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  1. Sleep Diary

    A sleep diary is a simple way to track key details about your sleep habits. It can offer valuable information for your doctor or for personal sleep improvement.

  2. Weighted Blanket Reviews

    Finding the right weighted blanket can take time, but we’ve done the testing for you. Read our weighted blanket reviews to find the right option for you.

  3. Luna Weighted Blanket Review

    We break down the construction, performance ratings, and pricing of the Luna Weighted Blanket to help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

  4. Purple Weighted Blanket Review

    Our review of the Purple + Bearaby Weighted Blanket will detail its construction, weight, performance, policies, and more.

  5. Best Mouthguard for Teeth Grinding

    Looking for the best mouthguard for teeth grinding? We highlight our favorite options and share tips on what to consider while you shop.

  6. Sleep Calculator

    Want to make sure you get the sleep that you need? Use our sleep calculator to plan your nightly schedule so that you can wake up refreshed in the morning.

  7. Press Releases

    Stay up to date on the latest Sleep Foundation news and anouncements. Browse our press releases and check back often for more content.

  8. How Blue Light Affects Sleep

    Many of us reach for a computer or smartphone after getting into bed. In fact, the 2011 National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll1 found that 90% of Americans report using an electronic device in their bedroom within an hour of trying to fall asleep.

  9. Technology in the Bedroom

    Insufficient sleep affects nearly 35% of American adults, 25% of young children, and as many as 72% of high school students. While many factors can harm sleep, technology in the bedroom is a growing problem affecting people of all ages. In the National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 Sleep in America Poll, 95% of people said they […]

  10. Sleep Disorders

    Visit the pages below to learn about different types of sleep disorders and their symptoms, how they're diagnosed and treated, and more.