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Haven Premier Mattress Review

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Written by

Lauren Fountain


Ideal for:

  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers under 230 lbs.
  • People who wake up easily when their partner moves in bed
  • Sleepers with shoulder, back, and/or hip pain
  • Mattress buyers looking for a brand that offers an exceptionally long sleep trial


  • While the Haven Premier sleeps relatively cool for an all-foam bed, some people may still find it too warm.
  • Haven provides free shipping within the contiguous U.S. but does not offer delivery to other locations, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • The 18-month sleep trial requires a 30-night break-in period.

Price Range:
$649 - $1,149
Mattress Type:
Firm (7)
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Haven is a mattress brand that first launched in 2018. One of the company’s flagship beds is the Haven Premier, an all-foam model constructed with a gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer over transitional and support layers of high-density foam. The mattress also includes a cotton cover that can be unzipped and removed for cleaning. The Haven Premier offers a firm feel, which corresponds to a 7 on the 1-10 firmness scale, and measures 12 inches thick.

Haven offers another all-foam mattress model, the Haven Boutique, but this review will focus on the Haven Premier. Read on to learn more about the Premier in terms of construction, pricing, and performance.

Haven Mattress Review Breakdown

The Haven Premier is considered firm (7), so most sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less will experience moderate contouring and minimal sinkage. The bed’s 3-inch comfort layer is composed of adaptive, gel-infused polyfoam. This material conforms evenly and alleviates pressure without hugging the body like memory foam.

The Haven Premier also includes a transitional layer of polyfoam to prevent sleepers from sinking excessively. This layer is ventilated to promote extra airflow throughout the mattress core.

Lastly, a 7-inch base layer of high-density polyfoam provides stability and reinforcement. The entire mattress is encased in a soft cotton cover. At 12 inches thick, the Haven Premier is considered a high-profile model.


Mattress Type

Firm – 7



At 12 inches thick, the Haven Premier has a high profile. A full construction breakdown is listed below.

Cover Material:

100% cotton (450+ GSM)

Comfort Layer:

3″ gel-infused polyfoam

2″ ventilated transitional polyfoam

Support Core:

7″ HD polyfoam

Discounts and Deals


Save an additional $25 on existing offers with code: SF25

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The Haven Premier’s price-point is on par with the average all-foam model. Haven does not offer any customization or add-on options that drive up the price, and shipping and returns are free for all customers.

The Premier is sold in the six standard mattress sizes ranging from twin to California king. Additional sizes, such as split queen or split king for couples with adjustable beds, are not available at this time.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 14" N/A. $649
Twin XL 38" x 80" 14" N/A. $699
Full 54" x 75" 14" N/A. $849
Queen 60" x 80" 14" 100 lbs. $949
King 76" x 80" 14" N/A. $1,149
California King 72" x 84" 14" N/A. $1,149
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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

All-foam mattresses generally perform better than other mattress types in this category, which measures how much one sleeper will disturb another when rolling over, changing positions, or getting in or out of bed. The Haven Premier performs in line with these expectations, minimizing the amount of motion transfer that travels across the surface.

However, our testers report the Premier is slightly less effective in this area than other all-foam models. This is due in part to the slight bounciness of its gel-infused comfort layer. While unlikely to disturb the majority of sleepers, light sleepers may be bothered by movement from their sleep partner.

Pressure Relief

The Haven Premier’s comfort layer provides even contouring and good pressure relief without hugging the body closely, as is the case with many memory foam mattresses.The transitional layer also prevents sleepers from sinking deeply into the mattress and coming into contact with the firmer support core.

Our testers reported feeling as though they were sleeping both “in” and “on” the bed.The mattress reduced pressure points regardless of sleep position. Combined with its firm feel, the mattress provides a balance of conforming and support to minimize next-day aches and pains. However, customers in search of memory foam’s signature cradling feeling may prefer a bed with deeper contouring and, potentially, a thicker comfort layer.

Temperature Control

Compared with hybrid or innerspring models, all-foam mattresses tend to provide less temperature regulation. This is due to several factors, including poor airflow, high heat retention, and extra contact with the bed through contouring pressure relief.

The Haven Premier addresses these issues with a gel-infused comfort layer and ventilated support core. However, some testers still noticed heat retention on the surface. The majority of customers should find the Premier cool enough for a comfortable sleep, but very warm sleepers or those who live in warm climates may find the bed uncomfortable or stuffy over the course of a night.

Edge Support

This category measures how supportive a bed feels around its perimeter, both when sitting and sleeping close to the edge. While some customers find edge support to be less important than other factors, couples often find beds with poor edge support limit the amount of sleep surface they are able to enjoy. Customers with mobility concerns may also depend on edge support for comfortably getting in and out of bed.

The Haven Premier offers an average amount of edge support, allowing owners to sleep fairly close to the edge without feeling as though they might roll off. Our testers found that the mattress dips when they sat along the edges, but less so than some similarly priced all-foam competitors.

Ease of Movement

Foam beds have a reputation for being more difficult to move on than innerspring or hybrid models. These mattresses are reinforced with coil systems that prevent excessive sinkage, whereas foam can sink quite deeply. Thanks to a firm feel and all-polyfoam design, the Haven Premier will be easier to move across than many competing all-foam models. However, sleepers won’t receive the same support that they might from a coil mattress.

The majority of our testers found that the Haven Premier was comfortable to move across, and excessive sinkage was not a major issue for most. However, customers with mobility concerns would likely be more comfortable in a bed that contours a bit less and provides a more secure sleep surface.


