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  1. Sleep Deprivation and Postpartum Depression

    Sleep deprivation and postpartum depression often go hand-in-hand. Learn how they influence each other and how to recognize the symptoms of each.

  2. Coping Strategies for Shift Work Disorder

    People with shift work disorder struggle to get enough sleep and stay alert on the job. Our guide includes expert tips for coping with shift work disorder.

  3. Sleeping Upright

    Sleeping while sitting upright – or in some cases, standing up – is a common practice throughout the animal kingdom. However, humans often struggle with sleeping upright on occasions when this position is required, such as napping on planes or during long car rides. This can be partly attributed to the way our bodies relax […]

  4. Sleep Training

    Babies sleep a lot. For their first year of life, babies need approximately 9 to 12 hours of sleep per day, in addition to regular naps. The only problem is they tend to sleep in spurts, a combination of sleeping at night and napping during the day. It takes babies around three to six months […]

  5. RV Mattress Sizes

    Find the right size RV mattress for your motorhome or camper in this detailed guide on RV Mattress sizes.

  6. Compare Sleep Aids

    Researching medications to help with sleep problems? Find out about your options, compare sleep aids, and learn about their potential benefits and downsides.

  7. How To Use Sleep Medications Safely

    Sleep medications are one of the most common treatments for insomnia. Used properly, they can be a helpful way of drifting off on nights when sleep is difficult. Unfortunately, studies have found that many people develop unsafe habits regarding sleep aids. By working with a doctor and understanding the risks associated with sleep medications, you […]

  8. Can a Lack of Sleep Cause Headaches?

    A good night’s rest is essential for both our survival and wellbeing. Sleep regulates and restores many of the body’s functions, like our learning, memory, and immune systems. Sleep also affects our mood, as well as our organs like the brain, heart, and lungs. It comes as no surprise, then, that sleep deprivation can negatively […]

  9. Sleep Deprivation and Reaction Time

    Losing sleep can increase reaction times, impacting performance, productivity, and safety. Our guide explores the connection between sleep deprivation and reaction time.

  10. Sleeping Pills: Medications & Prescription Sleep Aids

    Sleep aids are often used for insomnia and sleep problems. Learn about the types of sleep medications, their benefits and downsides, and how to use them safely.

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