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Sleep Health Index

US map with 2014 Sleep Health Index textNational Sleep Foundation's first annual Sleep Health Index track's America's overall sleep health. Understand how you and your patients stack up.

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Recommended Sleep thumbnail imageOur newly-updated guidelines include specific breakdowns of sleep needs by age. Share this valuable data with your colleagues and patients today. LogoNational Sleep Foundation's first-ever consumer publication offers a valuable look into sleep health, with more than 300 pieces of easy-to-navigate content on topics ranging from the bedroom environment to information on what happens during each sleep cycle.

Sleep Disorders eBook

Picture of BedOur electronic version of Dr. Hauri's popular eBook is continually reviewed and updated to provide professionals with the most accurate content available about key sleep disorders.


Patient Education


Professional Development

  • The Sleep Disorders e-book is a practical introduction to sleep for the non-sleep specialist


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