Five Clusters of Sleep Patterns

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than they need, and the same number says they usually feel tired/fatigued. You are more likely than other groups to say you (or your partner's) sleep disorders have caused significant or moderate problems with your relationship, and 2 out of 5 say intimate relationships have been affected because of sleepiness. The majority of SAMTK's has been diagnosed with a medical condition and you are more likely than other groups to use sleep aids. One-half of this group is employed, and there is a high representation of females.

What Can You Do to Close in on the Divide?

If you are reading this article and thinking, "I don’t want to be Sleepless and Missin' the Kissin'" or "Overworked, Overweight and Over caffeinated", you can get on the other side of the Great American Sleep Divide by deciding that you don’t want to let sleeplessness rule the rest of your life. Your sleep classification may be as open to change as adopting an exercise routine or a healthier diet. Some aspects may be harder to change, some may take assistance and others require help from a partner. The important thing is to size up your sleep situation and how it might be affecting key aspects of your life such as your health, your relationships, your productivity and success at work, even your ability to stay alert when driving a car.

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