The Biggest Loser Contestant Sherry Johnston on CPAP Therapy

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The Biggest Loser Contestant Sherry Johnston on CPAP Therapy

When The Biggest Loser contestants Sherry Johnston and her daughter Ashley arrived at The Biggest Loser's Ranch (Couple's Edition), they already knew they had sleep apnea . They just hadn't been able to treat it.

Sherry's Story Sherry weighed 105 pounds when she got married, but after her husband passed away, she found she, "Just didn't have that zeal and zest for life anymore." "I just gave up on a lot of things in some areas, and part of that giving up was also about me and my weight," she said. At 5'1," she weighed in at The Biggest Loser at 218 pounds. Sherry had been diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in the past, but finances were tight. "I was really careful to say, you know, 'Is my insurance going to pay for this?' and they said 'Yes.' I said, 'Because really I can't add anymore right now.'" But, a few months after starting CPAP therapy, she received a large bill in the mail. She called her doctor's office and found out that the insurance company wouldn't pay for it. Sherry learned she would be required to pay for part of the CPAP each month, but eventually the insurance would kick in and pay the rest. She would have to pay upfront. She appealed, but a month later she got another bill. The Biggest Loser contestant Sherry Johnston discusses CPAP therapy, weight loss, and being on The Biggest Loser TV show"And so financially, I was a little tight at [that] moment, and I made the decision... took it down, and turned my CPAP back in.

I said, 'I can't afford to have this because I can't pay for it right now.' And they were like, 'What? I mean, you really need this. Nobody ever turns them back in.' I said, 'I know, I don't want to, but I don't have another choice.'" Sherry thinks she had mild sleep apnea , "or at least compared to Ashley's it was mild, but I think compared to Ashley's, everyone's [apnea] is mild."

Sherry had concerns about Ashley long before she was diagnosed with sleep apnea at age seven. Ashley was very small, and she had stopped growing when she was

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