Medication and Treatment

For many people with narcolepsy, medication significantly improves sleepiness, cataplexy, hallucinations, and disrupted nighttime sleep. Drugs for narcolepsy do not reverse the underlying cause of the disorder, so they aren’t a “cure,” but they can counteract the symptoms. Medications are an important part of the treatment plan for narcolepsy, and the right medications can greatly improve your quality of life.

Your doctor may suggest a combination of medications, each for a different symptom. Ask your doctor about the options and have a conversation about the severity of your symptoms, possible complications, and how medication works together with lifestyle changes. When you start taking a medication for narcolepsy, follow the instructions carefully and report whether they’re working or not, and any side effects to your doctor. It can take time to optimize the right medications, dosing, and time of day they are taken. Stay in touch with your doctor about how it’s going.