To assess a bed’s suitability for sex, our team combines a range of factors. These include ease of movement, bounce, and edge support. When looked at through this lens, the Haven Premier’s performance is in line with many of its all-foam competitors.

Due to their tendency toward poor edge support and more restricted movement, all-foam mattresses tend to fare poorly here. The Haven Premier is slightly more suitable due to its more responsive comfort layer, which provides more bounce and slightly more traction than memory foam or less responsive polyfoam models. Though some couples may find the Premier does not meet their needs in this area, we expect that most customers will find its performance acceptable.


The Haven Premier emits some off-gassing odor when new, which is typical of an all-foam mattress. Our testers found that the scent was strongest during setup, and within 12 hours the smells had faded enough for people to sleep comfortably. Within three days, they reported the odors had dissipated entirely.

Just like new cars, new mattresses have a distinct scent caused by the off-gassing of volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs. A byproduct of the manufacturing process, VOCs are mostly harmless but do carry an odor that can be bothersome for some people. However, the scent does fade quickly and they disappear completely over time.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Different sleep styles and body shapes each interact with a mattress in their own way, meaning that one mattress is unlikely to satisfy all sleepers. While the Haven Premier’s firm feel and balanced pressure relief make it widely appealing, it performs best for side, back, and stomach sleepers under 230 pounds.

Side Sleepers: People who sleep on their side often require a balance of contouring and support to alleviate aches and pains at pressure points around the hips and shoulders. The Haven Premier performs well in this category across all weight ranges, though sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. awarded the highest ratings during our trials. Testers in this range reported that their hips were supported without pressure, and that the mattress was able to support the curve of their waist.

Those who weigh less or more than this range still found the Haven Premier to be comfortable. Those weighing less than 130 pounds experienced less pressure relief, while pelvic support was a bit more limited for those above 230 pounds. Overall, however, the Haven Premier was able to support proper spinal alignment and provide excellent pressure relief for side sleepers in every weight category.

Back Sleepers: To properly support back sleepers, a bed must balance enhanced pelvic support with enough contouring for proper spinal alignment. The Haven Premier succeeds in this area for back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. These testers reported moderate yet even body conforming that helped align the spine and adequate support for their midsections.

Our back sleepers weighing less or more than this weight range still found the Haven Premier comfortable, but some reported lower back discomfort due to the bed being either slightly too firm or too soft. That said, the back sleepers felt reasonably comfortable on the Premier, and the mattress earned respectable scores across all three weight groups.

Stomach Sleepers: The Haven Premier didn’t receive excellent scores from our stomach-sleeping testers, but its above-average performance in this category is still a positive sign for couples who sleep in different positions. Stomach sleepers are usually the hardest testers to please, as the position requires a careful balance of support through the pelvis and shoulders. Although some of our testers reported some lower back discomfort, the Premier still provided proper spinal alignment for the majority of stomach sleepers regardless of their weight.

The responsive comfort and transitional layers prevent excessive sinkage through the hips, while the bed contours gently to the chest and shoulders without creating a feeling of being “stuck” in the foam’s cradle. Taken together, the bed’s performance here should appeal to stomach sleepers who have been dissatisfied with other all-foam beds.

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Excellent Excellent
Back Sleepers Excellent Excellent Good
Stomach Sleepers Good Excellent Good
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Save an additional $25 on existing offers with code: SF25

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    The Haven Premier can be purchased through Haven’s official website, but not through Amazon or other third-party retailers. Shipping is available within the contiguous U.S. but Haven does not deliver to any other locations, including Alaska or Hawaii.

  • Shipping

    Haven offers free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S..

    All Haven mattresses are made to order and shipped from South Carolina.. UPS Ground primarily coordinates these deliveries. Customers can expect to receive their new bed within four to 10 business days of placing their order. Queen, king and California king mattresses may also take longer to arrive, as Haven uses UPS Freight for heavier sizes.

    The mattress is delivered compressed in a plastic sleeve, which is then placed within a protective box for shipping.

  • Additional Services

    Haven does not offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal. While the Haven weighs less than models with spring or coil support core, initial setup will still be easiest with more than one person.

  • Sleep Trial

    Haven offers an 18-month sleep trial. This trial period is far longer than the standard sleep trial, giving customers a full year and a half to decide whether their new bed is comfortable enough to keep.

    The company requires customers to break in their mattress for 30 nights after the delivery date, as it can take this long to adjust to a new bed. After 30 nights, Haven will issue a full refund for all returns and arrange for a no-charge pick-up of the mattress for disposal or donation.

    Customers must call or email Haven to return their mattress, and their refund will be processed once the company receives the unwanted bed.

  • Warranty

    Haven offers a lifetime warranty for the Premier. This warranty is completely non-prorated, meaning the company will repair or replace any defective mattress for as long as the original buyer owns it.

    Covered defects include:

    1. Impressions in the surface measuring 1 inch or deeper
    2. Splitting, cracking, or other deterioration that occurs despite proper handling and use
    3. Manufacturing defects in the assembly of the cover

    In order for a claim to be valid, the original buyer must retain possession of the mattress and use a suitable support system. The warranty does not cover ordinary wear-and-tear, softening of foam that normally occurs over time, or damage caused by the owner.

    Should a claim be accepted, Haven will replace or repair your mattress as necessary. In case of one part of the mattress showing a defect, such as the cover developing flaws, Haven will replace that component rather than replacing the entire mattress.