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CPAP improves lung function. Another study suggests that it may improve erectile dysfunction in men with overlap syndrome.

COPD is linked with heart disease. Specifically, COPD is one of the most common causes of "cor pulmonale," an enlargement in the right ventricle which leads to failure of the right side of the heart, according to a recent study. When COPD is combined with OSA, the prevalence of cor pulmonale can be as high as 80%, according to one analysis, which also found that less than a third of COPD patients with cor pulmonale survive longer than five years.

COPD is a life-threatening disease that requires major medical intervention and may result in early death. Unfortunately, COPD is often diagnosed once it has progressed from mild to severe and there is little opportunity for stopping or reversing its course. If you feel you may suffer from COPD, see a physician about your symptoms as soon as possible. If you have already been diagnosed with COPD, follow your treatment plan as directed and be vigilant about eating healthy and sleeping well.


Morning cough is often the earliest sign of the disease, followed by noisy breathing, chest pain, and breathlessness. People with COPD sometimes develop a barrel-shaped chest due to an enlargement of the lungs. Other symptoms include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chronic cough that produces sputum
  • Wheezing, whistling, or hissing sound with breathing
  • Chest pain or tightening
  • Skin discolorations
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Frequent nighttime urination
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Fatigue


There is no cure for COPD, but there are treatments for its symptoms, including drug therapies, and behavioral remedies, and - rarely - surgery. In some cases, it is possible to alleviate symptoms by quitting smoking or avoiding environmental pollutants. Medications and rehabilitation therapies may also minimize or eliminate symptoms. In rare cases, surgery to reduce lung volume or lung transplantation is recommended, but these procedures carry severe risks. Supplemental oxygen is commonly prescribed for COPD patient and has been shown to increase the quality and quantity of patients' lives.

Getting adequate sleep is essential to maintaining health in COPD patients. If

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