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  1. Sexsomnia: What to Know About Sleep Sex

    Learn more about sexsomnia, a parasomnia that can cause involuntary sexual behaviors during sleep. It has a wide range of causes, triggers, and treatments.

  2. Microsleep: What Is It, What Causes It, and Is It Safe?

    Microsleep is a phenomenon in which a person falls asleep for 15 seconds or less. Learn about the symptoms, risks, and treatments for microsleep.

  3. What Your Sleep Position Means

    Can your preferred sleep position reveal aspects of your personality? Some researchers say it can, but others aren't convinced.

  4. Catathrenia: What is Nighttime Groaning and How Do You Treat It?

    Catathrenia is a rare sleep disorder causing you to groan in your sleep. Learn about causes, symptoms, and treatments for catathrenia.

  5. Biphasic Sleep: What It Is And How It Works

    Biphasic sleep describes a sleep pattern in which a person sleeps in two segments per day. Learn about potential benefits and how to try this kind of schedule.

  6. Excessive Yawning: What Does It Mean and How to Treat It

    All vertebrate animals yawn, but yawning too much can be a sign of a sleep disorder or other problem. Learn about causes and treatment for excessive yawning.

  7. Numbness in Hands While Sleeping: Why It Happens and What It Means

    Waking up with numbness in your hands is a fairly common occurrence. Learn why numbness happens and how to manage it.

  8. What Causes Night Sweats in Women?

    Menopause is not the only reason women sweat at night. Learn more about the causes of night sweats in women, as well as how to relieve them and sleep better.

  9. What Are Precognitive (Premonition) Dreams?

    Wondering if your dreams can predict future events? Learn about premonition dreams and possible explanations for them.

  10. Dreaming About Your Teeth Falling Out? Here’s What it Could Mean

    Despite common theories involving death and loss, dreams about losing your teeth are likely more related to dental irritation during sleep and overall mental health.