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* Sleep often, as long as possible in your usual night schedule and then during the early afternoon if you can get the time

* Drink lots of cool fluids and eat smaller, more frequent meals

* Freeze a damp washcloth -- this can be used as a nice, cool compress

* Try showering and leaving your hair wet or put a cold pack on your head before bedtime

* If you are using fans in your home, be sure there is a path for air to flow by keeping the bedroom door open

* Play relaxing music -- it can be soothing even on a hot night

* Postpone outdoor activities if they are too active

NSF Alert Readers Recommend:

* Place a pan of ice cubes in front of a fan to cool down the air being blown around the room

* If you don't have a washcloth or ice pack, try using something from your freezer like frozen veggies to cool down your neck, head and shoulders

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— Meir Kryger, MD, Author of "A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders" and "A Good Night's Sleep"

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