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  1. How Magnesium Can Help You Sleep

    Magnesium can relax the body and improve symptoms of insomnia. Learn more about magnesium and sleep, recommended intake, risks, and its relationship with melatonin.

  2. ADHD and Sleep

    Sleep and ADHD have a bidirectional relationship. Learn how ADHD can cause insomnia, and how improving sleep may improve ADHD symptoms.

  3. Sleeping Pills: Medications & Prescription Sleep Aids

    Sleep aids are often used for insomnia and sleep problems. Learn about the types of sleep medications, their benefits and downsides, and how to use them safely.

  4. One-Third of Us Lose Sleep to the ‘Sunday Scaries.’ Here’s How To Get It Back

    Sleep anxiety is at its peak on Sunday nights, according to most Americans. Here is a deeper look at why and how we can sleep more easily.

  5. Nolah Mattress Review

    Get an additional $30 off the Nolah Evolution Mattress for total savings of $730. Use Code: SF730OFF Shop Now PRICE RANGE $699 – $1,599 MATTRESS TYPE Hybrid SLEEP TRIAL 120-Nights WARRANTY Lifetime Warranty As the name suggests, the Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid model, which means it combines foam and coils. A quilted […]

  6. Coffee Nap

    Are you tired of feeling sluggish in the mid-afternoon? A coffee nap after lunch might do the trick. Learn more about coffee naps and why they work.

  7. We Are Losing 134.9 Hours of Sleep to Wildfires Every Year

    The health effects from wildfire smoke extend to our sleep, with U.S. survey respondents saying they sleep nearly 1½ hours less each night when fires rage.

  8. Best Breathing Exercises for Sleep

    Having trouble falling asleep? Try a breathing exercise that may calm your mind and body, relieve stress, and help you fall asleep faster.

  9. The Best Podcasts for Sleep

    Learn about the top podcasts for falling asleep, including bedtime stories, meditation, and ambient noise. Discover new sounds for a good night’s sleep.

  10. Do We Sleep Better in Airbnbs or Hotels?

    Figuring out how to sleep on vacation can be difficult. Here's what we found about how and where people sleep when they are traveling.