johnston on CPAP Therapy

[ CPAP] was, and how I was putting my life in jeopardy in some ways by turning that machine back in when I really did need it." Sherry went on to lose 99 pounds. Now she's the same size she was in high school and on her wedding day. She and Ashley are still using their CPAPs and are doing well. "I was 51 when I started [ The Biggest Loser ]. I'm 52 now, and I feel like if there's a challenge, then I'm up for it. Now I feel better about myself all around. Not just physically, but emotionally because we always have things to tackle, and it's never too late. It's never too late."

CPAP, The Biggest Loser and You

Both Sean Algaier and Sherry Johnston adjusted well to their CPAP treatment, which isn't always typical. ( Sean did say that he would have worn a Darth Vader mask at that point if it would have helped him feel better.) However, some cast members have had a hard time adjusting to CPAP, especially when they first started with their treatment. The show has focused on ways to overcome these challenges. "On [ The Biggest Loser ], they showed this guy who really, really struggled with CPAP, and we were able to work with him, getting him used to it, and it made a big difference," says Pam Minkley. "They're not just showing the ideal - 'I sleep now. I feel better.'

There are people who have that response when they start CPAP, and that's wonderful, but a lot of people struggle with it, and the message is 'don't stop struggling, get the help you need; there are people out there who can help you. Look until you find somebody who can help you. It's important." If you are having problems with your sleep, visit the National Sleep Foundation's Web site, and click " Find a Sleep Professional " to locate a sleep specialist in your area.

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