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  1. What is Memory Foam?

    If you’ve been in the market for mattresses lately, you’ve probably heard the term “memory foam.” Mattresses come in many different styles, using many different materials, and memory foam has become one of the most popular. First designed in the 1960’s for use in NASA spaceship seats and seatbelts, shock-absorbing, pressure-relieving memory foam has also […]

  2. What is a Double Bed?

    A “double” bed is a mattress size that falls in between twin and queen. It’s a moderately sized bed, providing a spacious feel for a single adult, or a somewhat cramped feel for a couple. The terms double and full are interchangeable. In the United States, full has become the more popular term to use, […]

  3. What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

    If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle with insomnia, you may find your mind racing and your body tossing and turning when you just want to be asleep. With the right approach, you can reliably fall asleep within a matter of minutes. One of the keys to smoothly falling asleep is relaxation. […]

  4. What Causes Insomnia?

    Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects as many as 35% of adults. It is marked by problems getting to sleep, staying asleep through the night, and sleeping as long as you would like into the morning. It can have serious effects, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness, a higher risk of auto accidents, and widespread […]

  5. What Is Healthy Sleep?

    Getting good quality sleep can help you feel like your best self. Healthy sleep patterns improve learning, memory, creativity, and mood. Healthy sleep also strengthens the immune system and makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet. In contrast, if you aren’t getting healthy sleep, you might feel slow, foggy, depressed, and low-energy. Sometimes, it […]

  6. What Is Shift Work?

    The term shift work refers to any work schedule that falls outside the hours of 7 am and 6 pm. Shift work can include evening, night, and early morning shifts, as well as fixed or rotating schedules. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 16% of wage and salary employees follow shift work […]

  7. What Makes a Good Night’s Sleep

    Sleep is a time for the brain and body to engage in vital growth and repair. It’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, yet our demanding work schedules, family responsibilities, and busy social lives mean that many people are going short on sleep. The 2018 NSF Sleep in America poll found that while we […]

  8. What Happens When You Sleep?

    When you sleep, your body undergoes a series of changes that enable the rest that is vital to your overall health. Sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in processes of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term. What happens when you don’t sleep […]

  9. What’s the Connection Between Race and Sleep Disorders?

    Few time periods have called so much attention so quickly to the issue of racial inequality in the United States as the spring of 2020. The horrific killing of George Floyd caused millions of people to confront the dramatic differences between the lived experiences of white people and people of color in America. The heightened […]

  10. What Causes Restless Sleep?

    Our medical review team has recently evaluated this page to ensure accuracy. We will continue to monitor and revise this article as new literature is published on restless sleep. Most people can relate to the experience of restless sleep. Whether it’s tossing and turning or just never settling into deep sleep, you might notice that […]

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