Questions for Your Doctor About Narcolepsy

To get the most out of a conversation with your doctor, it helps to be prepared with questions. Here are some questions to ask during your appointment:

  1. Are there any other sleep disorders or health conditions that could be causing my symptoms? How will I know this is narcolepsy and not another issue?
  2. What specific tests will I need? What do these tests measure?
  3. If I have narcolepsy, what are my treatment options? What medications would be prescribed? What specific symptoms are these medications meant to treat? What are the side effects?
  4. What diet, exercise, and behavioral changes will help my symptoms?
  5. What important information should I share with my family and friends so that they can understand and support me?
  6. What types of support groups and/or other patient resources are available to me?
  7. What specific suggestions could improve my experience at school/ work?
Download these questions to take to your next doctor's appointment.