Sleep Disorders Problems


How to Prevent Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Working nontraditional hours requires a different approach to getting enough sleep. Learn how to get the sleep you need no matter what your job schedule.

Insomnia After Baby: Causes and Treatments

A new infant in the house is exhilarating—and exhausting. So why can’t you fall asleep? 

Sleep Deprivation and Postpartum Depression: How to Tell the Difference

New parents struggle to get enough sleep. But sometimes, that low-energy feeing can be a sign of depression. Learn the difference—and what to do about it.

New Baby, No Sleep: Tips to Ease the Transition

Welcoming an infant into the world brings many joys—and little rest. Learn how to cope during this time of change.

Debunking Sleep Myths: Is the Only Symptom of Insomnia Having Trouble Falling Asleep?

Insomnia is characterized by more than just a lousy night’s sleep. Learn the other ways to spot this frustrating condition.

Do I Have Excessive Sleepiness?

Is My Sleepiness Normal?

The Connection Between Weight and Sleep Apnea

Losing a few pounds is more than a vanity play—it could help reduce your risk of this debilitating health condition.

How Sleep Apnea Affects Blood Pressure

Experts now believe the relationship between the sleep disorder and high blood pressure is significant. 

How to Spot OSA Snoring

Snoring is often a normal part of sleep. But sometimes, it can signal a more serious condition: Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Surgical Help for Sleep Apnea

Severe snoring can ruin your sleep—and can be a sign of an even more severe health problem. Surgical procedures are one of several treatment options that could provide relief.


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