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  1. What Causes Night Sweats in Women?

    Menopause is not the only reason women sweat at night. Learn more about the causes of night sweats in women, as well as how to relieve them and sleep better.

  2. What Are Precognitive (Premonition) Dreams?

    Wondering if your dreams can predict future events? Learn about premonition dreams and possible explanations for them.

  3. Dreaming About Your Teeth Falling Out? Here’s What it Could Mean

    Despite common theories involving death and loss, dreams about losing your teeth are likely more related to dental irritation during sleep and overall mental health.

  4. What Is Tryptophan?

    Wondering if turkey makes you sleepy? Learn about tryptophan in turkey, how it interacts with heavy foods, and other causes of sleepiness during the holidays.

  5. What is a Fever Dream?

    Besides aches and chills, fevers may cause fever dreams. Learn more about these vivid, bizarre dreams, how they differ from other dreams, and their meaning.

  6. What Is “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”?

    Revenge bedtime procrastination is staying up late even when you know you need sleep. Our guide covers why sleep procrastination happens and how to address it.

  7. What’s the Best Time of Day to Exercise for Sleep?

    Traditional advice told us not to exercise before bed, but it might not be so clear-cut. Learn how morning, afternoon, and evening exercise affect sleep.

  8. What You Should Know About Sleep Paralysis

    While we usually think of being asleep or awake as clearly defined and distinct, conditions like sleep paralysis challenge these fixed boundaries. Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move that occurs right after falling asleep or waking up. Individuals remain aware during episodes, which frequently involve troubling hallucinations and a sensation of suffocation. These […]

  9. Sleepwalking: What is Somnambulism?

    Our medical review team has recently evaluated this page to ensure accuracy. We will continue to monitor and revise this article as new literature is published on sleepwalking. In normal conversation, the term sleepwalking may be used casually and figuratively as a way of describing a lack of energy or focus. But for a number […]

  10. What is Celliant Fiber and How is It Used in Mattresses?

    Modern mattresses are made with an increasingly large variety of materials. As manufacturing technology has advanced, the mattress industry has responded by utilizing the latest tech and fiber materials to produce better mattresses. One new material that has made its way into the mattress industry is Celliant fiber. But what is Celliant fiber, and how […]